Edgewood Treatment Center Rehab Review: Serene Healing in BC

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Edgewood Review

Time slows down at Edgewood. Over the 20 years that it has been in operation, providing long-term drug rehab programs to both men and women, it has evolved its approach to treating substance abuse and dual diagnoses disorders to incorporate a relaxed and stress-free environment.

Whether it is because of the individualized treatment plan that lasts for as long as long as you need it to or because of its location among the beautiful surroundings on Vancouver Island, you feel all pressure and anxiety melt away just as the waves recede from the beaches nearby.

Taking Your Time

The Edgewood Treatment Center has taken great strides to make its interiors match the beauty and luxuriousness of its exterior setting. There are around 80 beds located at its central facility, with the spaces being divided up between those enrolled in the 28-day inpatient program and those who are in the open-ended extended program.

The whole place has the feel of a luxury retreat, with its spacious rooms, gourmet food, and secluded setting, but make no mistake Edgewood takes your recovery seriously. There is a detox unit on the grounds for people suffering from all manner of chemical addictions, although it is set apart from the main building.

For those opting for the shorter inpatient program, days are tightly structured to allow for educational lectures, group activities, one-on-one counseling and physical activities. Those that require further psychological treatment due to a diagnosis of a co-occurring disorder have Edgewood’s team of psychologists and therapists to treat them. Edgewood also provides counseling and therapy to those suffering from “process” addictions, such as addictions to gambling, sex and eating disorders.

Edgewood believes that there is no correct way to treat addiction, so everyone at Edgewood has a different plan, specific to their needs and based on factors like physical and mental health and family history. More than a rehab center, Edgewood strives to create a therapeutic community where recovery and healing are aided not only by medicine but by nature, spirituality and personal relationships. To this end, many factors are taken into consideration when designing your treatment plan.

Based on Your Needs

Days are structured around a patient’s specific plan. Inpatient programs take full advantage of the idyllic settings with outdoor activities like walks or other exercise scheduled at least twice a day.

Psycho-social education is also essential, and patients attend lectures in the morning, every day. The staff, who are well-versed in addiction treatments, co-occurring disorders and other more organic ideas toward treating addiction, are always there to provide support and motivation.

Patients must report to their individually assigned monitors on a daily basis so that their progress can be gauged. You and your team then make decisions about the future of your treatment. Reports, in the form of daily journal entries also form a part of your recovery. Self-help recovery programs make up a significant portion of your stay, as well as more evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and relapse prevention.

Although Edgewood provides a 28-day program, it emphasizes the benefits of its extended-stay program more since it believes that recovery is an ongoing process. Patients must not only learn to conquer their addiction but must also learn how to live sober again by avoiding triggers.

With that in mind, Edgewood again takes full advantage of its Vancouver Island setting by scheduling recreational activities after you’ve completed your rehabilitation that doesn’t require drugs, alcohol or any other self-destructive behaviors. These include more outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, and hiking.

Getting Free

Despite its bucolic setting in one of Canada’s unique places, you shouldn’t think your time at Edgewood is a vacation. Edgewood asks that you commit to your recovery as much as they do.

They trust you to involve yourself in all parts of your stay, from keeping your recovery journal to involving your family if need be, through their Insite program, which provides support and counseling to family members who have been affected by their loved one’s addiction. With that said, Edgewood is a signature program for those with the time and resources to commit to it.

Price for 30 days at Edgewood: $12,750 CAD ($9,776.48 USD).

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