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Buying Roofies Online. How Much Does Rohypnol Cost?

rohypnol buying online

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Buying Rohypnol in the United States is illegal. However, Rohypnol buying online and on the street does occur. There is also Rohypnol for sale in other countries. All this leads to the question of how much roofies cost and how people get them in the US.

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Rohypnol Tablets Price

The cost of Rohypnol in the United States varies widely. Because the roofies drug is illegal, the people supplying it can set the price at their discretion. How much they charge can come down to numerous variables, including how difficult it was for them to source, if they made it themselves, how high the demand is, and even where they are located.
Buying roofies in person in the United States generally means paying upwards of five dollars per pill with prices topping out at around 30 dollars a pill depending on strength and location. Users who live near the Mexican border tend to cross to buy Rohypnol, as it is legal in Mexico. There, the medication costs between one and two dollars per pill.
Another option is buying flunitrazepam online. While this is not legal, it does give users access to a wide variety of medication from numerous countries and comes with the possibility of prices that are lower than street value. Online, Rohypnol prices range between two and three dollars per pill from many vendors.
buying rohypnol online and on the streets

Buying Rohypnol: Where And How?

For people interested in using Rohypnol tablets, the struggle is obtaining them. As the drug is illegal in the U.S. to sell, import, own, or consume, people looking to purchase the drug have to get creative in accessing it. When it comes to where to buy roofies, there are four options: buy it off the street, have someone mule it from another country, purchase it while in another country, or buy it online.

Street Dealers

Looking at how to buy roofies, each method comes with its difficulties and significant risks. Buying roofies on the street generally means purchasing loose pills or powders. This leaves the buyer unable to verify if they are what the seller claims they are and runs the risk of them being cut with other substances, being of too high of a dose, or just being toxic in general.

Additionally, roofies for sale in person are sometimes made in at-home labs, and there is no guarantee the self-trained chemist who created them had the knowledge needed to create a safe product.

Pharmacies Abroad The US

Most people believe the safest place where to buy Rohypnol is at actual pharmacies in other countries. However, this is still not 100 percent safe. In some countries where Rohypnol is legal, the pharmaceutical industry is well controlled, and pharmacies are trustworthy. In others, there is less regulation and pharmacies catering to tourists have been known to sell counterfeit drugs that are often dangerous. Ultimately, it is still a case of buyer beware, just as it is with purchasing them off the street.

Online Shops

The final option for how to get roofies is to buy them online. There are numerous online pharmacies where one can buy flunitrazepam. However, the health risks are not any less than buying them on the street or getting them in another country.

There is still no way to be certain they are what they claim to be, and there is the risk that they were poorly manufactured and could be toxic even in small doses.

Why Buying Roofies Is Risky

The biggest risk with buying Rohypnol is getting a product different from what is expected and suffering dire health consequences as a result. However, the legal and social risks are just as important to consider.

Looking at the methods of accessing roofies, all of them carry significant legal risks. Purchasing them on the street within the United States risks being caught by the cops during or after the time of sale.

Because Rohypnol is often used in the commission of crimes, the police heavily target people looking to purchase it. It is possible that the person selling the drug will be an undercover cop, and the buyer will be instantly taken to jail.

Choosing to either have someone mule the drug in or go to another country to get it directly is potentially even riskier. Buying roofies in a foreign country without a prescription is generally illegal. In some countries, even if a user is able to obtain a prescription, if it is determined that they are targeting a drug in order to abuse it, they can still be arrested and prosecuted. It is not unheard of for pharmacies to work directly with the police on sting operations, using the purchase of Rohypnol and other drugs to extort money from the user or arrest them.

Depending on the country, being locked up abroad for buying Rohypnol could be much worse than getting caught in the U.S.

where to get roofies

Buying roofies online is about as risky as purchasing them off the street when it comes to the law. Most of these online pharmacies are located in other countries, so the medication will need to go through customs before making it to the buyer. In many cases, the drugs are intercepted at that point. And since the package will have the address and other information of the buyer, it makes it easy for the government to find them and prosecute them.

In addition to legal consequences, users have to consider to social ramifications of buying Rohypnol. The drug is heavily stigmatized. Plus, if someone has to take a roofies drug test, they could lose their job and other opportunities. Ultimately, the downsides of use are too high to justify taking the risk.

Skip The Risks And Get Help

Anyone who is trying to buy roofies is taking on a risk that is far greater than any benefits the drug could possibly give. Having this desire indicates a problem that should be treated by professionals. Users should look into drug rehab centers for assistance in getting clean. Substance abuse treatment should always be monitored by trained medical staff.

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