Faith Home Rehab Review: 12 Steps and Religious Approach Integrated

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Founded back in 1966, Faith Home is a Christian-based addiction treatment facility that operates in three different locations — Greenwood, Spartanburg, and Abbeville, South Carolina. The facility has been run by Aline Barnes since the death of her husband, Danny W. Barnes, who was one of the co-founders.

Faith Home: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The center integrates the 12-step philosophy with religious approach in the service of recovery. The primary goal is for client to reach sobriety with the help of Jesus Christ. Some of the activities at the center include chapel services, Bible studies, morning devotions, and 12-step meetings (AA, NA, and Alanon).

The center encourages participation in recreational activities and family involvement in the recovery process. Recreational activities include fitness, golf, foosball, hiking, and fishing. Along with daily 12-step meetings, clients engage in Physical Therapy that consists of house chores, work in the backyard, and maintenance of the facility.

Another unique therapeutic activity at the Faith Home is volunteering. Clients engage in numerous organizations such as Food Bank, nursing homes, and churches.

Faith Home does not provide detox and dual-diagnosis services, just residential treatment. The duration of residential treatment is eight weeks.

The staff at the Faith Home includes community ministers, alumni, and counselors.

Faith Home: Facilities and Extras

All-men facilities are Greenwood and Spartanburg, and they can accommodate 92 clients, while all-female center in Abbeville provides a temporary home for 23 women. Onsite dryers and washers are also available for clients to use.

The Faith Home choir participates in church services, fundraisers, and other local events. Every client who likes to sing can attend choir rehearsals and become a part.

Other occasional activities that Faith Home organizes on a regular basis include barbecue, fundraisers, and Race for Recovery.

Rules and Regulations in Faith Home

Aerosols, alcohol, food, beverages, cell phones, pagers, other electronic devices, or weapons are strictly forbidden at Faith Home. However, coffee is allowed.

At the admission, you must bring your ID and social security card. According to visitation rules, only family members can visit clients, provided that they have proof of relationship. After phone or email application, a client must call every day to check if there is a free spot.

The stay at the Faith Home is entirely free of charge.


Faith Home is Christian treatment facility that provides residential rehabilitation to men and women struggling with substance abuse. The recovery is based on the 12-step philosophy, Bible studies, attending chapel services, and volunteering. The ultimate goal of the rehabilitation is to assist clients reach and maintain sobriety with the help of Jesus Christ.

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