Rohypnol Safe Dosage. What Do Roofies Tablets Look Like?

Last Updated: June 3, 2020

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When it comes to such powerful benzodiazepines as Rohypnol, it is crucial to determine the right dose based on a patient’s needs and characteristics. Rohypnol safe dosage can prove to be beneficial to a person’s health. However, an incorrect flunitrazepam dose can lead to an overdose or fail to provide sufficient therapeutic effects, hindering the person’s treatment.

Rohypnol Safe Dosage

Rohypnol is a Schedule IV substance in the US. It cannot be prescribed, however, and its possession and use are prohibited by law. Still, in many other countries, medicine is used to treat various conditions, and it is useful to know what flunitrazepam dose is considered to be safe.


Although the dosage varies for different flunitrazepam uses, it is recommended to start with the lowest possible dose and increase it as necessary. Adult patients are typically prescribed 0.5-1 mg per day. The flunitrazepam dosage can be adjusted depending on a person’s needs and the reaction to the medication. In exceptional circumstances, a dose of Rohypnol 2 mg might be prescribed.

Dose For Elderly Patients

Elderly patients should receive half the recommended adult dose. It is recommended to approach Rohypnol treatment in this population with caution

Dose For Patients With Hepatic Impairment

Patients who have problems with the liver should be prescribed a reduced dose. Rohypnol 1 mg might not be well-tolerated by people with existing hepatic problems, as benzodiazepines are known for causing liver damage. It is recommended to closely monitor the condition of a patient with hepatic impairment throughout Rohypnol treatment.

Dose For Patients With Respiratory Insufficiency

Benzodiazepines cause CNS depression that provides the therapeutic sedation but also results in respiratory depression. It is recommended to start with the lowest dose and monitor the patient for troubled breathing.

What Do Roofies Look Like?

Those who wish to buy Rohypnol should consider multiple factors since flunitrazepam comes in a variety of forms. Although the majority of patients consider the pill form of flunitrazepam to be the most convenient, injectable flunitrazepam is also available.

Rohypnol Tablet

A Rohypnol pill is the most widespread form of medication. Sometimes, it can be vital to know what Rohypnol looks like due to the medicine’s notoriety as a date-rape drug.

Originally, Roofies pills were white. They did not have color or taste, and they could be dissolved in a drink with no trace. As the number of cases when the drug was used to facilitate sexual assault started to rise, the manufacturers changed the design to help potential victims identify Roofies.

rohypnol tablet, liquid, injection

The new form of Rohypnol sleeping pill is light green with a blue core, the number 542 imprinted on it. When it is dissolved in a light-colored drink, the core will dye the drink blue, signaling about the presence of the drug. However, the original white pills can still be obtained, so it is advised to avoid letting one’s guard down.

Rohypnol Injection

Flunitrazepam is available as a 2 mg/ml injectable solution. It is recommended, however, to further dilute the Rohypnol liquid before use, achieving the concentration of 1 mg of the medication per milliliter of sterile water. The injection works faster, considering how long it takes for Roofies to kick in.

Rohypnol Powder

The powder form is not available for sale. It is derived by crushing the pills. Those who abuse Rohypnol for recreational purposes might snort the powder or mix it with water for intravenous injection.

Roofies LD50

LD50 is used as a measure of the toxicity of a medication. It specifies the dose of a drug that turned out to be lethal in 50% of animal subjects. The lethal oral flunitrazepam dose for rats is 415 mg/kg. Rohypnol LD50 for mice is 1200 mg/kg. The human studies on Rohypnol lethal dose were not conducted.

Rohypnol Overdose: Symptoms And Treatment

Rohypnol overdose can occur when a patient takes more than three 4 mg pills at a time, although the number varies greatly from person to person.


During an overdose, a person may experience a more severe manifestation of certain Roofies side effects.  These may include extreme drowsiness, inability to concentrate, ataxia, and slurred speech. While these symptoms may not be pleasant, they are normally not life-threatening.

In some cases, however, a Roofies overdose can result in cardiorespiratory depression, hypotension, apnea, and coma. If a patient experiences these symptoms, they may require hospitalization: call 911 or Poison Control Center immediately.

rohypnol overdose symptoms

Overdose Treatment

Typically, patients receive symptomatic treatment for cardiorespiratory depression or central nervous system effects. Activated charcoal may also be given to prevent further absorption. In cases of severe CNS depression, it might be necessary to give the patient a benzodiazepine antagonist to rapidly block the effects of Rohypnol.

Flunitrazepam Dosage For The Safe Use

Rohypnol safe dosage ranges from 0.5 mg to 2 mg, depending on each patient’s specific characteristics. When the drug is used to fight insomnia, the regular adult dose is Rohypnol 1 mg. The substance most frequently comes as an odorless and tasteless tablet. The pills are most frequently plain white but can also be light green with a blue core. They should not be crushed into powder; yet, some people do it with an intention to use the medicine recreationally. Rohypnol 2 mg is the upper limit of the recommended dose. Taking larger quantities of the drug is known to result in an overdose.

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