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  • Methadone Detox: Heaven or Much More of A Hell

    Methadone Detoxification

    What’s the best way to treat your methadone addiction at home?

    Many people choose home detox as an option due to feelings of shame. To quit methadone, tapering down is more effective than going cold turkey. If you decide on home detox, make sure you drink plenty of liquids, exercise, and dive into activities that release natural endorphins. Consider additional medication for severe body aches and anxiety.

    Methadone Detox

    As Methadone is a popular opioid, we use it as a powerful painkiller. Though, lately being more used as a replacement drug for the treatment of different opiate addictions. Many clinics prescribe methadone to help heroin and morphine addicts. Also proved is that methadone is highly addictive and leads to severe withdrawal. As a consequence, addicted people need to get clean of the drug they’ve been using to stay clean at the first place.

    There are different treatment options for people addicted to methadone. Some users choose to go cold turkey or taper down while others seek help in various rehab facilities.

    Whatever you choose, make sure that you have the right emotional support and patience. Because in the end going through a detox period is something people describe as hell.

    Methadone & Cold Turkey

    Methadone DetoxificationMethadone is an opioid and methadone withdrawal is like any other opiate withdrawal. Thus, we can describe the withdrawal as some severe flu-like pain and discomfort.

    Many people who decide on going cold turkey suggest having the right emotional support. It’s suggested because withdrawal is quite tough. Overall, few people know how to deal with addicted person mood swings and behavioral changes.

    Let’s say that you want to smash everything around you while shivering and having abdominal cramps. You’d like someone strong enough to comfort you, wouldn’t you?

    Methadone & Rehabs

    The sad truth is many rehabs offer methadone for other opiate addictions. The worst part is by using it, they also become addicted to it. Unfortunately, this is a paradox many users and famous people reveal: you can’t fix a drug addiction with another highly addictive drug!

    Going on Suboxone or Naltrexone is also an option offered by many facilities, but again it is addictive.

    There are different supportive drugs used in the battle with methadone addiction and withdrawal. Some of the common medications are:

    • Imodium – abdominal cramps
    • Benadryl – body aches
    • Vitamin C – lack of energy

    Also prescribed is benzos, such as Valium, we use it to treat anxiety and me severe cases of withdrawal.

    One of the most important things that a patient can enjoy in a rehab is the chance to find a sufficient emotional support and mental help. So, it’s good to get counseling, behavioral therapy, and group sessions. Family support is also beneficial.

    Methadone & Tapering Off Methods

    According to data, methadone is responsible for one out of three fatal cases due to an opiate overdose. All in all, that’s why dosages should be highly regulated. Methadone dosage is different for each, and there’s no precise duration of detox. However, slow tapering is the most effective method to quit.

    Some formula to reduce your dosage is to reach a decrease in intake of 5-10% of your daily dose, doing that every 1-2 weeks. For example, if you are on 80mg, try to reach 80mg x 5% (80mg x 0.05), which is 76mg, and so on. When you reach a dosage of 20mg a day, you should start reducing the pace of tapering down itself. For example, go from 5% to 2.5% of the decrease itself in your current dosage.

    When it comes to tapering down, visit a health expert for help. Thus, stay alerted of all the physiological and emotional changes you might go through.

    Methadone Detox At Home

    Many people try to get clean at home as they feel ashamed of their methadone addiction. Therefore, many times people they try to hide it from their employers or loved ones.

    In case you decide to get clean at home, have some factors and tips in mind:

    • Vomiting and diarrhea are common withdrawal symptoms. So, make sure you drink plenty of liquids (water, tea, sports drinks, soups, etc.) to prevent dehydration.
    • Muscle and stomach pains are a common effect; that’s why hot baths to reduce the aches are beneficial.
    • Lack of energy is another side effect of detox. We can treat it with vitamins, such as Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C and mineral supplements, such as Magnesium, Copper, and Zinc. Users say that Kyani is also a reliable alternative.
    • Insomnia and anxiety can be problematic and very discouraging. To fight it consume organic food and consider herbal medication (valerian and kombucha can be very beneficial).
    • Restlessness is another withdrawal symptom; thus, finding a hobby and exercise. Some users recommend acupuncture, yoga or Qigong (a Chinese system of exercises).
    • To deal with depression and suicidal thoughts, try and find an enjoyable activity, which can release endorphins. Although opioid abuse leads to a decrease in your sexual drive, users report that having sex can ease your abdominal pain.

    Create a healthy and safe environment and be patient because methadone detox at home can take a lot of time.

    In conclusion, methadone detox (either in a clinic or at home) can be hell. So, always focus on the good in the long-term: a clean life that’s better than heaven.