Klonopin On the Street: Abuse and Street Price

Klonopin Abuse and Street Price

The cost of purchasing Klonopin illegally, without a prescription, is on average $1 for a 1mg pill. Costs vary from region to region, and can reach up to $4 or $5.

The medication is relatively inexpensive with a prescription and the purchase and use of Klonopin without one is illegal. Klonopin is classified as a Schedule IV Drug.

Klonopin Street Prices

Klonopin (Clonazepam) is a popular benzodiazepine used for the short-term treatment of seizures and panic attacks. The drug has various benefits and side effects, and a high potential for abuse. In fact, in order to abuse or sell Klonopin, many people lie about their symptoms to get ahold of the drug.

Selling or using Klonopin without a prescription is illegal, and abuse can prove lethal, but many people still buy and sell the medication on the street.

There are different street costs all over the world and, in a country as large as the U.S., street prices unsurprisingly vary.

An average price for 1mg is around $2.

At their lowest prices, 1mg Klonopin pills can be found for $1 each. In some locations, 2mg can be found for $3. Users report that the street value of the drug differs from town to town. In some places, 1mg can be found for $4-5.

Some users, however, are surprised why someone would buy Klonopin illegally when the drug is not difficult to get a prescription for.

With the ease of prescription and the low cost of Klonopin even without insurance, it is no wonder that the drug has such an abuse problem.

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Klonopin Street Names

When it comes to illegal distribution, one should be aware of the street names of Klonopin as well. Usually, drug slang is very popular among teenagers and people that don’t want to be caught because, as stated above, selling Klonopin on the streets is illegal.

Some of the slang names used for Klonopin are:

  • KPin
  • K & Pin
  • K-Cuts
  • Super Valium
  • Roofies
  • “The Dollar Rate”

Even if you don’t use the drug, stay informed about its street names because it can help you stay safe. Note that in general, benzos are called candies, downers, tranks or just sleeping pills, and can lead to risky behavior, aggression, and loss of memory.

Klonopin Abuse

Klonopin is Schedule IV Drug, which means that it has some serious abuse potential and people should know about all the risks the drug involves.

Klonopin can lead to many adverse side effects and induce tolerance and dependency. When mixed with other medications or alcohol, the drug can potentially have fatal side effects.


Even with a prescription, always consult your doctor about the right dosage, course of treatment and tapering off methods to avoid withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal.

Before you try to buy pills on the streets, make sure you know what you are actually about to take.
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Klonopin On the Street: Abuse and Street Price

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  • I got 1 mg klopin for sale 2 mgand asking for $ each

  • I think it is important for people to know how Xanax combined with certain opiates results in a euphoria. You see someone on Xanax start to nod think oxycodone or even heroin. Klonopin does not do this so much.

    • Marilyn: Xanax/opiate combination are EXTREMELY FATAL!!! I’m not a user and don’t know many. Even still, I know personally two people who have recently died in my small backwoods town from taking Xanax with Lortab or Percocet! They didn’t take a lot. One was a 12yo girl under her mothers supervision. She didn’t know how deadly this combo was and as a result of her mistake, commited suicide soon after.
      Don’t mess around with Xanax combinations! Xanax (benzodiazepine) is very powerful. But alone, it is not fatal. An overdose will put you in a temporary coma but, since it doesn’t slow pulse, it wont, in itself, be fatal. But it’s listed interactions with other substances is vast and dangerous. The two most dangerous interactions, far as I know, are with opiates or alcohol. Be smart!

  • benzos mixed with alcohol and some Norcos or Percocets that’s a recipe for death

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