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Zoloft Dosage: Choosing The Appropriate Dose Of Sertraline

medical dosages for zoloft

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Patients are usually concerned about the dosage of sertraline that should be taken. The initial dose is based on a treated disorder. For the majority of diseases treated by Zoloft daily initial dose starts at 25-50 mg. Zoloft dosage can be increased if there is no therapeutic response or decreased because of age or own contradictions. Learn how Zoloft pill looks like and what sertraline dose is recommended to take from different diseases.

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Zoloft Manufactured Dosage Forms

Zoloft doses come in three different forms, each one with a unique physical feature that separates it from the others. There is a Zoloft 25 mg pill, a 50 mg pill, and a 100 mg pill. There is also a liquid solution, packed at 60 ml with a milligram equivalent of 20 mg/ml. Here are the features of each one: available pills

  • the pill is color green and has a capsular shape. One side has the brand name engraved in it, and the other has the dosage 25 mg engraved.
  • the physical difference between this pill and the 25 mg pill is that this one is blue and has the dosage 50 mg engraved at the back.
  • contains the highest dose of Zoloft available in a single pill. It is yellow, has the 100 mg engraving on one side and takes on the standard capsular shape of the other pills.

Disorders And Adult Dosage Descriptions

Zoloft is useful for combating mental diseases that call for varying doses, depending on the type of and the user involved. For instance, a Zoloft dose for adults is expected to be different from the dose for teens or kids. Take in mind, that Zoloft weight changes can happen during the treatment course. For more clarity, here’s a bit of information about proper prescriptions for these disorders:
Major Depressive Disorder – MDD is characterized by a general loss of interest in activities and a consistently depressed mood. It can lead to a significant impairment in the daily life of the patient.

A starting dose of 50 mg is recommended. Depending on tolerability, the user may adopt an increasing Zoloft dosage of an extra 25-50 mg once a week but must make sure never to exceed the Zoloft max dose of 200 mg.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD is characterized by obsessive behavior or thoughts that lead to repetitive behaviors or compulsions.
The average Zoloft dose and other dosage information for people with O.C.D are almost precisely the same as with M.D.D. However, to avoid side effects of sertraline, the starting dose for pediatric patients is 25 mg.
Panic Disorder – PD is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by a sudden period of intense fear that results in sweating, short breaths, shaking, palpitations or a general feeling that something terrible will happen.
The recommended Zoloft dosage for anxiety resulting from P.D starts with 25 mg. Any subsequent increase by the user must not exceed the therapeutic range of 50-200 mg.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD is characterized by an inability to recover from a specific traumatizing event experienced or witnessed by the patient.
The sertraline dose recommended for this disorder is the same as with P.D, with the same therapeutic range.
Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder – PMDD is a severe extension of premenstrual syndrome, which is a group of symptoms (such as fatigue, irritability and bloating) that is found in women – usually between ovulation and a period. Please note, that It is prohibited to take Sertraline while pregnant or breastfeeding.
The recommended starting Sertraline dosage for PMDD is 50 mg, administered every day till the menstrual cycle ends. If the patient does not respond to the dosage, an increase of 50 mg per menstrual cycle leading up to 150 mg a day may be beneficial.
Social Anxiety Disorder – SAD is a severe mental health disorder characterized by irrational anxiety during social situations and interactions. Keep in mind, that sertraline decreases sex drive in some patients.
The recommended sertraline dose for it is the same as with PD, with the same therapeutic range.

The proper dosage should be prescribed by the doctor only. Do not take Zoloft at doses bigger than prescribed as it may lead to addiction development and overdose.

Dosage Administration For Children And Adolescents

It is important to note that parents should always read the instructions on how to take sertraline safely before giving it to their kids. Zoloft starting dose recommended for children under the age of twelve is 25 mg. Any subsequent increase should be at a rate of an extra 25-50 mg per daily increase. Zoloft dose for kids that fall under this category should not have to go as far as the Zoloft 200 mg dose.
The average Zoloft dose for teens starts with for children ages 13-17 years is 50 mg. The increase remains within 25-50 per day, and the maximum dose must not exceed 200 mg of Zoloft per day at any point. In other cases, it may lead to overdose and prolonged half-life of Zoloft.

Sertraline Dosage Precautions

Doctor proposes pills to patientTwo of the most commonly asked questions about Sertraline dosages are:

What is the Lowest Dose of Zoloft?

The lowest recommended dose is 25 mg, and ideally, 200 mg should be the limit. Anything more than that is considered a high dose. Taking high amount of the drug can lead to sertraline overdose.

What is Considered a Lethal Dose of Zoloft?

There is LD50 which is an existing lethal dose of Zoloft containing 2000 mg per kg of body weight.
It is essential to use the drug only according to the prescription of qualified medical personnel. Don’t mix sertraline with alcohol, medical marijuana or other addictive substances.

If there’s ever a thought to use more than is prescribed, it becomes necessary to seek professional help at rehabs or addiction centers. If patients have any symptoms of having Zoloft addiction it is recommended to ask for professional support in stopping sertraline medication.
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