Freedom House Rehab Review – Nurturing the Community of Las Vegas

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Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Freedom House operates as a residential treatment agency under Freedom Behavioral Health and assists individuals struggling with addiction. Jeff Iverson, a former methamphetamine addict, established Freedom Behavioral Health with the mission to provide an environment for users to experience quality life and chance to recover from substance abuse. As such, the center serves the community with compassion and commitment as it provides its clients with a first class quality service.

Freedom House: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Approved by the Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Agency of Nevada, Freedom House offers continuous drug and alcohol treatment services at different levels of intensity. In treating patients with substance abuse and addiction disorders, Freedom Behavioral Health provides care through inpatient residential services, intensive outpatient services, and outpatient services.

Through residential inpatient services, the center provides 24-hour continuous care in a safe living environment as it aims to develop satisfactory recovery skills and stable life habits in patients to maintain long-term abstinence and prevent relapse. Additionally, Freedom Behavioral Health focuses on evidence-based practices in rehabilitation as it addresses not only medical or psychological needs of clients, but supports their educational, social, and vocational needs and challenges. Residential services at Freedom House require a minimum of 25 hours per week of structured counseling interventions. These interventions further include:

  •         Substance abuse intake and assessment as the first phase of the treatment, where staff sets treatment goals and plans for each patient.
  •         Rehabilitation period, which consists of individual and group therapies, family therapy, 24-hours crisis management, relapse planning and prevention, and life skills and anger management sessions.
  •         Additional programs in gambling addiction, co-occurring disorders, parenting skills and development, educational and vocational rehabilitation, and case management.

All programs offer medical, psychiatric, and psychological services, both onsite and referral, including support and assistance with regarding 12-step meetings.

On the other hand, intensive outpatient programs are non-residential services for all patients with substance abuse and addiction disorders with intensity that can be treated on a regularly scheduled basis. These services require a minimum of 9 hours of structured treatments in the environment of Freedom Behavioral Health. Same as residential treatments, outpatient programs as well includes substance abuse intake and assessment, individual, group and family therapies, relapse prevention, co-occurring disorders treatments, psychoeducation, life skills, and 12-step meetings.

When it comes to outpatient program, it differs from the previous two as it serves patients whose addiction is not as intensive. As such, regular outpatient program at Freedom Behavioral Health serves patients up to 3 times per week for a minimum of 1 hour per session. In addition to regular therapies, outpatient program includes comprehensive evaluations by licensed staff.

As of the Freedom House Sober Living program, it is the program for individuals transitioning out of Freedom Behavioral Health 30-Day residential program or from other treatment programs, and serves as an interim environment for patients between rehab and return to sober lives.

Facilities and Extras

Even though it anchors itself on busy streets of Las Vegas, Freedom House provides a nurturing and peaceful community to its clients. It is comfortably furnished to meet basic needs of patients as they recover from the addiction. The facility includes amenities like laundry room, air conditioning, cable TV, internet access and WIFI, computer room, swimming pool, fitness center, BBQ areas, and parking.

Rules and Regulations

Given the fact that Freedom House operates as a structured sober living program under Freedom Behavioral Health, it imposes strict rules and schedules, which are fully enlisted on Freedom House’s website. Patients will suffer an immediate discharge if disobey the rules.


Under a strict schedule yet in caring environment, Freedom House guides its patients through transition, as they strive to reach life-long sobriety.

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