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Diviner’s sage comes in a variety of forms with their respective salvia dosage. Mainly, salvia usage revolves around the recreational abuse and practice of microdosing salvia. The method of the preparation and the developmental stage of the plant determines salvia strength. Analysis carried on different product samples of salvia doses shows that there is a wide variation in the concentration of the substance. One may encounter a product with a label like a salvia 10x, where “x” denotes the number of times an extract is stronger than that in a leaf.

Widespread Doses Of Maria Pastora

S.divinorum is a potent plant, so even low dosage levels can yield hallucinogenic effects. A variety of products derived from the salvia plant also provides access to a wide range of doses.

Leaves of divinorum plant contain, on average, 2.5 mg of Salvinorin A. Salvia dosage determines the strength of the product. The widespread doses are:

  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 15x
  • 20x
  • 50x

The ‘x’ before the number means a multiplier of the strength. It means that 1 gram of 10x strength contains ten times more Salvinorin A than in 1 gram of leaves.
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Dosage Forms Of Divinorum

There are three forms in which seer’s sage is present:


It is a result of boiling down the leaves and mixing them later with acetone. A standardized dosage in salvia 10x extract contains about 25 mg of Salvinorin A per gram, while a higher dosage of 20x would have 50 mg. Many abusers are interested – can one od on salvia extract? It depends on the strength, dosage, and individual characteristics.


Another method of taking substance is by chewing its leaves. About 20 grams of leaves chewed for about 15-20 minutes will produce high similar to the 5x-10x dose. Note that the leaves have lesser strength compared to divinorum extract. To enhance the potency of the end product, a person can turn leaves into a quid or smoke them.


Quid is another method of delivering Salvinorin A into the body. This method involves preparing a quid using 8-20 fresh leaves or approximately 3-8 grams of dried leaves. As a result, a quid will contain between 50mg to 172mg of Salvinorin A, which is equivalent to salvia 20x. The prolonged use of a single unit (30 minutes or longer) will result in a more intense high.

Dose-Related Reactions From S.Divinorum

The effects depend on the dosage of drug taken. This makes one ask two key questions: is salvia bad, and what quantities cause adverse reactions. Here is a breakdown of what to expect after consuming varying salvia doses:

Salvia 5x dosage

This dose generates mild feelings. Individual experiences increased sensual appreciation. The state of meditation is achieved. At this low dosage, does salvia show up on a drug test? The answer is no.
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Salvia 10X dosage

Such a dosage creates mild effects that range from light hallucinations to strange feelings. In some cases, one might start experiencing short-term memory difficulties. Still, effects are of low intensity.

Salvia 20X dosage

The effects of 20x dose closely resemble the effects of 10x but with a higher intensity. Person experiences closed-eye visuals, which are often two-dimensional. If one experiences open eye visuals, they are fleeting and vague. This is a phenomenon that closely resembles the process of falling asleep.

Salvia 40X dosage

In such dosage drug generates mild to strong effects. The most typical salvia effects include notable intense hallucinations and out-of-body experiences. Person can also experience slurred speech and cartoon-like imagery.

Salvia 60X dosage

The effects are strong. Although they are dependent on the user, abuser should expect feelings, such as restlessness, paranoia, and the absence of physical pain. In some cases, the effects may include uncontrollable laughter  or twisted feeling.

Salvia 80X dosage

This is considered a very strong dose and the effects are equally severe. With such a dose, some abusers reported hearing funny voices, such as calls and even encountering foreign entities, such as spirits. As demonstrated in one of the research about the impact of salvinorin in Wistar rats, scientists believe that high dosages could also result in memory impairment.
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Salvia 100X dosage

It is imperative to note that this is one of the highest doses existing on the market. It contains both hallucinating compounds: salvinorin A and salvinorin B. It produces hallucinations of very high intensity. Here, abuser completely loses contact with consensual reality.

Salvia 200X dosage

It generates very severe impact where individual loses consciousness and finds it difficult to recall what was experienced. In some cases, one may fall down, thrash around or remain immobile for some time. When the person wakes up, they will not have any memory of what has happened.

Risk Awareness Regarding Seer’s Sage

Salvia abuse has become a serious problem that could easily escalate if not attended to properly and urgently. While many are quick to compare salvia vs weed, the fact is that the adverse reactions, especially in the long term, can be similar.
Although s.divinorum is not addictive, the ensuing dependency to get high is likely to push one to higher doses of more than 20X.  At such doses, the effects may impose dangers for the user and their close ones.
Therefore, whether one has become used to microdosing salvia or became a heavy user, it is very important to seek medical assistance. Individual should request specialized assistance in a addiction rehab facility to resolve the issue of dependency and abuse. Such centers provide a set of addiction treatment programs that allow the best possible option for the person.

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