Fourth and Hope Walter’s House Rehab Review: Treatment With Tradition

  1. Fourth and Hope: Walter's House Review

Fourth and Hope: Walter’s House is residential addiction treatment program under the Fourth and Hope umbrella. The center was founded 30 years ago by citizens who partnered with local churches. The main goal of this facility back then was to provide food and shelter for homeless people. Today, the center provides residential treatment services for men and women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

The total capacity of the center is 44 beds. Residents stay in the gender-specific room. In most cases, clients come to the center without much clothes and toiletries. Therefore, staff provides them with vouchers that allow them to buy everything they need at the local store. Residents prepare their own meals and eat together as a family.

Fourth and Hope: Walter’s House: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Three primary goals of the treatment in Fourth and Hope: Walter’s House is sobriety maintenance, employment, and stable housing. The average stay in the center varies from 30 to 90 days.

The downside is that center does not provide detox services. However, they can give all the necessary information about detoxification and withdrawal symptoms to their clients.

Fourth and Hope: Walter’s House operates according to the community therapeutic model which means that there are no individual therapy sessions. Highly structured schedule at the center includes mandatory group therapy attendance, doing chores, maintaining abstinence, and respecting their peers.

Some of the topics clients discuss during their therapy sessions include:

  •         Addiction educations
  •        Relapse prevention
  •         Self-esteem
  •         Anger management
  •         Spirituality

Fourth and Hope: Walter’s House is a religion-based facility that emphasizes the importance of Jesus Christ in the recovery process. Attendance to the Bible studies is voluntary. Additionally, two weeks into the treatment, resident start attending 12-step meetings off campus.

Facilities and Extras

Fourth and Hope: Walter’s House offers two-month aftercare program for clients who completed their residential treatment. Within this service, patients visit campus for group meetings and warm meals.

Rules and Regulations

Residents wake up at 6:30 AM, do chores, have breakfast and attend two therapy sessions. Also, there are two sessions after lunch and after dinner. The lights are out at 10 PM.

The downside of Fourth and Hope: Walter’s House is the long waiting list for the admission. The cost of a 30-day stay is $2,250.


Fourth and Hope: Walter’s House is residential treatment facility that provides substance abuse recovery service for both men and women. The center does not offer detox services but provides aftercare program for former residents who need support with maintaining sobriety. The length of the stay in the center varies between one and three months.

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