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Vicodin Prices: What Is The Officilal And Unofficial Value

vicodin cost

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Vicodin is a common prescription drug that can be bought at any pharmacy or store like CVS Pharmacy, Kmart, Kroger, Publix, Rite Aix, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. Doctors often prescribe Vicodin to treat mild and moderate pain. It is relatively easy to obtain a prescription from a physician. Many people get (for free, or at a cost) pills from friends and relatives, especially in cases of sudden-onset pain.

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How Much Does Vicodin Cost In Pharmacies?

Vicodin typically costs around $2 per pill in pharmacies. Usually, the price of prescription medication is lower than drugs bought on the street or via the internet. If a patient has insurance, one can pay very little for the drug. Without insurance, one has the option to use discount coupons.

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Prices of 30 Tablets of 10 mg / 300 mg Vicodin:

  • CVS Pharmacy: $47.03
  • Kmart: $79.29
  • Kroger: $65.14
  • Publix: $79.29
  • Rite Aid: $79.13
  • Target: $70.63
  • Walgreens: $78.88
  • Walmart: $55.02

Prices of 30 Tablets of 7.5 mg / 300 mg Vicodin:

  • CVS Pharmacy: $38.74
  • Kmart: $57.98
  • Kroger: $51.95
  • Publix: $57.98
  • Rite Aid: $62.74
  • Target: $53.14
  • Walgreens: $62.49
  • Walmart: $45.08

Prices of 30 Tablets of 5 mg / 300 mg Vicodin:

  • CVS Pharmacy: $36.68
  • Kmart: $49.25
  • Kroger: $48.75
  • Publix: $49.25
  • Rite Aid: $49
  • Target: $47.55
  • Walgreens: $50.50
  • Walmart: $46.51

Most pharmacies in the United States have various discount coupon. People that don’t have insurance could benefit from that option because the coupons are not valid with insurance plans. One of the requirements to use these coupons is to pay by cash.

Vicodin Street Value In Unauthorized Sources

Prices of Vicodin when obtained illegally vary a lot. The prices depend on the location, the amount of Vicodin, and the number of dealers in a given city.

Buying Vicodin without a prescription on the streets is illegal. Patients should not make any attempt to buy drugs without proper condition and visiting a doctor.

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