Opana Street Price: How Much Does It Cost In The Black Market?

Opana Street Price

In many cases, Opana street price may be an indicator of the drug’s availability and degree of abuse. Moreover, it may give one an idea of why there is an increase in your teen’s demand for money.

Opana is a new drug of addiction among the US people. In fact, some may divert from prescriptive use to an abuse. On the other hand, some may use it as a means to get high. When they cannot buy it from a licensed pharmacy, they turn to the illegal sellers. The term “street” refers to any source of the drug other than a legal pharmacy. In the recent times, widespread use of internet has fueled the practice of online drug purchases. They have coined different terms that shows that there is a black market. For example, online black market and dark internet market.

What’s The Actual Price Of Prescription Opana?

When you buy it from a legal pharmacy, the actual price of prescription Opana ER is $2.53 per 5 mg tablet. Nonetheless, various other factors may influence the prices. They include stock shortages, discounts, and other unknown variables. But, in any case, it is lower than the Opana street price.

The average price per milligram of Opana is about US$1.57. In fact, the prices can vary depending on which state you live in.

What’s The Value Of Opana Street Price?

It is not possible to get an exact value of Opana street price. This is due to the lack of evident data and ever-changing market environments. Yet, some unofficial sources say the price per pill may go as high as $75. While some others put it at $90 per pill or $35 to $50 per pill.

Other opiates or their combinations also cost very high on the black market. Thus, there is a serious difference in the retail price Opana street price.

Here are some examples of how the street prices rank against the retail/legal prices.

  • Oxycontin: $50 to $80 on the street, vs. $6
  • Oxycodone: $12 to $40 on the street, vs. $6
  • Hydrocodone: $5 to $20 vs. $1.50
  • Percocet: $10 to $15 vs. $6
  • Vicodin: $5 to $25 vs. $1.50
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What Factors May affect Opana Street Value?

Demand, supply, availability and bargaining power are the major factors that may affect the value of Opana street price. Moreover, the changing market dynamics and retail price also play an influential role. In any case, the Opana street price is always higher by many folds. This is when you compare it to the retail price.


  • Experience level of buyer: A naive player is invariably an easy victim, be it a game or a black market. In fact, when they have little or no experience with such practice, their negotiation skills are low. As a result, they cannot bargain and end up paying a higher amount.
  • Availability of Opana: As per the economics, higher availability means the cost may go down. It is, in fact, the same condition for Opana street price too.
  • Demand: Higher demand corresponds to a higher cost.
  • Area of the country: It is often the case that the Opana street price may vary. Of course, it depends on which part/state of the country you live in. The probable reason for this is the difference in the legal price.
  • The relationship between the purchaser and the seller: A close relation or being a loyal customer may lead to some reduction in the price. But, it is a very case in the black market that loyalty trumps business.

What You Should Know

  • Abuse of Opana or any other prescription/illicit drug is always harmful. It increases the risk of an addiction and its plethora of ill-effects.
  • No doubt, buying a drug from a vendor in the black market is bad for your pocket. This is because you have to pay way higher than the normal price. But, the woes do not end here. There is every possibility that you may end up with some legal problems. In extreme cases, you may die as a result of a crash.
  • You should take an extra precaution no to fall victim to the online vendors. They may deliver a fake or even toxic product. Moreover, you may end up giving your credit card numbers or some other important personal details to them.
  • If anyone you love who was previously on prescriptions of Opana is showing some signs of an abuse or addiction, talk to them right away. Also, watch their expenses and increasing demands for money. Maybe, they are using it to pay for Opana in the black market. If you suspect anything wrong, do not waste a second to call an addiction expert.

Want To Know More?

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Opana Street Price: How Much Does It Cost In The Black Market?

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