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Vivitrol Cost: Where To Buy Cheap Naltrexone Shot & Pills

vivitrol cost

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The cost of Naltrexone (brand name Vivitrol) can become a challenge for many patients. The Vivitrol cost, especially without medical coverage, puts the medication outside the budget of many those whose alcoholism has impacted their ability to work. Users need to know where to buy naltrexone and how to save on the medication when possible.

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Naltrexone Prices

There is a lot of variation in the cost of naltrexone. This is because there are name brands, such as Revia, as well as many generics, and also different formulations, all of which come with varying costs. For example, a Vivitrol shot will cost more than a generic pill, coming in at about $1,000 per injection. In general, pharmacies with physical locations will be the most expensive to purchase from, while online pharmacies charge less. Below is a list showing the cost of the generic form:

Quantity and dose Costco Rite Aid CVS Target Walmart Walgreens
30 tablets of 50 mg $38 $136 $109 $109 $124 $130
60 tablets of 50 mg $76 $259 $218 $218 $240
90 tablets of 50 mg $114 $389 $327 $327 $359

All of these are pharmacies with physical locations. It is possible that users will be able to save on costs significantly by opting for naltrexone online purchase. However, it is important to exercise caution as not all online pharmacies are legitimate.

Does Insurance Cover Vivitrol?

The costs in the list above do not take into account the possibility that the patient has health coverage. Vivitrol insurance coverage varies. Some insurance does cover Vivitrol, while others will only cover the cost generics unless a doctor specifically notes generics are not accepted. Others still may not cover it in any form at all.

In some cases, insurance companies will restrict their coverage based on why the medication is being prescribed. For example, use of the Vivitrol shot for opiate addiction is well documented and studies support its efficacy. Insurance companies are therefore more likely to cover the cost of it. The same is true of naltrexone for alcohol abuse. However, there are other applications that are less supported and more likely to be declined by insurance companies as a result. These include naltrexone HCL for weight loss and chronic pain treatment.

Assuming that the provider does cover the cost of medication, the naltrexone pill, injection, or implant cost may just be the copay set by the company—often between $20 and $50. However, depending on the terms of the policy, the user may need to pay the full cost until they meet their yearly deductible.

Naltrexone Cost Without Insurance

The costs listed above are based on paying out of pocket for the medication. Whether someone has no coverage or their company just isn’t open to paying for it, many people have to find ways to afford the naltrexone cost without insurance. As long as a patient has a prescription and the money to afford the medication, they do not need to worry about how to get Vivitrol without insurance. For those who cannot afford the costs at their local pharmacy, they can look into buying naltrexone online.

However, opt for the legal and licensed pharmacies with a solid reputation only – some fraudulent websites offer this medication at a very low price, but there is a big chance to buy either placebo or some other danhgerous substance.

Another option is to speak with their doctor about alternatives. For example, they can look at naltrexone vs Narcan, which their insurance company may be more open to covering. Another option in suboxone vs naltrexone. While it may take some research, users should be able to find a way to access the medication they need at a price they can afford.

Naltrexone Coupons And Rebates

If naltrexone is the best option for a given patient and their insurance does not offer the coverage they need, there are other ways to save money on the medication. The maker of Vivitrol sometimes offers coupons and there are also Vivitrol copay cards that can reduce the amount you pay after insurance.

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However, not all pharmacies will honor these. For example, Walmart pharmacies do not accept discounts on naltrexone, even though they do on some other medications. Users may need to shop around to find the most cost-effective option for them.

Where To Buy Naltrexone

Users have several options when it comes to buying Vivitrol. They can buy naltrexone from a trusted pharmacy near them, which is considered the safest option, though also the most costly. The next option would be to buy naltrexone online. However, not all online pharmacies are reputable. Users should carefully research the online pharmacy they are considering using before they make a purchase.

Finally, some users buy Vivitrol with no prescription both online and on the street. However, this is incredibly risky.

Oftentimes these medications are made by unofficial manufacturers and may not be what they claim they are. There is a chance that a fatal reaction could occur if the medication is anything other than what it was claimed to be. This should be avoided at all costs.

Getting Help With Addiction

Anyone who is struggling with addiction needs to seek help. While for some It is possible that the best course of treatment will be to use naltrexone, the others need a different drug treatment with the alternative medications. By working with a rehab center, users will have access to the right care for them.

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