Valium Alternatives – What Are The Other Options?

What are the Valium substitutes?

Valium can be a dangerous and addictive drug when misused, which is why it is sometimes necessary to find an effective alternative. There are many drugs like Valium, that can be effective in helping through the pain. Valium alternatives range from over the counter substitutes, to naturally found substitutes. Each Valium alternative will have its advantages and disadvantages. This article aims to explain the other available options for someone who is looking to diverge from Valium to another drug.

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Why Find Valium Alternatives?

Valium different-colors pills alternatives Valium is a drug that is often prescribed as a way to help relax those suffering from anxiety. Often known by the name Diazepam, this depressant slows brain activity by enhancing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). In turn, this helps to reduce anxiety in the individual who has taken Valium. However, for all its positive effects, Valium is addictive. This is one reason why it is often a requirement to find alternatives to Valium when dealing with anxiety.

Another reason why diazepam alternatives are needed is that a regular user can build up a tolerance to the drug. Someone who regularly uses Valium to overcome their anxiety may soon find that their body adjusts to the drug and therefore the effects are lessened. This means that it becomes necessary to take more Valium and can put the person at risk of overdose.

You may also need an over the counter Valium alternative. This may be necessary due to the interactions Valium has with other drugs. Furthermore, according to The US National Library of Medicine, Valium shouldn’t be taken by those over the age of 65. This could be another reason for seeking out a diazepam alternative.

What are the Drugs Similar to Valium?

Due to Valium being addictive and users building up the tolerance, alternatives are needed. There are a few drugs similar to Valium that can be used as those alternativesEach of the following drugs has both positive and negative factors surrounding them, and none of them should be used in higher doses than they are prescribed in.

AtivanThis drug is useful for relieving short-term anxiety. However, tolerance is built up very quickly, and it should not be used excessively. Like, many medications for anxiety, Ativan can cause memory issues, drowsiness, and fatigue. However, on a positive note, Ativan works well with most other medications.

XanaxIt has many similarities with Ativan, in that it is highly effective in the short term. In fact, it works even faster than Ativan. However, it is also highly addictive and can cause memory loss, somnambulism, and drowsiness.

Baclofen. This drug has low abuse potential. However, it can also cause drowsiness, nausea, and fatigue. Also, Baclofen has also been known to cause psychosis in users, such as hallucinations and delusions.

ProzacThis medication is commonly used for depression but can also be useful when it comes to anxiety. Although Prozac is another alternative, it has a large number of potential side effects, such as nausea, headaches, lethargy and more.

Buspirone. It is an anti-anxiety medication, which has similar strengths to Xanax. However, it also can cause memory loss and drowsiness.

The Natural Alternatives to Valium

Woman exercising near mountain.Along with over the counter Valium alternatives, there are also natural alternatives to Valium. Natural Valium substitutes have many benefits, such as being less addictive and not causing the user to relapse into a state worse than the one they were originally in.

Some examples of natural substitutes for Valium are:

  • Magnesium Many people suffer the psychological issues of depression and anxiety’s worst effects due to their diet. Foods such as milk or fish provide magnesium which is invaluable to your body and will help ward away anxiety.
  • Meditation – Taking some time away for yourself to meditate helps considerably with anxiety. Meditation helps to calm, soothe and give perspective on every worry causing matter. Best of all, it’s far cheaper!
  • Exercise – It sounds obvious, but activities help to produce positive chemicals in the body, these endorphins help to decrease anxiety and depression, as well as to improve mood.
  • Vitamin and Herbal Supplements – There are various supplements out there that will help to calm you as well as giving your body the nutrients it needs to fight out anxiety.

Using these natural alternatives to Valium is often be far more effective than over the counter options. This is because they are often substances the body is designed to deal with. Not only that, by using a natural substitute to Valium, you will not experience the panic, the addiction, relapse, reliance, tolerance or even cost that Valiums drug based substitutes will bring.

Valium Substitutes – The Best Option For You

Whatever the reason is you decide to move on from Valium, it will be necessary to decide what the most suitable substitute is. Each alternative has its benefits, as well as its consequences. Many of the drugs will be faster to have an impact on anxiety than the natural options. However, Valiums drug based substitutes may cause you to face the same addiction and tolerance based issues that Valium itself caused. Whereas, the natural alternatives will not.

In the end, the best option for you will depend on circumstances and whether you are happy to accept a slower solution without the negative consequences.

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Valium Alternatives – What Are The Other Options?

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  • I have Menieres disease, tinnitus and I get very sick and dizzy on occasion. Is there any over the counter meds that will help with the problem?

  • I get dizzy everyday from a vestibular problem. Diazepam. Only helps is there overcountet med to help. Antivert. Does. Not. Help. At all or none of. Motion. Meds. What can I do.

  • Diazepam is a very good and the best drug I have ever taken. I have taken this drug for thirty years and no tolerance. However diazepam can cause Tinnitis (ringing in the ears). It does with me , as well.

    • I haven’t had a good night sleep for 15years without valium
      Please tell me how can I get a perscription? I had one for several years, when this Physchiatrist retired no one will give it to me. How do I get a perscription?

      • I used to be on valium until my doctors did the same thing. I asked a new Primary Health Physician for Ativan and she said okay. I have not had any kind of problem since Ativan does a lot the same things for me as Valium did with the sleeping the moods Etc good luck!

      • You can legally buy zopiclone from a genuine reputable pharmacy. They are for sleeping x

        • Without a script??

        • What do I do, go up to the pharmacist and and ask for zopiclone? I have Rite Aid and Walgreens. Can I get that the zopiclone from them?

