English Mountain Recovery Rehab Review: The 12-Steps to the Top

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The English Mountain Recovery Center is the result of a singular and seminal moment in one woman’s life. The founding husband and wife team behind the English Mountain Recovery rehab in Sevierville, Tennessee, Dick and Nancy Kahn struggled with Nancy’s substance abuse for over 30 years.

Until that moment came when Nancy recognized her helplessness in the face of addiction and sought help through the 12-Step model. To this day, English Mountain Recovery utilizes an abstinence-based model combined with other holistic therapies to treat alcohol and drug addiction.

The Hardest Step

The story goes that founders Dick and Nancy Kahn decided to base their treatment philosophy on abstinence-based programs after realizing that exactly 12 steps leading up to the entrance of their facility.

The Kahns’ originally planned to build a resort on the site they purchased, but at Nancy’s insistence, it became a rehab center. English Mountain Recovery sits on 27-acres of mountaintop property in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

English Mountain Recovery is strictly an inpatient residential facility. It has accommodations for close to 36 people. English Mountain Recovery is gender-sensitive, meaning men and women live and attend therapy sessions separately.

The residential condominiums are all self-contained, so they have small kitchen areas as well as furnishings for all your personal belongings. The condos usually house two people at a time.

Making Your Way to the Top

In keeping with their commitment to the 12-Step philosophy, English Mountain Recovery does not have any detox facilities at their center. Anyone wanting to enter the residential program must be physically and mentally stable to be admitted.

Another facet of the English Mountain Recovery program derived from 12-Step orthodoxy involves the different treatment period lengths that it offers. English Mountain Recovery recommends the 90-day program as the “gold standard” for treatment.

However, there are 30 and 60-day variants for those people who cannot be away from their lives for so long. Those inpatient residents who stay for these short-term periods have continuing support from English Mountain Recovery to aid in their long-lasting sobriety.

They are given referrals to treatment programs close to their area. Short-term residents can also make use of a reliable, abstinence-based foundation from which to draw from to stay sober outside of rehab.

90-day residents can take full advantage of the prolonged treatment program that combines abstinence training with holistic treatments that can help nurture a different side of you that was previously absent. Process groups help residents, both men and women, uncover some of the underlying factors behind their addiction, like traumatic experiences or professional and familial pressures.

When not attending group sessions, residents can also avail themselves of the number of alternative therapies that English Mountain Recovery offers like expressive and experiential therapies. Both of these treatments provide clients that chance to express themselves in ways they haven’t before.

The Summit

Its natural setting also makes English Mountain Recovery the ideal place to apply equine therapy. Taking care of and interacting with a docile, yet powerful animal like a horse teaches patients that importance of managing stresses calmly and reflectively. Equine therapy also instills a sense of responsibility and hard work.

The English Mountain Recovery center takes advantage of its breathtaking location to give its residents the proper environment to achieve sobriety. Their firm belief in the effectiveness of the 12-Step model, coupled with the inclusion of more alternative therapies ensures that residents change their lives for the better.

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