Greenbriar Treatment Center Rehab Review: Quality Dual Diagnosis Services

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Under the motto of “Restoring hope…restoring lives”, Greenbriar Treatment Center provides quality chemical dependency and dual diagnosis treatments to patients since 1985. Greenbriar is just one of the few licensed facilities in southwestern Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh area that holds the license to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder alongside chemical dependency. Greenbriar Treatment Center provides its services at 10 locations throughout Pennsylvania at various levels of care.

Greenbriar Treatment Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Greenbriar offers detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, halfway house, and day partial and intensive outpatient treatment services. However, the center does not provide every level of care at every location.

Detoxification – Greenbrier’s facility for detox is the newest of the center’s buildings. Depending on the medical needs of patients, this phase of rehabilitation process can last from three to seven days. Greenbriar Treatment Center does not require detoxification for all of its patients; however, those addicted to heroin, alcohol, and prescription pills do have to go through this phase before being transferred to inpatient rehab. Detox program accepts 14 patients.

Inpatient rehabilitation – The center’s inpatient treatment provides a quality care for 62 patients.

Halfway house – Greenbriar offers two halfway house programs: The Lighthouse for Men and The Lighthouse for Women. Both houses are licensed for dual diagnosis treatment, and each accepts 25 patients.

Day partial and intensive outpatient – Greenbriar Treatment Center offers these two programs for patients with more flexible schedules, whose addiction is not as severe, or who have successfully passed through previous phases of the rehabilitation process. To accommodate the needs of its patients, Greenbriar provides its outpatient treatment both during the day and during the evening.

Facilities and Extras

As mentioned, Greenbriar Treatment Center serves patients at ten different locations. The central treatment facility is Greenbriar Washington, and it offers detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, and dual diagnosis treatments. Services in Monroeville, New Kensington, North Strabane, Robinson, South Hills, Squirrel Hill, and Wexford offer day partial and intensive outpatient treatments. The Lighthouse for Men and The Lighthouse for Women focus on dual diagnosis in Washington County.

In addition to its rehabilitation programs, Greenbriar Treatment Center offers a Family Education Program which is conducted through inpatient recovery. This program educates families of addicts on how they can contribute to their loved one’s wellbeing.

Rules and Regulations

Upon the admission, Greenbriar advises its patients not to bring more than one suitcase of 7 days worth clothes. When it comes to personal items, the center allows patients to bring their deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, small radio, iPod, or personal CD player with headphones, alarm clock, books, and magazines. Cosmetics must be alcohol-free while gadgets must not have picture and internet capacity. Apart from identification and insurance information, prescribed medications, and the maximum amount of $50 in cash, Greenbriar prohibits the use of other items.


Throughout its ten facilities, Greenbriar Treatment Center provides on-point care for patients struggling with substance abuse and addiction and dual diagnosis. As the center focuses on dual diagnosis treatments, it heals both bodies and minds of its patients as they reach life-long sobriety.

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