          • You need a script for zopiclone and all pharmacies have it but it is a little expensive and in Canada I pay $30 for 30 7.5 mg tablets. To get zopiclone from a doctor just tell them that you can’t sleep and you researched medication for sleep and you read that zopiclone is very effective. If you can’t get it from one doctor then go to another until you get it. I get it very easily from a clinic that refuses to prescribe benzos or opiates yet zopiclone is neither and it’s easy to get.

      • Extremely active person and worker. Surgery on shoulder. Out now for 7 weeks with maybe 6 to go. Try to keep busy, but get extreme restless brain, and panic attacks all day. Anxiety is outrageous alone or with people. Tried so many otc; St. John wort, Calm, Magnesium, Camomile. Nothing. Do I see a Doctor?

        • try Saffron capsules, just make sure it’s a good brand, it’s as effective as Diazepam in a fee studies or Lavender capsules. I would suggest Saffron 1st. It is truly potent, if that doesn’t work seek help.

        • Yes you should see a doc if you can’t sleep for over 3 days. It’s tricky to get diazepam or zopiclone because abusers have ruined it for legit use and many doctors are weary about drug seekers. A very great non-narcotic medication that even astronoughts use for sleep is called serequil. 25mg will knock anyone out and you don’t feel groggy the next day.

      • To get Valium you are going to have to lie to a doctor if you’re comfortable with that. Go to a doctor or hospital and pretend that you’ve been using alcohol or diazepam for a very long time and that you’re going through withdrawal. They will absolutely give you diazepam to help you taper from diazepam or quitting alcohol cold turkey because doctors take alcohol and benzo withdrawal very seriously and they rarely risk not prescribing diazepam because you could seizures without it. If Drink a good amount of alcohol the night before because they may check your urine to verify it. If you have been taking valium for many years before then simply tell them that you need it to taper and you’re suffering from withdrawal.

  • My doctor would only prescribe for 4 months. Have you ever stopped taking? And how do you get script for 3 decades? Pharmaceutical Rep?
    Sal Dummas

  • Yes they want you ADDICTED SO DR. CAN ROB TOUhorrible try Valerian, melatonin Magnesium lo cal ice cream walking ,reading..$800-900-$1,200

  • I’m so disgusted by the so called opioid epidemic I could rip my hair out and scream. Drug users. Yes!! I am 74 years old have ha trouble sleeping for years I only take one valium at bedtime if I can’t sleep!!!!!!! I’m not a drug attic and resent being part of that group !! Put your brains back in place doctors and realize there are normal people that use drugs properly!!!!!!!


      • Me too. I just lost my prescription because of the opioid laws. I’ve been taking it for depression for 12 years with no bad side effects. Today I am suffering withdrawl and the doctor will not give me any more to ease off gently. Some doctors have no heart. I would go to Mexico but you need a prescription there too don’t you?

    • I am.38 have Fibromyalgia and had a back and neck accident which has left me at home for 3 years. Had to watch my parents die and because of my age and I’ve NEVER abused any drugs they wont give me valium which really helped my joints and muscle movement and I could go shopping and do things. Now they give me as much tramadol as I want and gabapentin and not that.i have to suffer because of addicts.

      • I have also suffered from FIBROMYALGIA for years but have just found a relief in all the symptoms when I changed my diet from the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET TO A PLANT BASED DIET. Looked up NUTRITARIAN on YouTube and start your healing journey. I hope this helps. I have relapsed because our finances were depleted when my husband had to take off almost 4 months for surgery and I haven’t been able to get the proper nutrients in. I still haven’t reverted back to gluten, meat or dairy, so it’s been a struggle. I’ve also read a lot studies where gluten causes inflammation in the body also. Check youtube out on natural remedies!

    • I just read your opinion on Valium. I am age 84 and I find that i can not get a good nights sleep. I have not used alcohol for the last 18 years because I had a younger brother that would drink a full case of 24 bottles of beer on a week in. I also quit smoking over 50 year ago. Have you found a solution to your efforts to buy something that is as effective as Valium? I use Z-QUIL FOUND IN MOST STORES LIKE WALMART FOUND AT OUR LOCAL PHARMACY. THAT HELPS ,E SOMETIME. BETSY, GIVE IT A TRY. THE FIRST GIRLS i EVER WENT STEADY WITH WAS BETSY.

  • I am taking Diazapham want to change to another approperate drug,no opied based pill.I am 83 years old.Something not to strong,but good for anxcety..Thank you.

    • Try Zopiclone. It works in a similar way to diazepam but is not classified as a narcotic but can be abused. If your doc has not trouble prescribing you valium then ask him/her about zopiclone.

  • I think, valerian root, magnesium calm, vitamin B complex, cutting down on sugar and caffeine these things will help to evercome addiction. Also prayers to Godhelp

  • I think doctors are on crack. What else could be the reason for their insistence are not helping you with it tremendously debilitating disease as tinnitus
    . They don’t seem to have any treatments or have any understanding as well. It is truly frustrating. I’m a professional computer operator and it is almost impossible for me to concentrate and get my job done. It’s pure hell in a nightmare.

  • I am 79 years old. Drs started giving me Valium in my 20s because of bad panic attacks. I now have stage 4 breast cancer and live in extreem back pain. My dr of 10 years had me on Valium and hidrocodon. But a few months ago he said I can’t take both. I need the pain meds for my bad back but I’m having a really hard time getting off of the Valium. I’m under so much stress now and I don’t know what to do. I never asked for Valium. The drs always told me to take it.

  • What can I possibly say to my dr to get him to write a prescription for valium he hates giving me anything I suggest but it helps so much I have arthritis in my lower back with a pinched nerve fibromyalgia obesity high bp swelling in my legs and feet panic attacks and anxiety along with depression where I honestly think the worst sometimes and no one is hearing me if I have to be here on this earth in pain and feeling the way I feel then I dont want to be here any more.

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