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Naproxen Names: What Are The Trade And Generic Names?

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Generic Naproxen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is also sold under different brand names and manufacturers. Both generic and branded versions of Naproxen share similar side effects and indications. However, Naproxen manufacturers, pricing, and names vary.

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Brand Names Of Naproxen

Below is a list of Naproxen brand names sold in the U.S.A, alongside brief descriptions.

It is vital to do research on different names of the medicine beforehand. It will help to save up time on searching and acquiring the needed drug.


Is Aleve Naproxen? Yes, it is another branded variant of Naproxen drug, manufactured by Bayer Healthcare. The drug comes in a 220mg dosage strength and it is available over the counter

Anaprox, Anaprox DS

Anaprox is another name for Naproxen. It is manufactured by the company “Atnahs Pharma ” in the United States. Each pill contains Naproxen Sodium 550 mg dosage inside.

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This brand is manufactured by the Elan Pharma. The drug is available in three dosage strengths: Naproxen 375, 500mg, and 750mg.

Naprosyn, Naprosyn EC

Is Naprosyn the same as Naproxen? Yes, it is a branded version of the drug.
First approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1982, Naprosyn is also manufactured by Atnahs Pharma. The regular Naprosyn comes with a dosage strength of 250mg, 375mg, and 500mg while Naprosyn EC (delayed-release) comes with dosing strength of 375mg.

Generic Names For Naproxen

Naproxen is the generic name for this drug. It is efficient on its own for pain relief, but combinations like Naproxen and Acetaminophen can be made for additional pain relief. Many manufacturers in the United States produce Naproxen generic pills, including:

  • AMNEAL PHARMS, NY (approved by the FDA in 2001)
  • AUROBINDO PHARMA LTD. (approved by the FDA in 2011)
  • GLENMARK GENERICS (approved by the FDA in 2007)
  • INVAGEN PHARMS (approved by the FDA in 2011)
  • MARKSANS PHARMA (approved by the FDA in 2011)
  • MYLAN (approved by the FDA in 1993)
  • PERRIGO PHARMS CO. (approved by the FDA in 2005)
  • TEVA (approved by the FDA in 1993)
  • ZYDUS PHARMS (approved by the FDA in 2007)

Generic Naproxen pills from these manufacturers have the same indication, dosage, safety profiles, and contraindications. However, Naproxen cost varies according to the specific brand and manufacturer that produces the drug.

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Importance Of Knowing Other Names For Aleve

All types of medicine have a generic name, and it is quite common to see many brand names evolve for these medicines. However, developing proper knowledge of different brands, generic names and brand names will help to avoid a lot of potential risks.
If the doctor suddenly changes prescription from Aleve generic to another brand, it is possible for a patient to misinterpret the change in prescription as the introduction of a new drug completely. If such a patient adds this new prescription and continues using the old one too, it could lead to the increased potency of side effects of Naproxen.
Here are some other valid reasons for learning the brand and generic names:

  • Some brand names may be unapproved by the FDA or discontinued by the manufacturer for various reasons. Sellers may continue selling these drugs under the guise of generic names, but knowledge about generic Aleve and branded variants will help to avoid this.
  • While the active ingredient in all branded versions is the same, some of the inactive ingredients may vary. It would be helpful to know the differences just in case one is allergic to any of the inactive Naproxen ingredients in any of the branded variants
  • Drugs also typically have different brand names in different countries. It is helpful to have this information to ensure that one can get the right prescriptions even when moving to or visiting another country.

Avoiding Naprosyn Abuse

While learning about the different names for Naproxen, it is also important to stress the need to use the drug as safely as possible. Does Naproxen get one high? No, it doesn’t. Yet one can experience Naproxen 500 mg side effects as it is quite a potent drug.
However, there is a chance for one to develop a certain level of dependence on the drug. It is especially the case during the long term use of the drug. If Aleve addiction starts having a toll on one’s health it is important to seek medical attention. Rehab facilities for addicts provide specialized help for those who suffer from substance abuse and dependence. Based on the diagnosis and personal needs, one can create a customized treatment program for drug addicts. It will allow specialists to fully adhere to one’s needs and individual peculiarities of the daily routine.

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