Elk River Treatment Center Rehab Review: Rehab that Helps Teens

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Everyone’s teenage years are full of upheaval and confusion if you add into that a serious addiction or mental health issue the consequences can be doubly serious, which is why a program like the one at the Elk River treatment center is invaluable.

Drowning Out All the Noise

Located on a 120-acre ranch in Huntsville, Alabama, the Elk River Treatment Center takes into account the various afflictions that affect young people during their developmental years. There are therapies available to adolescents as young as 12 years old who may suffer from any behavioral or emotional problems to programs that specifically address addiction and drug abuse in teenagers.

Since Elk River is a treatment center specifically designed around teenagers, the presence of family members or any other loved ones is necessary and ample space is given to accommodate anyone who may accompany their teen to Elk River. Since Elk River provides a wide array of treatments to rehabilitate various disorders, their programs are all structured around the particular needs of the young person seeking help.

The patient and the patient’s family are vital to designing the former’s treatment plan. Although 60 days is the minimum length of most stays at Elk River, patients can remain in treatment for as long as is required by their particular plan.

Elk River departs from most traditional treatment centers by housing its residents in rustic dorm rooms built on a large platform that has no internet access or TV service. Cell phones are also not permitted unless previously requested.

Being a Teen Again

Services and treatments available at Elk River are all dependent on the primary reason a patient finds themselves at Elk River. There are therapies to address substance abuses problems, which mostly revolve around 12 Step meetings, counseling sessions and other more holistic approaches. Counselors are on hand to provide group therapy should a teen be struggling with abandonment issues or having been put through a painful separation from their parents due to divorce.

ADD, and ADHD disorders are treated by one or many of the child and adolescent psychiatrists that make up the staff at Elk River, either by group counseling or one-on-one therapy. Medical personnel and registered nurses attend to any other medical needs the teens in attendance at Elk River might have.

Parents and caregivers also take part in their teen’s recovery by participating in parenting classes, AA meetings, and workshops designed to help them become integral to providing support and care after their teen has left Elk Ridge. Since Elk Ridge is specifically a program for teens, it does not forget to address educational and vocational necessities.

There is state certified teaching staff on hand to ensure that teens don’t fall behind when in attendance at Elk Ridge, along with professional trainers to help teens learn new skills. Teens can also make great use of the equine therapy that Elk Ridge would be remiss not to provide, given its ranch-like setting.

As their teen undergoes treatment at Elk Ridge, parents and staff meet on a regular basis to gauge what successes have been achieved and what goals have still to be completed for the teen to be considered ready to leave.

Once teens have graduated from their primary program, they are offered a place at Elk Ridge Transitions, which is a less prohibitive transition house where teens can learn how best to go back to the outside world.

Growing up Healthy

Elk Ridge offers the chance to both get away from it all and to get better. Since it is not just a drug rehab program, the variety of afflictions that they treat, from ADHD to depression gives some insight into the particular challenges that teens face nowadays. Whatever the reason that you and your teen might need to go to Elk Ridge, you will find that they are well-prepared to handle whatever problems you might be facing.

Elk River Treatment Program Price for 30 days: $15,000-$16,500

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