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Phenobarbital Cost: Pharmacies, Streets, And Online Prices

how much is phenobarbital?

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As a central nervous system depressant, Luminal can be used for various purposes. The drug has become relatively common, and many people are asking where to buy Phenobarbital. This particular medication is available in different forms and from various locations. Another crucial question is to understand how much the drug costs. It is generally thought that a higher dose yields a higher price, but this is not all that affects the price that the patient will be requested to pay for the drug.

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Need To Buy Luminal

Phenobarbital class is considered a barbiturate. This is a type of depressive substance for the central nervous system of the human body. When used by a person, the medicine will have a sedative effect, sometimes also described as a hypnotic effect. When an individual wants to buy Phenobarbital, it is often to assist in the treatment of seizure disorders.

There are other reasons why a person may wish to learn how to get Phenobarbital. For example, the medication is sometimes used as a treatment option for anxiety symptoms.

In some cases, buying Phenobarbital may also be for the purpose of treating addiction – the drug is known to help a person better cope with the withdrawal symptoms that are experienced with the cessation of substance abuse.

Buying Luminal In Stores And Pharmacies

The only legitimate way to buy Phenobarbital tablets would be to obtain a prescription from a physician or specialist. The prescription can then be used to obtain the drug from a local pharmacy that stocks the medication.

When it comes to looking at the price of this particular medication, it is important to note that the price of the product may differ between various pharmacies. For example, Phenobarbital prices in Walgreens would defer from buying the drug from a smaller local pharmacy in most cases.

While there are several Phenobarbital generic names available and these may yield a more affordable price when suggested by a pharmacist. The generic version may yield similar effects as the brand name, as the same chemicals are used in the drug. At the same time, their prices are usually much lower.

Here is an overview of the average pricing structure for this medication:

Pharmacy Tablets Dose Retail Price Price With Coupon
CVS Pharmacy 60 64.8mg $42.00 $16.43
CVS Pharmacy 60 32.4mg $33.00 $13.69
Rite Aid 60 64.8mg $48.00 $20.40
Walmart 60 32.4mg n/a $17.24
Walmart 60 64.8mg n/a $21.10
Target 60 64.8mg $42.00 $16.43

Some locations that stock the drug include:

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • Costco
  • Albertson

These are, of course, not all of the locations that offer Phenobarbital for sale. Patients can always consult with a local pharmacy that is smaller and privately owned.

Buying Phenobarbital Online

Some people may prefer to buy Phenobarbital online. It is, however, important to note that this is a prescription drug. For this reason, there are many cases that were looking to buy Phenobarbital online would be deemed illegal. At the same time, it should be noted that there is a couple of pharmacies that allow a person to upload a prescription online and they would then fulfill the prescription for the patient and deliver the medicine to a person’s doorstep.

When a person looks to order Phenobarbital online, it should be noted that oral tablets are usually the only available form of the drug. In some cases, a Phenobarbital PO to IV conversion is needed, followed by administration of the drug through the intravenous route, to produce a more potent effect in the patient.

Average prices for this drug when bought online:

  • 1000 60mg tablets – $125
  • 2000 60mg tablets – $225
  • 3000 60mg tablets – $325

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Buying Luminal On The Streets

The habit-forming effects of this drug have caused some people to distribute medicine to people on the street. The Phenobarbital street price depends on quite a few factors. The location where a person wishes to buy the drug would certainly have an impact on the Phenobarbital price. Some individuals distributing the drug on the streets may also be more expensive in general when it comes to the price of Phenobarbital compared to others.

There are different locations where Luminal may be distributed on the street. The medication will often be distributed by drug dealers. There are drug dealers who focus on the distribution of pharmaceutical drugs – this is often where the medication will be obtainable on the street. At the same time, there are cases where dealers who specialize in illicit drugs will also sell Luminal.

This way of purchasing this medication is completely illegal. Buying Phenobarb without prescription leads to breaking the law and can be prosecuted, as well as selling it.

Getting Help

Due to the Phenobarbital mechanism of action, some people may be using the drug for the wrong reasons. Buying cheap Phenobarbital and abusing the drug bring up concerns regarding the addictive potential of the medication. However, there are rehabilitation centers that can help the patient in the recovery process.

Due to Phenobarbital cost increase, developing a tolerance to the drug would lead to more expenses on the patient’s side. They also risk taking more of the drug, which can result in complications such as a Phenobarbital overdose death.

While the Luminal drug is not considered illicit, it can be dangerous. An appropriate Phenobarbital weaning schedule can assist in the recovery process.

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