Heroin High – Everything You Need to Know About the Rush

Heroin, an opioid drug consisting of morphine. One can take it by injecting it into the bloodstream, smoking, or snorting. In fact, some people can achieve a high that makes a person write lyrics like John Lennon.

For a time the Beatles did some experimenting with Heroin. There are some songs where they referenced taking drugs. Heroin comes in a powder form – white or brown – or as a black, sticky substance called black tar. Dealers make Heroin from the seed pod of the Asian Opium Poppy Plant, used to produce morphine. You can achieve a heroin high by taking it in various ways.

How Does Heroin Work to Give You High?

By entering the brain rapidly, when Heroin enters the body, it changes back into morphine. It binds to the opioid receptors located in various areas of the human brain and brain stem.

It briefly stimulates the higher centers of the brain. Then, it goes on to depressing the central nervous system. Heroin is a downer and when someone takes it for the first time. In addition, it is quite possible that they might end up feeling depressed or sick.

What Does It Feel Like to be High on Heroin?

A Heroin high leaves you with a warm and pleasant feeling. It will feel like your body is floating away. ‘’Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain, where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies. Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers that grow so incredibly high’”. These are more examples of experimental lyrics by The Beatles.

It is true that Heroin falls under the classification of a depressant. However, it isn’t particularly known for its hallucinogenic qualities. In fact, a person on Heroin will most likely enter what some might describe as a ‘’twilight zone’’. At first, a Heroin high gives a person a rush of happiness and pleasant feelings. Then, when your body slows down again, it will feel as though the entire world has slowed down.

As a result, it will cause you to think and act slowly. It will almost be like you are in a dream, detached from the world.

One user on a drug forum website described the experience similar to floating on a cloud. In addition, you feel like having complete control over the world. Another user said that a Heroin feels like warm, golden sunshine. And it is flowing through their veins. The user also mentioned that it makes everything okay. Also, it makes everything beautiful, and it makes anything seem within your reach.

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How Users Get a Heroin High

  • Smoking

Many Heroin users prefer smoking Heroin in order to get a Heroin high. Usually, they do it by vaporizing or burning it on tinfoil or something similar. Users also reported that smoking Heroin in a glass pipe setting. This is where they heat the glass. Sometimes, the burning of the foil might affect the taste.

  • Snorting

They have reported that snorting Heroin do not to give the user much of a rush. However, it produces a gentler slope into the calm and relaxed state. There are two methods which people use to snort Black Tar. First, it is where the user places a certain amount of tar into a spoon. Then, he adds hot water to dissolve the substance. Lastly, he mixes and snorts small amounts at a time.

Then, the second method is by turning Black Tar into a powdery substance. This is why many users prefer to just get the powdered Heroin in the first place.

  • Injecting

First, the user mixes Heroin powder in a spoon with freshly boiled water. Then, he mixes this substance with a citric acid such as vinegar or lemon juice if necessary. This is if the Heroin base is brown. After, he heats the spoon and left to cool for a short while. Then, he drops a filter such as a cotton bud into the substance, which will puff up like a sponge.

After that, he draws the substance up through the filter into the syringe.  Finally, he injects it all the way into the vein to prevent bruising or scarring. Some users prefer using a tourniquet to find a vein. They will release it after injecting Heroin. The user will have to apply pressure onto the injection site for a while.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get High?

It depends on the method of administration. Snorting can lead to a Heroin high between 2 to 5 minutes. Smoking Heroin can get you high within 10 seconds or less. Injecting, which is by far the most preferred method, will begin within 6 to 8 seconds after injecting.

How Long Does a Heroin High Last?

On average, they believe that the initial rush of euphoria upon using Heroin will vary. It can be anything less than a minute, and several minutes. When it reaches the peak, the effects take over. For example, it can be utter relaxation, sedation, and drowsiness can last between 1 and 2 hours.

When Does a Heroin High Wear Off?

The overall effects should wear off between 3 and 5 hours later. The withdrawal symptoms will set in between 6 and 12hours after administration. Treatment center websites tells us something when it comes to the physical withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, it can last between 5 and 10 days. This depends on the user’s habits and tolerance.

Does a Heroin High Improve Work Performance?

Up to now, studies have shown a decline in academic performance among students. Actually, regular users have reported that they’ve used nicknames such as Billy Wizz. It’s because they would be the hardest worker at their place of employment while on a Heroin high.

Does a Heroin High Affect a Person’s Sex Drive?

Many people believe that opiates will impair sexual behavior. This is because it has as an inhibitory influence on sexual activity in both men and women. A well-known recovery website states that opiates can interfere with one’s libido. As a result, it can damage its ability to function well.

Therefore, a heroin high might feel good for you. However, for your partner, it can have upsetting consequences.

Often, men will experience erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, women may experience issues with moisture and orgasms. However, don’t worry, it’s not permanent. You can wait till after recovery from Heroin addiction. Then, your sex life can return to something healthy and happy.

Does a Heroin High Affect Your Personality?

For some people, you can be the happiest and most pleasant person to be around while on a Heroin high. Of course, it all depends on the person’s personality. Otherwise, people can perceive you as aloof. This is when your eyes are almost closed, or you fall asleep mid-sentence. Also, it’s not that you’re not interested in what the other person has to say.

However, it is when you sit there with a half-stoned happy grin, not responding to a conversation. As a result, others may feel that you are someone with a dreadful personality.

One Heroin high might not change your personality per se. When you get addicted, that is when your personality will begin to change. First, you will have the obvious dishonesty, unreliability, struggle to control your temper.

Those things that make it difficult for others to deal with you. After a while, the long-term personality changes include feelings of depression and a negative outlook. This usually happens during withdrawal. This will not make you a very pleasant person to hang out with.

Heroin High – Everything You Need to Know About the Rush

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