Hydroxyzine Brand, Trade, And Generic Names

Last Updated: June 3, 2020

Hydroxyzine is available under the famous brand names of Vistaril and Atarax (discontinued) in the United States. Previously, people used to confuse Atarax and Vistaril. Many believed that Atarax is for itch and Vistaril is for anxiety; however, those are the brands of the same drug. The knowledge of Hydroxyzine brand names grants a number of benefits.

Hydroxyzine Brand Names

Two types of formulas are there to create this drug. One formulation is of HCL (hydrochloride salts) or dihydrochloride, and the other one is of pamoate. Paxistil, Masmoran, Equipose, and Vistaril medication are based on Pamoate salt formula. While Tranquizine, Quiess, Orgatrax, Tran-Q, Durrax, Atarax brand name, Alamon, and are made from hydrochloride salt.

Vistaril: It is a registered mark of Pfizer Inc. Formulations that are sold under this name – hydroxyzine hydrochloride (injection), hydroxyzine pamoate (oral – capsule, suspension).
Atarax: Just like the Vistaril, it is another brand title for the hydroxyzine drug made by Pfizer. Doctors recommend Atarax dosage for anxiety, nausea, or allergies. According to the FDA, Atarax is a discontinued brand name.
Orgatrax: Orgatrax is a discontinued trade name in the United States. It was made by Organon USA Inc.
Hy-Pam25: It is a registered trademark of the TEVA company. It is discontinued in the United States. However, doctors prescribed it in the past. Though it is to Vistaril, the purpose of this specific medicine was to relieve tension and anxiety linked to psychoneurosis. So, is Vistaril a benzo because of this? No, although both Vistaril pamoate and benzodiazepines are used for the treatment of anxiety.

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Hydroxyzine Generic Names

Hydroxyzine Pamoate: It is generic for Vistaril. Pfizer is known as the first manufacturer of this drug as an everyday treatment for anxiety and allergy disorders. In 1968, the FDA approved the drug under the name of ORIG-1. Patients must avoid using it in the initial months of pregnancy.
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride: It is another name for Atarax. Different manufacturers are trading this drug in the US. They produce it in 10 mg, 25mg, 100mg tablets, and 50mg injectable.

Reasons To Know Other Names For Hydroxyzine

Trade names are constantly evolving and sometimes may become discontinued. Moreover, the same manufacturer may decide to sell both generic and original drug or even change the trade title for a drug. These are a few reasons why one should know the other Vistaril names before using the drug;

  • It is essential to know the generics as it can allow to save up money. One can confuse different trade names, while in reality, all of them serve the same purpose. Generic versions of the drug are usually cheaper than the original one.
  • Another significant benefit of knowing the different brands for Hydroxyzine is the ability to determine if the specific brand is approved by the FDA. If one wants to order Vistaril online, it is advised to research the marketing status of the brand beforehand.
  • If a person is traveling to another country, then knowing other names for Vistaril or Atarax can help in purchasing the needed drug in local offline or online pharmacies. It is also important to learn if it is a prescription drug in another country.

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  • The knowledge of different names for one drug prevents the simultaneous usage of two or more drugs. The patient may experience side effects of Atarax if one combines this medicine with benzodiazepines or opioids, for example.
  • Knowing other names for Vistaril makes it easier to understand that the doctor prescribed Hydroxyzine medicine.
  • Although all brand labels contain the same active ingredient, it is the list of inactive components that plays an important role. Different manufacturers use different components, and it is important to research the component list beforehand to prevent allergic reactions.

Hydroxyzine (Vistaril generic) is a powerful antihistamine drug with numerous uses. Although it has very low addiction potential, Vistaril uses are not limited only to medical purposes. The misuse or even an overdose can cause unpleasant or even painful feelings.

In case a person is becoming addicted to hydroxyzine or is experiencing severe side effects, then it is essential to seek medical treatment. Rehabilitation centers serve as an essential place to receive treatment for substance abuse. The rehab options include both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that will revolve around the personal needs of the patient.

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