Home of Grace Rehab Review: Beat Substance Abuse Through Faith

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Home of Grace Review

Home of Grace is a substance abuse rehabilitation center, based on faith and opened in 1965 by Reverend Bill Falls as an answer to the lack of quality treatment options in the area. The facility is gender separated and there are two campuses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The male campus is located in Vancleave while the female campus is in Gautier.

Both facilities offer inpatient treatment exclusively, which is based on fate and consists of individual and group therapy sessions, Bible study, focus and goal setting and discipline training.

Home of Grace Treatment Center: Treatments, Programs and Staff

Home of Grace provides its patients with an inpatient, fate-based treatment program that serves to not only help them leave the life of substance abuse behind, but also to enlighten themselves spiritually and find a new path in life.

The treatment is separated into two phases and is gender-specific, meaning that men and women attend the same treatment program, but separated from each other. There is no detox provided and patients who do require I are advised to seek it in a specialized facility before being admitted to Home of Grace.

The first phase of treatment consists of attaining spiritual discipline by attending different classes and sessions, both individually and as a group. These sessions help the patients determine what will their life goals be after they finish rehabilitation and what can they do to achieve them and not stray from that path.

The second phase starts after one week of phase one has passed. In the second phase the patient will receive education about Biblical Life Application, Relapse/Recovery Skills, Emotional Healing, Developing Healthy Relationships, Parenting Skills and Basic Life Skills.

The staff at Home of Grace consists of clinical staff that has been licensed by the Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals (MAAPS).

Facilities and Extras

Since it offers a fate-based treatment program, Home of Grace also offers chapel and worship services, structured quiet time, personal and group devotions and ministry events.

There are also volunteer physicians and nurses visiting twice a week, in case the residents need a minor illness treatment.

For patients who have not attained a high school diploma, there is an Adult Education Program organized by the staff of Home of Grace.

Rules and Regulations at the Home of Grace

All residents are banned from owning or using a cellphone while attending the Home of Grace treatment program. There are land-line phones installed on campus that can be used as a replacement. During phase one the phone calls are supervised by the counselor and after transitioning into phase two, the patients are given one, unsupervised, 15-minute phone call per week.

Men and Women are housed in separate campuses and attend therapy sessions separated.

The cost of a treatment at the Home of Grace that lasts for 3 months costs $2.500 and it has to be paid on admission and in full. Since the Home of Grace is not a medical facility they are unable to accept any form of health insurance.


While Home of Grace does not provide medical assistance like some of the other rehabilitation centers, it instead treats its patients on a spiritual and emotional level. People who do not feel comfortable in clinic-style rehabs will find the environment in Home of Grace much more appealing. And aside from treating the addiction problem of their patients, the staff at Home of Grace has a goal to prepare them for future life as functioning part of society.

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