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Tizanidine Cost: Street Value And Official Cost

tizanidine prices

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For those who need to buy tizanidine, the thought of affording it can be stressful. Luckily, Zanaflex prices vary significantly between pharmacies. Here is what users should know about the tizanidine cost without insurance.

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Learn About Zanaflex Prices:

Buying Tizanidine at a Regular Pharmacy

The standard method of buying Zanaflex is through a regular pharmacy. These can be standalone pharmacies—such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, or CVS—or located within another store—like Walmart, Target, or Kroger. The tizanidine cost will vary between pharmacies, as they are allowed, to a certain degree, to set their own prices.
For patients who live in medium to large cities, there will be the option of pharmacy shopping, selecting the best one based on their tizanidine prices. Patients can call to find out the Zanaflex cost at Walmart vs. Target, for example, or they can find average prices online.

However, users should keep in mind that the tizanidine price listed online may differ at the actual pharmacy since costs can change based on location.

Below are the average prices for a 90-pill supply of generic tizanidine in 2 mg, 4 mg, and 6 mg doses.

Pharmacy 2 mg capsules 4 mg capsules 6 mg capsules
Kroger $181 $254 $427
Rite Aid $246 $322 $450
Walmart $97 $201 $413
Costco $74 $98 $423
Albertsons $195 $258 $423
Safeway $209 $297 $393
Medicine Shoppe $264 $313 $423
CVS $228 $279 $405
Walgreens $247 $295 $470
Target $228 $279 $405

These prices reflect the established retail price for each pharmacy, giving the tizanidine cost without insurance. Those who have insurance coverage may pay a small fee or nothing at all, depending on their policy. Those who do not have coverage may be able to lower the cost with an online Zanaflex coupon.
There are pros and cons to purchasing tizanidine HCL from a traditional pharmacy. On the plus side, patients can feel confident trusting these pharmacies. They are always staffed by people with the right training for handling medications, and they always use the same suppliers. These pharmacies have tight protocols in place to ensure the right medications are given to the correct patients, and there is little concern about contamination or false products.
At the same time, they have a lot of overhead, which gets built into the prices of medications. This means a Zanaflex dosage will likely cost more at these pharmacies than from an online one.

Buying Tizanidine Online

Another option that users have is to buy Zanaflex online. There are countless online pharmacies that give people the chance to buy Zanaflex without even leaving their homes. However, this does require a bit of research.

Safety Rules

First, patients need to make certain the pharmacy is legitimate. Not every site offering prescription medications by mail is licensed to do so, and many of them are located outside of the U.S. One of the risks of buying tizanidine online is that if purchased from the wrong site, it could be illegal. There is also the chance of getting fake tizanidine, which can be much stronger than what the patient expects, making tizanidine side effects much worse and increasing the risk of death from use.
The next thing patients should do is compare prices between sites they have confirmed are legitimate. The Zanaflex price online can vary widely, but in general, it will be less than the cost of purchasing from a traditional pharmacy. This is because they lack the overhead of businesses with store locations. As such, this could greatly reduce the tizanidine 4 mg cost for patients.

A caveat here is that not all insurance providers like working with these pharmacies. If someone has insurance coverage, they may need to work with a traditional pharmacy. Even if their carrier is open to covering the medications from an online provider, the shipping costs could make it more expensive for those with insurance.

Dark Web Is Not An Option

Another online option some might turn to is seeking medication on the dark web. This choice is never safe. There are no legitimate pharmacies operating on the dark web, and only recreational users purchase there. The tizanidine prices tend to be very high, as there is a great risk to the illegal seller, and the financial reward has to pay off for them. There is also no guarantee of availability, which encourages dangerous behaviors like medicine hopping, where users make comparisons like Zanaflex vs. Xanax and then switch between substances without worry for interactions.
Ultimately, while there are some online options that are safe and legal, users need to do their homework and use their best judgment.

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Buying Tizanidine on the Streets

Another way that people may buy tizanidine is on the street. In general, buying this way is only done for Zanaflex recreational use. While the answer to whether Zanaflex is a narcotic is no, there are still those who abuse the drug.
This is a highly problematic way of accessing the drug.

When purchased on the street, it is impossible for someone to verify the medication they are getting, and it is possible the pills purchased will be fake, mixed with dangerous substances, or much stronger than they are marketed to be—all of which could lead to an overdose. Buying the drug this way is also illegal and could result in prison time.

Then there is the issue of the tizanidine street value. Unlike with pharmacies, this price isn’t stable. The Zanaflex street value can changed based on how much is available, how in-demand it is, and even how desperate the seller feels the buyer is. Pills could be accessed for as little as 50 cents a piece to more than $10 per pill. Given how short the Zanaflex half-life is, this can get pricy for someone who is an addict.

Looking For Help?

Anyone who is abusing Zanaflex needs to seek help at a facility for substance abusers. There, they can get help withdrawing from the medication and building the skills they need to stay clean. Receiving professional treatment makes it possible to beat Zanaflex addiction.
While it can seem impossible, with the right help, users can leave addiction behind. With numerous rehabilitation centers across the United States, every addict can find the right option for them. The road to a sober life starts with addiction treatment.

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