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House of Hope, Inc. started off in 1971 as a halfway house program for chemically dependent men, after which it became a medium intensity residential addiction treatment facility. However, its founders recognized the devastating power of addiction and inclusively expanded House of Hope’s services in 2006 to women patients as well.

Nowadays, House of Hope, Inc. provides both residential and non-residential treatments to clients with substance use and mental health disorders.

House of Hope, Inc.: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

House of Hope, Inc. treats 29 men and 6 women patients through its programs which are licensed by the Minnesota Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division as Co-Occurring programs.

At the core of the House’s treatment services lies the residential treatment program. Residential care includes evidence-based curricula and comprehensive interventions. Each patient meets one-on-one with a counselor for individual therapies at least once per week. This way, the staff gives clients a chance to experience support and explore issues preventing them from successfully reaching substance-free life. Moreover, House of Hope, Inc. encourages the participation of a supportive family member, as such participation greatly enhances the recovery process.

Besides individual counseling, House of Hope, Inc. acknowledges group therapy as heart and soul of its treatments. Through group activities, the center provides patients with a chance to gather support for each other on their journeys towards recovery. House Hope, Inc. fully integrates holistic approach in all group therapies, including equine therapy, living skills development, employment skills, and process groups.

Given the fact that core principles of House of Hope’s treatments are group therapies and holistic approach, the center strongly accentuates the importance of clients acquiring life skills. Such emphasis serves as the framework for the support specialist in peer recovery. The specialist forms a relationship with addicts during their treatment and assists them in locating housing, employment, transportation. By doing so, peer recovery specialist reduces the risk of relapse and empowers patients to remain substance-free. House of Hope, Inc, provides peer recovery specialist services up to 4 months after a patient completed the treatment.

Additionally, House of Hope, Inc. provides free continuing care group for ongoing recovery support. The group meets one hour a week, and it is open to all individuals who have recently completed the treatment and need further help.

The House provides outpatient services as well. Outpatient treatment is a 10-week evening program for individuals with both substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. This treatment consists of 3 group sessions and one individual session per week, and one family session a month.

Facilities and Extras

House of Hope, Inc. nests itself in a peaceful and small town of Mankato, Minnesota. Mankato’s welcoming community and dozens of lakes surrounding the city make a perfect setting for patients to recover.

Residential facility of House of Hope is an actual house, furnished with comfortable furniture and a fully equipped kitchen. Wooden furniture and colorful quilts add to the feeling of a warm home.

When it comes to rooms, the house provides beds, dresser, drawers, nightstands, wardrobe, bedding, and towels.

Rules and Regulations at House of Hope, Inc.

The center admits adult men and women diagnosed with substance dependency, or chemical dependency and mental health problems. Clients must obtain a referral before the admission. Once in treatment, all patients must oblige to House of Hope’s rules. Patients can bring their car, but individual counselor decides whether a patient can drive or not. Additionally, a client can engage in local activities like pool, bowling, fishing, or bike with the approval of the counselor as well. Curfew applies to all patients and starts at 11:00 PM every day of the week.


In a home-like setting surrounded by small lakes, House of Hope, Inc. provides home for everyone in need of recovery. Whether suffering from substance abuse and addiction, mental health issues, or both at the same time, patients can find their way to sobriety at House of Hope, Inc.

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