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Salvia Divinorum Prices: How Much Do Abusers Pay?

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Salvia prices have steeped quite high as a result of a rise in popularity among recreational abusers. Abusers may buy salvia divinorum on the internet, in smoke shops, or on the streets. The price of salvia depends on the form and strength of the end product. The federal government does not yet ban smoke shops that sell salvia. It is also essential to know the legislation before buying salvia to prevent persecutions.

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Legality Of S.Divinorum

The number of places that sell salvia is limited, and it’s affected by state legislation such as in:

  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • New York
  • Florida

Still, salvia prices and distribution remain mostly unaffected as it is not considered a controlled substance in the United States. States with no restrictions have made it easy for local entrepreneurs to advertise it openly.
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Some also consider online salvia smoke shops that offer a range of products. Moreover, local stores are safer than buying on the internet because they are either growers themselves or buy directly from growers.

Forms And Average Prices Of Maria Pastora

Where can one get Salvia is also dependent on its forms such as:

  • Extracts
  • Leaves
  • Tincture

Such a variety of forms also produces a range of ways how to use salvia. It can be consumed by chewing, smoking, and brewing it in tea. The form of the product also has a direct influence on salvia prices per gram.

Divinorum Extracts

Fresh leaves go through various processes to make an extract. What is left after the process are dried leaves with Salvinorin-A. One should consider the following information about extract:

Price of 1 gm extract (Salvinorin-A 56 mg) > Price of 1 gm extract (salvinorin-A 36 mg)

Diviner’s sage extract is usually consumed in the form of 0.1-0.3 grams of s.divinorum 5x or 0.05-0.15 grams of salvia divinorum 10x. Buyers are often confused about the tags on these extracts, such as salvia divinorum 10x per gram, which means that 10g of leaves were used to obtain 1g of extract.
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According to the available data about average prices for divinorum extracts on web:

  • 1gm 10x extract  $17.00
  • 1gm 20x extract  $24.00
  • 1gm 40x extract  $40.00
  • 2gm 5x extract  $17.00
  • 1gm 60x extract  $47.00
  • 1gm 30x extract  $26.00


Diviner’s Sage is falso available in the form of dried leaves for chewing and smoking. These leaves are directly picked from the plants, then dried, and sold in small bags. The average price for salvia leaves ranges from $10 to $100, depending on the size of the bag.

Fresh leaves contains twice as much Salvinorin A than dried one’s.

10-gram leaves cost around $10 and can be used 2-3 times. One smoke takes 1-3 grams of dried leaves. 3-8 grams of leaves can be chewed for 2 hours. Abusers are usually interested in how long does salvia last as methods of intake provide different experiences.


The tincture is the liquid version of s.divinorum that comes in small bottles of 1-3 ounces or less. A tincture production involves alcohol that increases the potency of the tincture. Experiences on tinctures are often compared in salvia vs acid debate. Tincture is put under the tongue and hold; the effects start showing in 10-30 minutes.
One can buy salvia tincture for (1-ounce bottle) $30 and $35 depending on the vendor

Online And Offline Prices Compared

The price and form of this drug are codependent. Tinctures are usually higher in price. There may be a slight difference in price depending on whether divinorum was purchased from an online shop or physical smoke shop.

Forms of DivinorumGram /Ounce
Extract (36+ mg Salvinorin-A)$15-$30 (1 Gram)$30-$50 (2 Gram)$50-$80 (3 Gram)
Leaves$10-$15 (10 Gram)$20-$25 (20 Gram)$30-35 (30 Gram)
Tincture$30-$40 (1 Ounce)$60-$70 (2 Ounce)~
  • Online Smoke Shops: The salvia price of an extract, having 36 mg of Salvinorin-A, costs 15-20 USD. The same extract with 56 mg of Salvinorin-A costs $30+. Dried leaves from the online shop cost $8-$10. The tincture price at an online store is around $30.
  • Local Smoke Shops: These shops have to go through a lot of paperwork, so the prices are a little higher. The product available is comparatively more variable as it is local, and shops also educate on the dangers of the substance. 1 Gram extract with 36 mg Salvinorin-A can cost as much as $45.

Stay Informed About The S.Divinorum

S.divinorum is a recreational hallucinogenic, with a psychedelic and narcotic properties that pose significant health risks. It is not yet clear what are the salvia effects on brain. Although it is available in three forms, and it is easier to buy due to the widespread availability of smoke shops that sell salvia, online platforms, and street dealers, the risks cannot be ignored.
It is addictive and can create a loop of substance abuse causing suffering and adverse health issues. However, there is a chance for addicts to get medical help through rehab for drug addiction. One needs to contact medical professionals when notice that a loved one is searching what is salvia or where to get salvia. Reaching out for addiction can be instrumental in treatment for drug addiction with viable therapies and medical support in a controlled environment.

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