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Kratom And Alcohol: Is Mixing Both Safe For Health?

kratom with alcohol

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A kratom-alcohol interaction is among the most common, still one of the most dangerous, too. Kratom and alcohol combination poses numerous adverse reactions. Drinking on kratom is not advised as it can not only aggravate the existing condition but cause the new ones.

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Learn About Kratom Alcohol Interaction:

Why Do People Mix Kratom And Alcohol?

To Decrease Alcohol Intake

People take kratom with alcohol for many reasons, and one of the most common is to decrease alcohol craving. Using any plant’s products right before drinking or during it, users need less alcohol to achieve the expected effects. Unfortunately, different liquors interact with Mitragyna speciosa differently. So, there is a high risk of experiencing adverse side effects.

To Manage Alcohol Hangover

Alcohol hangover is another reason people opt for mixing kratom and alcohol. The plant allows drinking less, which results in the slighter manifestation of hangover symptoms. Moreover, some users may take kratom the next day after drinking, too. All these may lead to worsening hangover symptoms, making them more intense.

kratom and alcohol

To Treat Pain More Effectively

Both alcohol and kratom have sedative effects, so many use them in combination for pain relief. The alkaloids in kratom, which are selective and full agonists of mu receptors, are reported to help manage the pain of opioid withdrawal by stimulating the continuous release of endorphins. Still, more research is needed. Neither alcohol, no Mitragyna speciosa are approved remedies to treat pain. They can provide only temporary relief of some symptoms, but not treat the underlying problems. As soon as the effect alleviates, one will need to take the substances again. Such behavior may lead to addiction.

To Reach Enhanced High

Drug abusers drinking on kratom strive to get potentiated euphoric effects. Getting high on kratom or any other drug is dangerous as such. When two or more drugs are mixed to reach a more intense high, the risks aggravate even more. A person may experience not only adverse side effects but also life-threatening conditions.

There are no scientific studies to prove the benefits of the above-mentioned reasons people use kratom with alcohol. These two substances should not be used simultaneously, even for withdrawal, to prevent serious side effects.

Kratom And Alcohol: The Effects of Mixing Both

Low-Dose Mix

In general, mixing kratom and alcohol at low doses produce mild effects. It improves the user’s mood and induces relaxation. The lack of side effects does not mean that it is safe to take kratom and beer or other light drinks together. Extreme sedation may put a driver or an operator of heavy machinery at a high risk of accidents. 

Medium-Dose Mix

At medium doses, kratom mixed with alcohol can yield two possible results. Some people manage to keep the effects similar to a low-dose mix, while others complain of several negative side effects. Lethargy is commonly observed in more sedating strains like the red vein Mitragyna speciosa.

High-Dose Mix

Kratom-alcohol interaction at high doses can be extremely dangerous. Drinking too much liquor with Mitragyna speciosa products can cause an overdose. One may feel nauseous with some spinning sensations and headaches. Fainting is also very common. Even the drug abusers openly warn about health threats posed by the mix.

Why Is It Dangerous To Mix Kratom With Alcohol?

Alcohol’s depressive effect can block the transmission of signals from the receptors to the brain. This alters the central nervous system functions. One may experience loss of senses, difficulty in body movements, and clouded perceptions. On the other hand, kratom can act as both a depressant and a stimulator, depending on the dose. Hence, mixing the two is dangerous.

Mitragyna speciosa is not safe on its own, mixing it with liquors can intensify the dangers of kratom, as well as lead to life-threatening conditions. Kratom mixed with alcohol, especially in large quantities, can irritate the stomach lining, thus causing stomach ache, nausea, and vomiting. Other common side effects include:

  • body weakness
  • disturbed sleep pattern
  • extreme discomfort
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • dehydration
  • lethargy
  • respiratory problems
  • stress

side effects of drinking on kratom

Drinking on kratom, especially in large doses, results in overdose on kratom, alcohol, or any other substance taken. 

Not everyone will experience the same side effects. It is, in fact, difficult to determine the exact symptoms due to the following reasons:

  • lack of study on Mitragyna speciosa and alcohol interaction;
  • different Mitragyna speciosa strains produce mild to severe adverse effects;
  • liquors vary in potency and alcohol content.
Experts know little about how Mitragyna speciosa interacts with other substances other than alcohol, including prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements, and herbs. Mixing Xanax and kratom or similar drugs poses great danger, too.

Avoid Mixing Drugs

While the FDA and DEA are working against the use and distribution of Mitragyna speciosa products, the federal law does not prohibit it. Alcohol is also in law. These facts make the use of both legal. However, the adverse side effects they pose make the mix a dangerous combination.

In the case of addiction, top of the line medical care and addiction treatment programs are necessary. Drug rehabilitation facilities offer holistic treatment, which includes detoxification and behavioral therapies to treat multi-substance abuse cases.

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