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Naproxen Dose And Dosage Guidelines

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Naproxen pills are used as a cure for pain, fever, and inflammation. When it comes to appropriate dosing, Naproxen dose varies from person to person. Aleve dosages and formulations vary and hence, need to be carefully understood before starting.
What is the maximum dosage of Aleve? What is the safe dose of Naprosyn for children? What is the prescription dose of Naproxen?

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Wide Spread Dosage Of Naproxen

Naproxen exists in the following dosages:

  • 125mg/5ml syrup
  • 220mg Tablet (Naproxen Sodium)
  • 250mg Tablet or 10ml syrup
  • 275mg (Naproxen Sodium)
  • 375 mg Tablet or 15ml syrup
  • 500mg Tablet or 20ml syrup
  • 750mg Tablet (Naproxen Sodium)

A lesser dose of Aleve is the same as a higher dose of Naproxen sodium as shown in the table:

Dosage Equivalents
Naproxen dosage(mg) Equivalent Naproxen Sodium dosage(mg)
200 220
250 275
500 550

OTC Dosages

Individuals should only use the over the counter (OTC) Naproxen tablet for the shortest period possible. It should be taken for 3–5 days in case of pain and up to three days for fever. If there is a need for ongoing treatment, one should consult the physician first.

Person Handles The Pill Bottle
OTC Aleve has two forms:

  • Immediate-release oral tablet
  • Delayed-release oral tablet

The immediate-release oral tablets are available in 250 mg and 500mg strengths while the delayed-release tablets have 375mg to 500mg
OTC Naproxen sodium has two forms:

  • Immediate-release oral tablet
  • Delayed-release oral tablet

Naproxen sodium 275 mg to 750 mg are slow releasing tablets. Naproxen sodium 550 mg and Naproxen sodium 250mg are immediate-release. So, how long does Naproxen last? Depending on the dose it’s action lasts from 8 to 15 hours.

Prescription Dosages

The prescription version is known as Naprosyn and Anaprox. A prescription Naprosyn oral tablet is a temporary drug treatment. If the prescription dose of Naproxen is not followed, it can be harmful to the patient. The intake of the medicine needs to be carefully regulated as well as monitored. The patient, while taking medicine, should look out for any unusual symptoms. So, does Naproxen make one sleepy? Typical amounts of Naprosyn ER tablets may or may not make anyone sleepy.
The prescription dosage strengths range from 250 mg up to 750 mg. The dose of Aleve will be different for every patient. Dosages depend a lot on the type of disease, and the time between each dose. Is Naproxen the same as ibuprofen? No, these are separate drugs but they serve the same purpose.

Dosage Formulation And Strengths

Is Naproxen a narcotic? No, it is a fast-acting NSAID drug. Research has seen that Aleve appears to give as much relief from lower back pain as a narcotic painkiller or a muscle relaxant. Naprosyn tablet or liquid suspension can both be used to alleviate the symptoms. People can get hold of it easily with or without a prescription.
The drug comes in various forms which are as follows


Pills can come with both Naproxen and Naproxen sodium. Both work in the same way to relieve pain. Approximately, Naproxen 500mg dosage is equivalent to Naproxen sodium 550mg. The dosage of the pill can be identified by the imprint on it.
All tablets are coated, oval, or rectangular. These tablets are packed in light-resistant bottles and well-closed containers. The shelf life of Naproxen is three years for opaque containers and blister packs.

White Naproxen Pills Near Open Bottle


Naproxen syrup is available under the name of Naprosyn suspension. It contains 125mg of the active ingredient per five milliliters. The syrup has a pineapple and orange flavor. It is not only suitable for children but adults as well.


N. sodium injection is used in such conditions where an inoculation of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is needed. These injections are packed in tight, light-resistant containers and used as intramuscular administration.

One can not get high on the medicine but the use of intramuscular dose should be administered with proper care and by professionals to avoid overdose or side effects.

If the injections are not sterility-tested, they can be used within twenty-four hours if kept at room temperature. And can be used within up to three days if refrigerated at 2°C to 8°C temperatures, or if frozen, this preparation can even last up to 45 days. However, if it is sterility-tested, then this preparation can be stored in a refrigerator for up to fourteen days.


Naprosyn ointment comes under the brand names Naprosyn (EC-Naprosyn and Anaprox/ Anaprox DS). It is a propionic acid derivative and is considered an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). One of Naproxen uses is pain management from various diseases and also for joint pain.

Recommended Dosage For Adults

Only the medical professional has the right to determine the correct dosage for each individual case. Self-medication is hazardous for one’s health.

To treat night-time pain and stiffness:
Naproxen 750mg to one mg per day

Aleve dose – 750 mg per day initially when shifting from another anti-rheumatic drug
Increase it up to 1500mg per day gradually
Naproxen sodium – 275 or 550mg twice a day initially
Increase it up to 1500 mg later

Acute gout:
750 mg (Naproxen) or 825mg (N. sodium) first dose
Then, 275mg after every 8 hours

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Bursitis, tendinitis and menstrual cramps:
550mg first dose
550mg after twelve hours of the first dose

Naproxen 750mg dose initially to be followed by 250 or 500mg as per need
Per day intake not to go beyond 1250mg

500mg first dose followed by 250mg dose every 6 to 8 hours or 500mg after 12 hours

Recommended Pediatric Dosage

In the case of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis:
10mg per kg body weight divided into two doses for children above two years old
In the case of bursitis, tendinitis, acute gout, ankylosing spondylitis:
Aleve dosage to be determined by a registered medical practitioner only

Recommended Dosage For Geriatric Patients

Elder patients are more likely to show unfavorable reactions to NSAIDs. Gastrointestinal bleeding and perforation in older patients might be fatal. It is always advisable to go for the lowest dose first.

For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis:
250 mg(10ml suspension), 375 mg(15ml suspension) or 500mg(20ml suspension) twice daily

In the case of the presence of kidney or liver disease, a low dose should be prescribed. Patients with a higher baseline creatinine (up to 30ml/minute) should abstain from using this medicine. The Naproxen half-life appears to be similar in pediatric patients and adult patients – from 15 to 17 hours. Treatment should be monitored continuously and should be discontinued if no improvement is seen or if the patient shows signs of intolerance. Can one overdose on Naproxen? Yes, If the intake exceeds the max daily dose of Aleve, overdose can occur and cause exhaustion, dizziness, upset stomach, burning of the heart, vomiting, and sickness, unconsciousness, bleeding in the stomach.

Always Follow Dosage Guidelines

Following the dosage instructions is of paramount importance. Intentional disregard of intake rules will pose one in harm’s way. If a person or family members suspect the presence of addiction or dependence on Aleve, it is important to seek help from the best local rehabilitation center. Such facilities know how to help in case of substance abuse addiction and offer personalized substance addiction treatment programs. Undergoing treatment will help recover from dependence and get back to a healthy life.

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