Henry Ford Maplegrove Rehab Review: Stopping the Addiction Cycle

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The Henry Ford Maplegrove Center is the behavioral health facility under the Henry Ford Health System umbrella. The center’s state goal is to create personalized, effective treatment plans for patients to help them successfully reintegrate into family, work and community life.

Henry Ford Maplegrove Treatment, Programs, Staff

The staff at Maplegrove includes licensed clinical social workers, certified alcohol and drug abuse counselors, a psychiatrist and nurses. With respect to addiction treatment, Maplegrove offers the following programs:

Features of care offered at Maplegrove include:

  • A holistic approach to care
  • Comprehensive treatment of addiction as a disease
  • Evidence-based treatments used to inform care
  • An expert team comprised of staff with a great many years of experience
  • Family support as a mean to help everyone affected by addiction

Detox services offered at Maplegrove are medically-managed and typically last between 3 and 5 days. The maximum length of stay for any program is 30 days.. Dual-diagnosis services are provided for patients with comorbid addiction issues with depression, anxiety or other mood-related disorder.

The staff at Maple Grove champions a 3-step approach to treating addiction. These steps include:

  • Phase I – Interruption. This involves the effort to reach complete abstinence from substances
  • Phase II – Rehabilitation. This phase involves intensive education about the disease state and therapy to promote acceptance of the condition.
  • Phase IIIRecovery. Ongoing support structures like individual and family therapy are initiated and maintained to help stabilize reintegration efforts.

Maplegrove Center: Facilities and Extras

Maplegrove offers services that go beyond the standard treatment options, including yoga, acupuncture, meditation and an urge-management program. The center also offers onsite NA and AA meetings for patients transitioning to outpatient care. Additionally, the center offers family therapy to loved ones wishing to participate in treatment.

There are no private rooms available at Maplegrove.

Henry Ford Maplegrove System: Rules and Regulations:

Residential treatment services at Maplegrove are typically reserved for people who haven’t been able to find success with outpatient treatment.

Henry Ford Maplegrove Reviews

Reviews for Maplegrove are sparse, but the ones available on Google are largely negative. One reviewer claims her son was advised to stop taking blood thinners, and not long afterward he was admitted to the hospital with a DVT blood clot.

Nevertheless, Henry Ford Health System has a good reputation and Maplegrove’s reliance on time-tested addiction recovery methods bodes well for clients in the Detroit-area looking for such treatments. The facility self-purports to be one of the leading addiction treatment centers in the region.

Contacting Henry Ford Maplegrove Center

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