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Wellbutrin Price: How Much Does Bupropion Cost?

Checking Wellbutrin price

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Some people take bupropion to help manage depression. Wellbutrin for smoking cessation and weight loss are also common reasons for prescribing it. Users do often wonder if Wellbutrin unofficial value is lower than the cost of Wellbutrin in pharmacies? Check the information about Wellbutrin pricing, helpful tips on how to buy Wellbutrin legally at the most affordable price.

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Branded And Generic Bupropion Cost

How much does Wellbutrin cost in pharmacies? Refer to the cost comparison chart below to find out the best prices available for each formulation and dosage.
Patients can check prices for commonly prescribed bupropion XL 300 mg price at Walmart, Costco, and Walgreens. Discounted costs for customers with bupropion coupon are available and are also listed.

Prices For Branded And Generic Oral Formulations

Preparations and Strengths Units Walmart Costco Walgreens
Bupropion (Generic) 75 mg 30 tablets $9 $14.90 $24

$11.86 (with free coupon)

Bupropion (Generic) 100 mg 30 tablets $9 $13.65 $33

$18.02 (with free coupon)

Wellbutrin 75 mg 30 tablets $78.83  (with discount) $80.84 $83.34
Wellbutrin 100 mg 30 tablets $104.46  (with discount) $105.01 $110.51
Bupropion XL (Generic) 150 mg 30 tablets $9 $35


(with  coupon)



(with  coupon)

Bupropion XL (Generic) 300 mg 30 tablets $89


(with  discount)



(with  coupon)



(with  coupon)

Wellbutrin XL, 150 mg 30 tablets $1,347.17 (with  discount) $1,329.07 $1,596

$1,341.89 (with  coupon)

Wellbutrin XL, 300 mg 30 tablets $1,1776.54 (with  discount) $1,752.28 $2,265

$1.768.79 (with  coupon)

Bupropion SR, 100 mg 30 tablets $9 $19

$13.99 (with  coupon)


$23.68 (with  coupon)

Bupropion SR, 150 mg 30 tablets $9 $21

$10.05 (with  coupon)


$15.32 (with  coupon)

Bupropion SR, 200 mg 30 tablets $9 $15.52 $110

$40.91 (with  coupon)

Wellbutrin SR, 100 mg 30 tablets $220.12 (with  discount) $214.05 $223.62
Wellbutrin SR, 150 mg 30 tablets $235.76 (with  discount) $228.81 $239.09
Wellbutrin SR, 200 mg 30 tablets $436.10 (with  discount) $417.69 $437.13
Bupropion (Zyban)(Generic), 150 mg 30 tablets $26

$21.15 (with  discount)

$22.51 $26.29
Buproban (Generic), 150 mg 30 tablets $21.60 (with  discount) $22.91 $26.56
Zyban, 150 mg 30 tablets $132.08 (with  discount) $131.04 (with  coupon) $136.59 (with  coupon)
Bupropion (Forfivo XL), 450 mg 30 tablets $384.01 (with  discount) $234.15 $483

$$188.49 (with  coupon)

Forfivo XL, 450 mg 30 tablets $471.28 $450.86 $471.92

How To Get Wellbutrin Prescription?

A prescription is not required to obtain bupropion medication, but it is advised to get Wellbutrin prescription to claim insurance coverage. Also, insurance coverage can drastically bring down the costs in comparison with Wellbutrin cost without insurance.

senior male customer buying wellbutrin with prescription

Below is a step-by-step guide about how to obtain a prescription:

  • Make an appointment with a doctor. Discuss the symptoms one is having and decide if bupropion is the best treatment option.
  • There are different formulations of bupropion, and only a health professional should decide which one is the best for the patient.

Obtaining Wellbutrin Discount

Bupropion is quite an expensive drug. Bupropion cost without insurance may make the drug simply inaccessible to those who have inadequate or no insurance coverage.
Patients are advised to use some of the following tips to get the best Wellbutrin price:

  • There are also discounts offered by different pharmacies and drug distributors which people who require bupropion must take advantage of to realize significant savings. Check availability and pricing from various distributors. Check Wellbutrin XL price at Costco and if others offer more competitive prices.
  • Check online suppliers. Make sure to validate the authenticity of the product as well as seller accountability to help guarantee safety and potency of the drug. Some user accounts claim that online resellers offer lower the cost even when a Wellbutrin XL coupon is available from a major retailer. Some users also say that bupropion and its branded counterparts may be purchased online even without a prescription.
  • Pharmaceutical companies may run Patient Assistance Programs to assist patients who require a generic or branded bupropion but cannot afford to buy the drug or, cannot afford to pay the full price.
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals, one of the manufacturers of this medicine, runs a Copay Savings Program where patients are required to respond to a short online questionnaire form which screens applicants for eligibility to take advantage of the program. If an applicant qualifies for the program, the online system issues an electronic card which the patient can print out and use to avail of exclusive discounts when purchasing the medication.

Wellbutrin Unofficial Value

The average cost of bupropion (generic medication) on the U.S. streets is about $0.83 per pill. Branded Wellbutrin unofficial value is reported at $2 per pill on average. In Canada, bupropion from unauthorized sources costs approximately CDN $2.50 per pill.

It is important to buy drugs only from the licensed shops and never opt to the street dealers as it is against the law.

Wellbutrin drug trafficking
People who are prescribed with the particular medication sometimes seek it on the street to save on Wellbutrin costs. Some people who had heard about Wellbutrin euphoria may look for taking it recreationally. Someone may go as far as Wellbutrin snorting or shooting to get high. Many of those who abuse this drug attest that Wellbutrin increases libido. These are just a few reasons driving addiction to this drug.

It is important to note that bupropion should only be taken as prescribed by a doctor. Any recreational purpose equals abuse and is illegal.

Improper use increases risks for experiencing side effects, which includes bupropion-induced hair loss, vomiting, epileptic seizures, confusion, ringing in the ears, and impaired vision. Using this drug for a long time may lead to addiction. If any signs of addiction or abuse have been noticed one should seek help.

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