Fremont Hospital Rehab Review: Where You Are Treated Like Family

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Fremont Hospital Review

The Fremont Hospital is only a short drive away from the splendour of San Francisco Bay and is recognized as one the most important addiction and mental health rehab centers in all of the Bay Area. Fremont Hospital offers psychiatric services to children as young as six years old to adults in middle age.

Located in Fremont, California, the Fremont Hospital has inpatient and outpatient treatment tracks. Patients can also receive detox treatment as well as partial hospitalization stays should they require them.

Meeting Your Needs

The Fremont Hospital, founded in 1990, has a simple purpose: to provide behavioral health treatments to as many people as possible. Given its stated mission of being a psychiatric hospital, the Fremont Hospital does not serve as a full-service hospital.

One might mistake the Fremont Hospital, from the outside, as the headquarters of a mid-size corporation. Despite being housed in an office building, once inside, there is no mistaking the Fremont Hospital for anything other than a healthcare facility.

The interiors of the hospital strike the right balance between a clinical yet therapeutic environment. Patient rooms, which number 148, are nondescript, yet comfortable looking. They feature single beds, two to a room with a shared bathroom in each.

The rest of the facility contains a mixture of examination rooms, large meeting rooms, and several common rooms some of which contain a TV for patients wanting to unwind. Mention must also be made of the rec rooms furnished with plenty of toys and playthings for Fremont’s younger patients.

Patients also have available to them recreational amenities to quell the stresses of treatment. These amenities include a mid-sized outdoor swimming pool and a large gym suitable for all kinds of sports and exercises.

The Path to a Healthier Life

All patients wanting to be admitted to the Fremont Hospital undergo a 1-2 hour assessment by a Masters-level mental health specialist. Afterward, the clinician will explain to you which of Fremont’s services would best serve you.

The inpatient residential program is a short-term program, lasting for anywhere from 3-5 days. It is designed to treat emergencies related to severe psychiatric disorders or substance use disorders.

Treatment options during the short-term stay can range from individual and group therapy meetings, as well as around the clock nursing care. Family participation also plays a key role during the short program, as loved ones can attend Family Education groups to learn more about the particulars of your affliction.

Children, as young as six years old, and adolescents between the ages of 12-17 receive many of the same treatments, in addition to more dedicated services. They receive assessments from psychiatric staff and receive counseling and psycho-educational class to help them understand better their condition.

Children and adolescents can continue their education with a certified school instructor on the premises for them to take classes and complete assignments while they are in treatment. Everything from medication therapies to animal-assisted therapy is used to treat both adult and adolescent illnesses.

Outpatient services for adolescents and adults are also available at Fremont. The partial hospitalization program requires a commitment of close to five hours a day, seven days a week. Program features include individual and group therapy as well as consultations with counselors and psychiatrists, for both adolescents and adults.

The Fremont Hospital does not deviate from its mission to provide quality, psychiatric and substance abuse care to adolescents and adults. Its accommodating and comfortable campus afford patients a well-supervised and caring environment to alleviate their symptoms and put their mind at ease.

Price for 30 days at Fremont Hospital: $16,500

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