Speed Addiction: How To Identify Signs and Symptoms

Speed Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Users may eat, smoke or inject the drug to get high. Similar to other forms of addiction, it can also cause a range of health, social, financial and relationship problems.

What Is Speed?

Speed is a street name for a drug known as Methamphetamine. It is a powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. Doctors use milder forms of it to treat ADHD, narcolepsy (a type of sleep disorder) or obesity. It works by altering the levels of chemicals in the brain.

Consequently, the risk of addiction is always in the cards. Notably, taking higher doses or using it inappropriately increases such risk by a lot.

Synonyms: Crank, freeze, fire, Billy, whizz, bennies, uppers, wake-ups, meth and ice.

Recognizing A Speed Addiction: What Are The Signs And Symptoms?

Physical changes

Users may complain of recurring headache, dizziness, nausea or vision problems. Also, watch their eyes while talking. It may help you find out if they have an abnormally enlarged pupil. Notice their breathing pattern even while at rest. Speed addiction causes fast breathing. Take a note of their weight during the initial phase of Speed therapy and compare it with the current value. Stimulants cause noticeable weight loss when abused.

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Psychological and behavioral changes

These may include extreme mood swings, violent and aggressive behavior, and irritability. All these usually happen without an apparent cause. Additionally, the signs worsen as the addiction continues.

Financial problems

Expect something wrong with your loved ones when they start demanding for extra money or showing an emergency financial need. Moreover, a repetitive pattern could indicate some weighty issues.

Rumination and isolation

They may seem self-absorbed. Avoiding social gatherings and poor communication is one of the most visible signs suggesting the problems with a Speed addiction.

This article does not contain all the signs of Speed addiction. Understand that symptoms may vary depending on the individual’s characteristics and personal responses to it.

In any case, if you sense anything abnormal, do not hesitate to talk an addiction counselor to get the best advice.

Key Takeaways

speed drug

Differentiating a Speed addiction from prescriptive use is essentially not an easy task. By that, it means you should not expect to pick an addiction-defining sign too quickly.

Nevertheless, keep a close eye on all the signs and continue monitoring them. Furthermore, know that only the signs are not enough to confirm an addiction because these signs may occur even when the drug is being used in proper doses.

What sets an addiction apart, are the changes in the severity, frequency, and duration of the signs. Indeed, the key is combining your judgment and knowledge to take a fruitful decision.

If you suspect someone you love has a Speed addiction, talk to them immediately. Tread lightly and communicate empathetically and comfort them.

Take extra care if they have a history of a drug abuse or any other mental illness.

Then, set up an appointment with an addiction counselor as soon as possible.

Dangers Of Speed Addiction And Why You Should Identify It ASAP

Speed addiction is a hazardous health problem that may even lead to death. Find out what it means to your loved ones:


It may occur when they take excessive amounts to satiate their need for an intense high. Speed overdose is severe because death may ensue due to the complications, which include breathing difficulties or heart disorders.

Criminal charges

There is only a little evidence relating crime and Speed addiction. However, the risk cannot be dismissed owing to the widespread effects on mood, behavior and thinking ability. Additionally, using it without a doctor’s prescription is against the law.

Catching fatal illnesses like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and others

This is particularly common among those who inject it. Sharing or using unsterilized needles makes them an easy target for contracting such diseases.

Upgrading to more serious addictions

Studies suggest a major fraction of the addicts use Speed as a gateway for other addictions. Unarguably, you can understand why curbing it at the earliest is necessary.

Irreversible brain damages

Speed is notorious for causing permanent injuries to the blood vessels in the brain. As a result, it may cause a stroke. Death, disability and impaired quality of life are some of the physiological sequelae of a stroke.

Increased risk of long-term debilitating disorders

Chronic Speed addiction severely impacts the levels of brain chemicals, dopamine being the most vulnerable. Over time, it may lead to a severe disorder called Parkinson’s disease.

Key Takeaways

Monitoring and picking the signs of Speed addiction is the beginning of a long journey to sobriety. Furthermore, it also cuts the risk of potential dangers by a huge margin.

If your loved one receives an immediate treatment at a reputable addiction center, you can expect a complete recovery. This is why an early identification holds the key to a drug-free life.

What’s next?

Do you think someone you love has an addiction? You should talk an addiction counselor. They can teach ways to deal with the cravings, prevent relapses and facilitate a full recovery.

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Speed Addiction: How To Identify Signs and Symptoms

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