Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Review: Evidence-Based

  1. Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Review

Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is mental health and substance abuse rehab facility founded back in 1969 in Pasadena, California on a two-acre property. The center provides both inpatient and outpatient services for women and men.

Inpatient facility accommodates 130 patients who stay in dormitory-like rooms with two to four beds.

A common area such as therapy rooms, offices, dining room, and gym, are located in the separate building.

Three healthy meals are prepared on-site by professional chefs.

Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The first step in the recovery process in Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is an initial assessment in order of creating a highly individualized treatment plan that could fit a person’s needs. The leader of the team is case manager who is responsible for setting up goals and evaluation.

Unfortunately, the center does not provide detox services, while dual-diagnosis treatment is available. However, if a client in the sub-acute detox phase and requires a withdrawal management, it can be done in the center.

Inpatient treatment offers diverse therapy options such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Individual therapy sessions are held once a week, while group counseling is scheduled a few times a day. Some of the subjects of group therapy are:

  •        Relapse prevention
  •         Gender-specific discussions
  •        Trauma processing
  •         Anger management
  •        12-step meetings
  •         Couples therapy
  •         Vocational therapy sessions
  •         Financial problems

12-step meetings are organized several times a week and patients have to find a sponsor.

The length of the outpatient program depends on every person’s needs. Individual and group therapy sessions are conducted on a weekly basis. Random drug testing is included in the program.

The entire recovery process is separated into three stages. In each of them, the client needs to reach a particular milestone in order to skip to the next stage.

The staff of the Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center includes counselors, therapists, case managers, psychologist, family therapists, and dietitians.

Facilities and Extras

Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center encourages family involvement in the rehab process through family therapy and regular visitations. Some of the topics discussed during therapy sessions are communication, setting up boundaries, and co-dependency.

Another service that center provides to its clients when an inpatient program is completed is aftercare. It includes case management, drug testing, individual, and group counseling.

Transitional living service involves the development of job-seeking skills and establishing healthy relationships. Three sober living facilities are located in San Gabriel Valley with 48 beds in total.

The staff encourages clients to eat healthy food. Therefore, consultations with a dietician are also available.

Additionally, the center provides a unique treatment plan for clients who committed drug-related crimes.

Rules and Regulations

Smoking on campus is allowed only in designated areas. However, clients can not bring their vaping devices. Also, using cell phones at the Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is strictly forbidden.


Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center provides a comprehensive continuum of care to women and men dealing with substance abuse problems. The center offers assessment, withdrawal management, inpatient program, outpatient services, aftercare, and transitional living to those in need. Therapy is evidence-based and includes cognitive-behavioral approach, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

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