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Pristiq Cost, Discount Coupons, & Saving Cards

how much does pristiq cost

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Pristiq cost is high compared to other drugs used to treat depression. While some insurance plans, including Medicare, cover it, other users rely on Pristiq coupon and cash discounts to lower the drug price.

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Learn About Pristiq Prices:

Pristiq Prices

The prices of desvenlafaxine and its brand name Pristiq greatly vary. This medication is expensive, but it works for many patients as Pristiq benefits help patients to recover.

Price Of Desvenlafaxine (Generic)

Dose 30 tablets 60 tablets 90 tablets
25mg $74-$412 $111-837 $148-$1262
50mg $60-$390 $87-$730 $113-$1070
100mg $69-$344 $109-721 $149-$1111
Dose 30 tablets 60 tablets 90 tablets
25mg $477-$491 $951-$1013 $1424-$1534
50mg $455-$550 $904-$1086 $1429-$1621
100mg $484-$541 $960-$1075 $1435-$1609

Factors That Influence The Affordability Of Desvenlafaxine

The Pristiq cost differs depending on the manufacturer, but it is generally more expensive than its generic counterpart desvenlafaxine.

The cost of Pristiq is influenced by several factors:

  • Research and development cost. The cost of biopharmaceutical research and development has increased steadily over time. Revenues from the sales of prescription drugs must pay for most of these expenses, and this greatly contributes to rising Pristiq prices.
  • Promotion and distribution. The marketing of desvenlafaxine contributes to higher expenditures, thereby placing upward pressure on prices.
  • Waste and cost of unused drugs. Yearly, drugs worth billions that have been purchased by health care organizations and patients are discarded. To cope with these wastes, the Pristiq price has increased.
  • Dosage and refills. One might be able to save money by purchasing a month’s worth of medication or more. However, most insurance plans specify how doctors are to prescribe desvenlafaxine. If one needs a customized Pristiq dose, then costs may be different. Also, a drug plan may limit how many pills a doctor can prescribe at one time.
  • Generic availability. Before Pristic had no generics, its price was much higher. After the first generic was released, the price of the branded version decreased. Desvenlafaxine price is often much cheaper than Pristiq, and many insurance plans cover it.

cost of pristiq with insurance

Average Cost Of Desvenlafaxine With Insurance

Despite many benefits, the price of Pristiq increases yearly. This is due, in part, to insurers’ increase in co-payments and the limitation in the number of refills.

Insurance plans use a formulary to determine coverage. It is a list of all the medications the insurer can pay for. Insurance coverage may differ from one insurer to another and be greatly determined by a case. While some plans cover only drugs listed on the formulary, others may also pay for “non-preferred” drugs.

Since the Pristiq cost is expensive, it requires a higher co-pay. Most plans have “tiered” formularies, and formulations as such may differ. Depending on a formulation, the prise of Pristiq may vary among the insurers.

For drugs that are not listed on the insurer’s formulary, approval may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Medicare only covers the Pristiq generic cost. Co-pay for desvenlafaxine price will depend on the coverage stage:

  • In the deductible co-pay stage, one is responsible to pay for the full cost of desvenlafaxine.
  • In the typical co-pay stage, Medicare pays for the majority of the drug costs.
  • In the coverage gap, one has to pay more for the prescriptions.
  • In the catastrophic coverage stage, Medicare will cover most of the drug costs.
Deductible Typical Coverage Gap Catastrophic Coverage
$95 – $475 $70 – $475 $179 – $475 $20 – $475

Pristiq Cost Without Insurance

The cost of Pristiq varies depending on dose and quantity. The average cost of a single 30 mg tablet is $18 without insurance coverage. One tablet of 50 mg and 100 mg cost approximately $25 and $27.5, respectively.

Pristiq Prise vs. Its Effectiveness

Despite desvenlafaxine is popular, many argue its effectiveness, especially when compared to its prices. In fact, the price of desvenlafaxine does not support its effective use. Its monthly prescription will cost $300 on average. For example, when used for depression treatment, there are many cheaper options like venlafaxine (about $100 per month). That’s why some may prefer switching from Effexor to Pristiq. For fibromyalgia, duloxetine is one of many options, costing $200 monthly. Additionally, the Pristiq common side effects can become a reason to switch to other drugs as well. Still, considering alternative medications should be with a doctor’s consultation.

saving money when buying pristiq

How To Save On Pristiq

Common Saving Options

The discount offers for desvenlafaxine may be in the form of the savings card, free samples, trial offers, or rebates. One may also get a Pristiq coupon to be printed directly from a website, while others require registration or completing a questionnaire. Samples are often distributed from the doctor’s clinics.

What Are Pristiq Patient Assistance Programs?

A better approach to save on Pristiq, in the absence of an insurance plan, is to look into patient assistance programs being offered by states and some drug companies. They offer free or discounted drugs to low income or uninsured and under-insured people who meet specific guidelines. Eligibility requirements vary for every program.

Getting Help In Case Of Abuse

Desvenlafaxine is one of many treatment options for depression. Unlike other brands, its starting dose is already a proven effective dose. For many, the medication is quite expensive compared to other alternatives in the market. However, there are some options to save on desvenlafaxine, including insurance, savings cards, and coupons.

The price of the drug makes it less likely for illegal abuse, however, unintentional misuse may develop in the patients who do not follow the prescribed schedule. In such cases, it is important to reach the drug rehab facilities for consultation. There, patients will find an effective treatment for their addiction.

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Most private insurances accepted

Marketing fee may apply

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