Kratom Prices: Buying Mitragyna Speciosa & Imposed Risks

Last Updated: April 30, 2020

Kratom price varies by a manufacturer, vending site, and country. Most of the prices are also determined by the plant strains and their availability. The cost of kratom also depends on the product.

Is It Easy To Buy Kratom?

Unfortunately, it is easy to purchase kratom in the US, except in the 6 states where it is illegal. The legal status of kratom in many states has no or limited restrictions. However, the FDA does not recognize any medical use for Mitragyna speciosa. Moreover, the agency suggests banning the plant on the federal level, as its use poses many dangers.

Kratom stores and manufacturers advertise the plant as a good treatment option for patients suffering from anxiety, cancer, depression, and opioid withdrawal symptoms. Despite the fact that these claims do not have enough scientific evidence, many people continue buying kratom, being fooled by the marketing campaigns.

The sad statistics of kratom related overdoses and deaths show that the drug should be controlled more heavily. The efforts of some local governments imposing restrictions and the FDA’s control on the importation of Mitragyna speciosa products are not enough to make the access of this drug more difficult. It should be regulated under federal law.

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Where Can One Buy Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa sellers are present in physical stores, as well as online. Still, both of them need to have a license to sell the plant products. Kratom cannot be obtained in a pharmacy, as it has no FDA approval. 

Those who buy kratom online, aside from the convenience of shopping from home, can find a greater range of products on the Internet. The manufacturers sell different strains of kratom online; some of them have high potency and strong effects. In the online shops, the price is often lower because of poor quality.

The physical stores have slightly higher kratom prices, but the range of the products offered is the same: powder, capsules, tea, extracts, etc. However, the number of such stores is limited.

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How Much Does Kratom Cost?

As mentioned above, kratom prices are greatly affected by several factors, including the strain, product, manufacturer, seller, and location.

When comparing the price by the product type, the most expensive is an extract. The average cost to buy kratom extract ranges from $13 to $35. The users can buy kratom tea in the form of crushed leaves. The average cost for such products is $17. The powder can be bought from $13 to $17 per ounce. The price of capsules varies on quantity: a single pack with 50 capsules costs from $11 to $21, depending on the strain. Some of the strains are also available in the leaf-like form of $15 – $20. These kratom leaves for sale contain the pure plant.

Mitragyna speciosa plants are also sold. The plant is difficult to grow from seeds or cuttings, especially in non-tropical areas. Hence, people tend to buy kratom plants that have already been propagated. Depending on the type, the price may range from $55 to $235.

Important Of Buying Mitragyna Speciosa In Licensed Stores

In the realm of buying Mitragyna speciosa products, whether in physical store or online, quality is always a major concern. A reliable kratom store should be able to provide a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the safety of products. No additives and fillers should be added to bulk the substance up.

The low kratom prices often refer to poor-quality and untested products. Illegal online shops provide such products with false claims. In reality, there is a high possibility that the plant is contaminated with substances like heavy metals and some bacteria. Such contaminants as lead, nickel, and E. coli have been found in low-quality products, which could lead to heavy metal poisoning or bacterial illnesses.

The is a constant risk when buying any substances in unchecked retailers. With dangerous chemicals added on the poor quality of Mitragyna speciosa products, side effects such as nausea, itching, extreme sedation, loss of consciousness, hallucinations, and seizures may be intensified.

Keep Caution With Mitragyna Speciosa Products

While there is no prohibition by the federal law to buy kratom capsules and other products, the FDA and DEA are continuously warning the public about false claims, safety issues, and its high potential for abuse, which makes this substance more dangerous. People are advised to abstain from buying the drug at all and buy approved kratom alternatives instead. Still, if a person chooses to buy Mitragyna speciosa in any form, it is critical to do it only in the license stores. Otherwise, there is a high risk of unpredictable reactions and overdose. For those who want to start alcohol or drug addiction treatment of kratom, the drug centers for addiction treatment can help with the detoxification and withdrawal process.

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