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Offering quality and affordable treatments at the same time, The Farley Center has managed to maintain its reputation as a renowned place where people and families are not just healing, but finding long-term solutions. Located near the living museum and historic district of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, The Farley Center offers its patients sanctuary to get back on track with their lives.

The Farley Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The Farley Center is an abstinence-based program, aiming to provide its patients with a continuum of care for the sake of achieving long-term sobriety. As such, the Center utilizes a model based on total abstinence and AA/NA 12-step program.

During their treatment at The Farley Center, multidisciplinary team of professionals provides patients with individual and group psychotherapies, therapeutic interventions, integration into a 12-step program, and sober-life skills building. While the staff designs and crafts a treatment plan based on each patient’s needs, overall philosophy of the Center is based on the 12-step recovery process. Given this fact, The Farley Center encourages its patients to attend the 12-step meetings on a daily basis and identify a sponsor to support their recovery.

Treatments and programs provided by The Farley Center are:


Detoxification at The Farley Center is medically monitored by physicians, nurses, and counselors, who monitor patients 24/7. Detox services are available as individual treatment, or integrated within primary and extended treatments.

Primary treatment

While at The Farley Center addiction is recognized as a primary disease, the Center will conduct specialized assessment and treatments for patients with additional traumatic experiences, and mental and medical conditions. Within its primary treatment program, The Farley offers two additional programs: The Military Support Path and The Young Adults Path, treating active-duty military members, reserve military personnel, retired military veterans, and young persons between 18 and 25. Team of physicians specialized in addiction, addiction psychiatrists, psychologist, nurses treat patients’ bodies, minds, and souls equally.

Extended treatment

This program admits patients 18 years and older encountering issues with substance use, dual diagnosis, chronic pain, chronic relapse, and career licensing. By residing in a sober-living community of The Villages at Williamsburg Place, patients are at the same time building a therapeutic community.

Evaluations program

The evaluation is conducted during the 4 days upon patient’s admission to the campus, and it typically consists of addiction medicine and psychiatric evaluations, physical examination, psychological tests, biopsychological assessment, and toxicology.

Professionals program

The Farley Center is one of the pioneering treatment centers in the USA treating professionals with demanding careers. Patients within this program are treated in a specific setting minimizing the sense of uniqueness while at the same time respectfully recognizing patients’ professional concerns. Professionals treated in this program are physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, attorneys, executives, and pilots.

Intensive outpatient

The outpatient program at the Center treats patients 18 years and older experiencing substance use disorders and impairment in their daily functioning. While participating in 3 hours of therapy 4 times a week, patients can maintain their lives outside the treatment.

Recovery management

As of recovery programs, they are conducted through relapse prevention and aftercare planning, in which patients are educated on relapse prevention and receiving a continuing care contract with an individualized aftercare plan.

Family services

The program based on educational sessions for families coping with consequences of addiction.

Additionally, the Center’s addiction treatment model includes smoking cessation treatment for those in the need of it.

The Farley Center: Facilities and Extras

The Farley Center accommodates its patients at The Village at Williamsburg Place, a residential community built in 2008 and renewed in 2015. Each room at The Village resembles a college dorm room by having two beds, wardrobes, desks, and a private bath for each room. By living with other patients and building a therapeutic community, patients can see that the addiction is not unique and that openness can lead to successful recovery. Each apartment consists of two bedrooms, and has a washer, a dryer, and a fully equipped kitchen. All patients dine together at a dining room located in a nearby building, The Pavilion.

As of additional therapies, The Farley Center uses them to enhance spiritual and psychological means of reaching the recovery. That is why the 12-step program lies at the core of The Farley Center’s treatments, to reinforce and stimulate aid not necessarily based on chemicals used to treat addiction. Therapies offered are:

  • Mandala
  • Music and recovery
  • Movement groups
  • Equine therapy

Rules and Regulations at the Farley Center

Upon admission at the Center, patients are required to oblige to clothing policies and items ban. Patients are allowed to travel with their cell phones; however, they must check them in at the nurses’ station during their stay at the Center. Books are allowed only if they are recovery related, while all cosmetic and food products containing alcohol are prohibited. As of payment, the Farley addresses each patient individually and assist in accessing financing and insurance coverage.


The Farley Center, located between calming shades of trees and soothing historical architecture of Colonial Williamsburg, offers affordable and quality treatment services. Its approach, equally based on spiritual and medical aspects of recovery, is helping everyone older than 18 to get back on their life path, sober and clean.

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