GHB Addiction Treatment: How to Get Abuse Help

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Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, popularly known as GHB, is a depressant that acts by altering the state of the Central Nervous System (CNS). The substance is often used as a recreational drug and can cause severe health and dependence complications when used continuously.

Persons with a history of drug abuse may benefit from GHB addiction treatment to transition back to a healthy addiction-free lifestyle. GHB abuse treatment often follows certain steps that the person being treated must follow to recover fully from the habit. To demystify and break down how to help the addiction of GHB, this article covers useful facts, statistic, and programs regarding the same.

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GHB Abuse Help

GHB addiction occurs after prolonged abuse of the substance. Owing to the often-pleasant effects of using the drug, users will tend to form a psychological and physical dependence on the substance. GHB addiction help is a crucial intervention that the drug user, their family or any other interested parties must consider when avoiding dire consequences of abusing the drug.

Understanding the Problem

Tackling the problem begins with understanding the addiction. GHB dependence is an outcome of multiple factors that compromise the users social and physiological systems with prolonged use. As with any other drug habit, it begins with ingestion of small quantities of the substance in certain settings. The availability of the drug as well as the incentive to use the drug both play a part in bringing on the obsession. Understanding how these factors affect the addict are the first step to getting help. By being honest about these factors and getting onto a program that tackles each, the person can be able to overcome the drug habit and experience recovery.

The Social Perspective

GHB is known as a party drug and rightly so. Most users first encounter the drug at a party or a similar social gathering. As some of the effects of using the drug include feelings of euphoria, increased libido and an enhanced sense of tranquility, the drug is popular in party circles. Users will use the drug to improve the understanding of fun and excitement they feel while partying. This social perspective is a crucial aspect of understanding this habit. If the person is to break it, addressing this perspective will play a vital role in their detox and rehabilitation as well as their long-term recovery.

The Physiological Perspective

Approaching dependence from a physiological perspective is also crucial to providing effective assistance. The drug acts by binding to two specific receptors in the brain, GABA(B) and other specific receptors. When the drug binds to these receptors, they cause depressive effects to the CNS including stimulation of pleasure centers while simultaneously impairing psychomotor functions. Prolonged use causes the natural pathways of these receptors to become misaligned, leading to a physiological dependence on the substance. GHB addiction help, in this case, would involve some level of physiological intervention to realign these pathways and restore their natural functioning.

Treatments for GHB Addiction

Holding a hand of help for addictionWhy Treatment Is Necessary

The addiction causes a severe dependence on the substance that comes with equally dangerous withdrawal effects. These GHB withdrawal symptoms include seizures, tremors, and delirium. While some patients attempt to detoxify at home, this is not advised. Going through the detoxification process in a treatment facility will ensure that you are safe, and the withdrawal symptoms are managed properly. It is also important to note that treatment for GHB is not just about detox, but also involves a rehabilitation and recovery component that requires the input and support that can only be found at a rehab facility. Understanding this necessity will offer the affected person a great chance at kicking the habit for good.

GHB Addiction Treatments

If a person is struggling with dependence to the drug, professional therapy is usually the best option. GHB addiction treatments are available at most rehab centers and offer a comprehensive recovery plan. If the addiction is mild, the most probable course of treatment will be sensitizing the person and provide them with social structures to enable them to turn their life around. There may also be some medication prescribed to manage the mild withdrawal effects. Severe cases, on the other hand, will often require inpatient treatment at a rehab facility including the use of drugs such as Baclofen to manage the withdrawal symptoms. Statistics on how successful GHB addiction treatment is, show that when combined with social rehabilitation, a person with the issue can experience notable change over a relatively brief period.

Finding Treatment For GHB Addiction

For a person is grappling with an addiction to the substance, it is best to seek treatment early if the condition is to be treated successfully. Finding treatment for GHB addiction should not be left until the last minute when the habit has become severe and has destroyed the person’s life. Reputable rehabs will offer treatment plans for GHB addiction either on an inpatient or outpatient basis depending on the severity of the dependence and GHB use signs.

If you or your loved one is struggling with a GHB addiction and would like to find out more about the treatment plans for GHB addiction available to you, call our 24-hour hotline at (888)-459-5511 to have a no-obligation, fully-confidential conversation with a knowledgeable representative.

GHB Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabs

GHB rehab involves the timely intervention at drug rehab centers to treat the habit using the right tools and methods. Rehab for GHB will start with an intake process where the person will have an opportunity to ask about the rehab center policies and other program details. For example, if the person prefers luxury or executive drug rehab centers, this will be an appropriate time to confirm these details. During the intake process, the facility will also ask some questions to determine the severity of the situation as well as the person’s treatment needs. Once the intake process is complete, there are two options the rehab center will offer on how to help the addiction of GHB; an inpatient program or an outpatient program.

Inpatient Programs

When it comes to inpatient programs, where to get help for GHB addiction will vary. The program may involve a stay at a hospital facility or residential GHB rehab centers. Undergoing an inpatient GHB rehab at a hospital facility is often recommended for severe cases that require round-the-clock monitoring and access to emergency medical services. On the other hand, if the dependence is mild, residential drug rehab centers are more appropriate. In either case, the program is designed to extricate the person from their environment to give them a fighting chance at beating the obsession. As the passion has a lot to do with social interactions, inpatient programs come highly recommended for GHB rehab.

Outpatient Programs

Statistics on how successful GHB addiction treatment is, show that mild cases can be effectively treated with an outpatient program. This is because when the addiction is mild, it has not become a physical dependence. The course of treatment, therefore, involves intensive social rehabilitation and restructuring to eliminate social causes. The person undergoing an outpatient program will also be added to a support group where they can find support structures to assist them on their journey to recovery. One of the obvious challenges of an outpatient program is that the program does little to remove the person from the environment that may be fostering the habit. That is why inpatient programs come highly recommended compared to outpatient programs.

Starting Right Now

Addiction to this substance differs from others in that it takes time before it reaches a point of severity. Also, one of the side effects of using the substance is amnesia or memory loss, which makes it difficult to treat the habit as the person does not remember the negative effects of using the drug. Therefore, seeking timely treatment, no matter how mild the addiction, is of utmost importance. Besides treatment, creating social structures that help in making the right lifestyle choices will also help in reducing the effect of the drug on the person’s life. Combined, treatment and better lifestyle choices can help a person eliminate the use of this drug from their life.

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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

Living A GHB-Free Life

While living life with a GHB addiction is a hard reality to accept, being without it is still possible. A person faced with such a challenge must always know they have options that they can explore to kick the habit. While the journey may not be easy, life without the drug is something worth striving for. Finding out what rehab centers have to offer is a great place to start. The details they supply will provide the person insights on whether to go for an inpatient or outpatient program and what each will mean for their situation. Also, just being aware what the addiction is and why it comes about is a step of empowerment towards a transformed and wholesome life free of drugs and their adverse effects.

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GHB Addiction Treatment: How to Get Abuse Help

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