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Hydroxyzine Official And Street Value

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Vistaril price range greatly varies between the official and street vendors. Since there are numerous Atarax uses, it is not surprising why a lot of people search where to buy Atarax. The drug is easily accessible – one can order Vistaril online or from a nearby pharmacy. To buy Atarax, the individual will need to provide a medical prescription.

The cost of Vistaril without insurance may be higher in some pharmacies. It is also important to remember that Atarax street price is also different from what it costs when purchased at legitimate outlets, and varies at different locations.

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Official Prices For Hydroxyzine

The only legal way to buy Vistaril (hydroxyzine) is by prescription from a medical professional. Atarax generic cost is lower than that of the original drug, even though the active ingredient in both products is the same.

Hydroxyzine (generic)
Pharmacy2mg/ml Atarax syrup, 450 ml10mg tablet, 90 tablets bottle25mg pill, 90 pills
CVS Pharmacy59.9948.9969.99

As for the Vistaril cost:

Weight25mg 90 capsules50mg, 90 capsules
CVS Pharmacy$267$332

Buying Atarax In Pharmacy

Where can one buy Atarax? The manufacturer in the United States discontinued the original Atarax drug. In the meantime, Atarax is available for ordering from foreign pharmacies and websites. Note that importation (even for the personal use) of non-approved by the FDA drugs is prohibited and is punishable by local and national laws.

Currently, the most widespread version of hydroxyzine is sold under the Vistaril brand name.

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Hydroxyzine Street Value

Hydroxyzine produces a mild high when consumed in excess amounts, and this has led to its abuse. The Vistaril prices on the street are much lower than in pharmacies. In some cases, an individual may be able to find 30 tablets of Atarax 25 mg as low as $0,30 per tablet.

Buying drugs on the streets is a crime that is punishable by local and national laws.

Saving Up On Hydroxyzine

Every patient is interested in purchasing hydroxyzine cheaply. There are several ways to save up on hydroxyzine purchases:

  • Coupons
  • Discount clubs
  • Medical insurance
  • Patient Assistance Programs

Discount Coupons For Vistaril

Vistaril coupons are obtainable from both the pharmacies and the drug manufacturer. In order to receive a coupon, a patient may need to register at a website (either of a specific pharmacy store or manufacturer), fill a questionnaire, upload a scanned prescription, print the coupon directly from a site. Afterward, the patient can show a coupon during the checkout and receive the discount. The cost of Vistaril, in this case, gets down by up to 80%

Discount clubs

There are numerous websites that offer a free prescription discount card that reduces Atarax price by more than half. Such clubs employ a monthly subscription payment model. To apply for a club card, one needs to perform the same steps as with the discount coupons.

Medical insurance

Medical insurance like Medicare allows patients to pay a certain fraction of the cost of the medication. Medicare (Part D, Advantage, etc) and most insurance plans cover a certain part of hydroxyzine price – either a minimal part or most of it.

Insurance Specialist With Insurance Contract

Patient Assistance Programs For Hydroxyzine

Not many Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) offer discounts to buy hydroxyzine or give the medication for free. There are several PAPs available for hydroxyzine:

  1. RX Outreach Patient Assistance Program. This program allows patients to receive hydroxyzine for a small fee of $20 for an extended drug supply (up to 180 days). A patient receives the drug at the doctor’s office. Requirements – US residence, Presence of insurance is possible, available prescription, Income at or below 400% Of FPL
    Pfizer Pathways. Provides insurance support, copay assistance, and medicines free of charge. The supply and refill process depends per medication. Requirements – Us residence, Absence of insurance, available prescription.
  2. Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN). It’s a copay assistance program for patients with available medical insurance. A patient receives a Vistaril copay card to refill their own drug supply. Requirements – must reside and receive treatment in the US, available medical insurance, only FDA Approved Diagnosis.
  3. HealthWell Foundation Copay Program. The program covers coinsurance, copayments, healthcare premiums, and deductibles for selected treatment options. Requirements – US residence, Presence of insurance is possible, Only FDA Approved Diagnosis.

Getting Help For Hydroxyzine Addiction

Atarax anxiety reducing abilities are well known and, this is why it is prescribed for a certain mood and mental conditions, and not only for allergies. Hydroxyzine is safe to use when used as prescribed by a medical professional. It is not habit-forming when used alone. Still, self-medicating with Vistaril can lead to health complications.

There are instances, though, when a user abuses the Vistaril to sustain a state of euphoria after the use of other drugs. Abusing Atarax is dangerous, and it is more dangerous to combine it with other substances. Those who feel the toll from the hydroxyzine addiction should seek help from rehabilitation facilities for addicts. The team of professionals with extensive experience in treating substance addiction will provide the necessary help according to the patient’s needs.

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