The Extension Treatment Center Rehab Review: For Homeless Individuals

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The Extension Treatment Center was founded back in 1987 in Georgia in order to provide help to homeless women and men struggling with substance abuse. The treatment is based on recovery from addiction and development of educational and life skills.

The Extension: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The condition to be admitted to The Extension is to complete detox first.

The first step towards recovery is an initial assessment in order to create a highly individualized treatment plan.

Recovery 101 takes place during the first 30 days of the stay. It includes individual counseling, group therapy, 12-step meetings, and psychoeducational classes. Addiction is treated as a disease and clients are being thought how to identify triggers.

Some of the topics addressed during group therapy include:

  • Denial
  • Emotions
  • Anger management
  • Big Book study
  • Co-dependency

Therapy modalities used at The Extension are Matrix Model (individual and group counseling based on cognitive-behavioral approach with focus on relapse prevention), cognitive-behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral method.

After the initial 30 days, residents are encouraged to improve their job-seeking skills. Attendance at the group meetings and reflection groups is mandatory. During this phase, the emphasis is on re-building relationships, money management, health, conflict resolution, and social skills. Clients are also obliged to find a sponsor and complete their 12 steps to recovery. A medical assessment is also provided.

Life skills training consist of educational sessions about budgeting, parenting, relationships, credit repair, and savings.

The center provides GED services to patients who need to complete their education.

Towards the end of the recovery process, residents are allowed to drive a car and use a cell phone. They also have to put some amount of money into savings. The center does not charge its services until client finds a job.

The staff at The Extension consists of addiction counselors, therapists, and case managers.

The Extension: Facilities and Extras

Male and female clients are placed in gender-specific facilities. Men stay in cubicles that contain bed and storage unit, while women share their rooms with two roommates. After the initial 100 days, male residents can move to semi-private bedrooms.

Common area includes dining area, TV room equipped with computers and wifi. Meals are prepared by volunteers.

Capacity of the men’s facility is 47 residents, while women’s building provides temporary home for 20 clients.

The center provides family counseling with aim to help build a strong support system for the family member hit by addiction. The goal is to determine dysfunctional patterns within the family system that might have led to substance abuse.

Rules and Regulations in The Extension

There are no initial costs of the treatment at The Extension. However, a client will have to find a job after the initial 30 days of the recovery and to cover some of the expenses. Patients who have insurance will not be admitted.

The treatment at The Extension is based on abstinence. Therefore, drug addiction medications are not administered. The recovery at The Extension can be categorized as a long-term, and it can last up to 12 months.

Smoking is allowed but only in designated areas.

Admission interviews are held from Monday to Friday, between 10 AM and 4 PM.


The Extension addiction treatment center provides temporary home for men and women struggling with substance abuse issues. The treatment is based on the 12-step philosophy and other evidence-based practices such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral method, and Matrix Model.

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