Hope Homes Treatment Center Rehab Review: Road to Lifetime Sobriety

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Hope Homes provides 24/7 support for people with substance abuse problems, emotional issues, and eating disorders.

The facility in Atlanta has capacity for 80 residents. Residents live in gender-specific apartments that are spacious, with two bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens. Clients are allowed and encouraged to bring their own decoration objects so that the apartment feels more like home.

Hope Homes: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Hope Homes provides treatment programs specifically focused on mothers, adults, young adults, older adults, LGBTQ, professionals, and people struggling with dual diagnosis.

Every resident attends the 12-step meetings every day for the first 90 days of their stay. After that period, the five 12-step meetings per week are mandatory. Additionally, clients can attend other group or individual meetings, employment guidance, and family support therapy sessions. Also, random drug testing is conducted during the entire stay in Hope Homes.

Another service provided by the center and that has proved highly beneficial in preventing relapse is – life skill counseling. This program includes weekly meetings with a client, in order to address any potential issues and assess the progress. Counselor informs family members about the recovery process, which acts as the added motivation to the clients.

Professionals in Hope Homes emphasize the importance of community building through group activities, monthly community meals, service work projects, and monthly fun nights.

The life skill program focuses on developing skills essential for the independent sober living, and it includes:

  • Education support
  • Employment guidance
  • Creation of weekly schedules
  • Taking care of personal hygiene
  • Morning and evening check-ins

The staff of the Hope Homes consists of counselors, drug screen coordinator, continuing care coordinator, and outreach coordinator.

Hope Homes: Facilities and Extras

Residents are allowed to watch television, and have access to high-speed internet. Also, male residents have gym and tennis court within their facility and are welcome to use them.

Swimming pool and barbecue are also available to clients in their free time.

The Loft program is an extra in Hope Homes – it is a program designed specifically for college students with substance abuse issues. Besides regular services, the clients also get academic support within this program.

Rules and Regulations in Hope Homes

Residents are expected to abstain from drugs and alcohol and attend daily 12-step meetings. The center is pretty explicit about sexual activities of their clients not allowing them to have sexual intercourse except in cases where they were already in committed relationships before the admission. Residents also have to do house chores and pay program fee on a monthly basis.

Every morning, residents have to be up by 9 AM and be ready to proceed with the therapy sessions and other daily activities. Residents have to be back in their apartments by 11:30 PM on weeknights, and 12:30 AM on weekends.

The stay in Hope Homes center usually lasts from 6 months to a year, after which a resident is considered ready to start his/her independent living.

Hope Homes motivate their clients in the most unusual ways, so another way to boost their motivation is to collect a $500 deposit as collateral for maintaining sobriety. Of course, if they stay sober by the end of the program, they get their deposit back.


Hope Homes is sober living complex that provides care for people with substance abuse issues, emotional problems, and eating disorders. The center offers specialized programs for young adults, adults, older adults, LGBTQ, professionals, mothers with young children, and clients with dual diagnosis.

The rules in the center are very strict, but residents receive a 24/7 support and care.

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