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Naproxen Price Comparison: Branded And Generic Versions

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The cost of branded Naproxen is generally higher than of generic versions. Although, the price of Aleve, the leading brand of Naproxen, may significantly change across different sources. Coupons, rebates, and patient assistance programs, when and where available, may lower the price of Naproxen. Read on to learn where to buy Naproxen at the best prices. Learn about Naproxen price and the cost of buying Naproxen Sodium, another name for Naproxen.

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Naproxen Prices

People suffering from mild to moderate pain and inflammation that is accompanied by fever typically buy Naproxen over-the-counter.  The table below summarizes the cost of Aleve available OTC:

Original Naproxen
Preparations and Strengths Units Walmart Walgreens Target (CVS) Kroger Costco
Aleve (220 mg) 30 capsules $5.35 $12.67 $12.72 $12.55 $12.60
Aleve (220mg) 30 tablets $5.55 $6.14 $6.29 $6.30 $6.29

The cost of Naprosyn and Anaprox, two other popular brands, are excluded as these have been discontinued by their respective manufacturers.

A Patient Buys Needed Drugs

Prices For Generic Version

A generic version is available in different strengths such as Naproxen 375 mg. Below is a Naprosyn price comparison of different strengths of generic drugs in two available preparations, that is, tablet and oral suspension.

Generic Version
Preparations and Strengths Units Walmart Walgreens Target (CVS) Kroger Costco
Naproxen (Generic)(250mg) 30 tablets $8.24 $9.00 $11.16 $7.63 $9.06
Naproxen (Generic)(275mg) 30 tablets $20.13 $29.64 $27.78 $23.82 $23.57
Naproxen (Generic)(375mg) 30 tablets $8.59 $10.87 $14.40 $6.14 $10.43
Naproxen (Generic)(500mg) 30 tablets $8.27 $16.50 $12.59 $5.86 $7.92
Naproxen (Generic)(550mg) 30 tablets $30.44 $35.89 $34.72 $22.49 $22.24
Naproxen (Generic)(125mg/5ml) 300ml $127.50 $141.04 $126.81 $261.76 $260

Aleve Street Value

Although Naprosyn cannot cause a high that people become addicted to, yet some people may develop a physical or psychological dependence on this drug which triggers a pattern of Naproxen abuse. Those who may be taking higher strength doses of the medicine may attempt to buy Naprosyn without prescription from dealers on the street or other illegal sources.

Buying any sorts of medicine on the streets is dangerous. Buyers may receive placebo, false drug or even home-made medicines. This brings a great danger towards one’s health, safety, and well-being

The street price of Aleve is unknown but it can be expected to be inexpensive since there is no “high” associated with this drug and it is already quite available. When buying Naproxen 250 from unauthorized sources, it will be helpful to know the pill imprints to establish authenticity. Nevertheless, buying prescription Naproxen from unauthorized sources is highly discouraged and selling by these entities is illegal.

Coupons And Rebates For Aleve

Naproxen cost without insurance can be tough on the pocket too if the drug needs to be taken for a considerable period of time. The good news is that when a coupon is available, there is a good chance it may significantly bring down the price at a level that may even be cheaper than charging to a health insurance provider.
Check the applicability of discount cards with health insurance providers. Some health insurance providers do not allow the availability of additional discounts when the insurance provider will be charged the cost of the drug.

Digital Discount Voucher On Mobile Phone
To buy the needed medicine at as much as 80% to 90% off of the price tag, one should look for coupons and discount cards online. Some of these may be in the form of coupons and rebates that may be printed out directly from the websites for presentation to the pharmacist.
Policies on the use of discount cards may vary across sources. Make sure to read the fine print before presenting it to the pharmacy.
Savings on Aleve price may also be realized when trials and free samples are availed of. Naprosyn samples may be available from partner physicians.

Patient Assistance Programs For Aleve

Further Aleve price reductions may be realized if the medication is bought under Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). These programs are typically sponsored by drug manufacturers or offer subsidies or cost-sharing schemes from federal and state governments, and a wide range of non-government organizations.
Naproxen price is usually co-paid by the patient and the sponsoring organization. Acceptance in PAPs generally requires passing certain eligibility criteria.
PAPs that accept subsidies for Aleve are listed below. Make sure to check the eligibility criteria for each program and complete the application requirements:

  • HealthWell Foundation Copay Program
  • Patient Access Network Foundation
  • Rx Outreach Medications
Always check the eligibility of the drug for the patient assistance program. Criteria are subject to change throughout the year.

Obtaining The Best Price

Below are a handful of tips to buy Naprosyn and save up on purchases:

  • Ask about coverage from the health insurance provider and the amount covered. Buying in bulk will allow for even more savings
  • For prescription-strength Naprosyn, ask physicians for samples and other trial offers.
  • Inquire about splitting a higher dosage pill rather than getting a lower dose pill which usually costs the same.
  • If prescribed a branded drug, ask about generic alternatives which cost much less.
  • Inquire about PAPs in the community.

Purchasing Naprosyn Safely

Aleve and generics are a popular and quite cheap solution for pain management. Though during Naproxen vs Advil comparison people say that the later one is cheaper this doesn’t mean that Naprosyn is worse. Nonetheless, It is imperative to buy the medication from the authorized and certified sellers.

Can one take Tylenol with Naproxen? There are no known drug interactions between these two. Although, the National Institutes of Health also indicates that there has yet to be any compelling evidence of benefit when combining these two medications.

When one finds that Naprosyn dependence is impacting the quality of life it is a right time to call for help. Professionals at drug rehab centers will provide all the necessary treatment to make sure one is freed from the addiction. The patient will be able to choose between numerous addiction recovery programs to make sure it fully adheres to personal needs. 

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Most private insurances accepted

Marketing fee may apply

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