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Lexapro Cost: Escitalopram Official Prices

Lexapro price

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The cost of Escitalopram drugs largely depends on the means of purchase; prices can be subsidized with the use of a Lexapro coupon, insurance, discounts, and other offers. The generic Lexapro cost is often less expensive than the brand name.  In some cases, the Escitalopram price may depend on the source of purchase.
So what is Escitalopram? It is a medication referred to as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). The Escitalopram pill is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorder, difficulty in concentration, and depression because of its ability to increase serotonin (neurotransmitter) production in the brain. This drug comes with the brand name Lexapro and exists in generic forms as well. The antidepressant comes in various dosages and can be purchased from various sources. Let’s look at the cost of Lexapro from various distributors.

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Buying Lexapro In Stores And Pharmacies

The “How much is Lexapro” question depends on where one purchases them. Prices differ from one store to the other. Some stores offer Lexapro discount if one purchase in a large quantity. Escitalopram price Walmart may differ from Costco as one may be more popular or with better manufacturer deals than the other.
Some pharmaceutical companies often offer manufacturer coupons to make the drugs affordable. However, Lexapro manufacturer coupon is unavailable as Forest Labs- the owners of the brand, do not offer coupons on this product. This does not mean that there aren’t Lexapro coupons offered by other distributors for pharmacy purchases.
A popular question is “how much is Lexapro without insurance?” Escitalopram cost without insurance is often on the high side, and this is where most people turn to generic versions.  Lexapro cost without insurance may be a bit exorbitant depending on one’s purchasing power.
Here is a list of popular stores and pharmacies with their Lexapro price list.

Lexapro branded pills (for 30 tables):

Pharmacy10mg (with free coupon)20mg retail price20mg with free coupon
Medicine Shoppe$359.84$375.11
Kroger pharmacy$360.47$375.79
Rite Aid$364.22$379.67
CVS Pharmacy$374.61$417$380.33
Target (CVS)$374.61$380.33

Generic Escitalopram drugs prices:

pharmacy10mg retail price10mg with free coupon20mg retail price20mg with free coupon
Medicine Shoppe$149$7.35$167$10.81
Kroger pharmacy$46$9.57$71$10.76
Rite Aid$133$48.38$130$48.75
CVS Pharmacy$78$23.80$77$25.65
Target (CVS)$78$23.80$77$25.65
Pinecroft Pharmacy$6.81$7.98
Life Fountain Pharmacy$9.31$10.48
Pacific Coast$9.59$13.16
Heb Pharmacy$9.59$13.16

The most popular medications are 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. The Lexapro 30mg tablet is not quite as popular. However, it can be gotten by mixing 10mg and 20mg tablets.

Pros of buying in stores and pharmacies

  • Some stores offer very competitive prices such as Lexapro cost Walmart in all store branches
  • Medications come with proper instructions
  • Drugs are authentic, obtained from legal distributors, and legally distributed.
  • Access to insurance coverage, and coupons depending on Lexapro dosage range
  • Some stores are open 24hrs in case of an emergency purchase

Cons of buying Escitalopram in official stores:

  • A doctor’s prescription may be required for purchase
  • Stores may be an inconvenience due to the distance from the residential area
  • Stores may be more expensive without coupons or insurance

Buying Lexapro Online

Buying Lexapro online has become very easy as there are a good number of legal online pharmacies that sell and ship Escitalopram to different locations around the world. Lexapro 10mg$ prices vary on the amount being purchased; the price for 30 pills can go as low as $54.30 for 20mg, $39.27 for 10mg, and $36.24 for 60 pills 5mg.

There are official sites that are legal distributors of Escitalopram online; however, legality depends on the location that these drugs are shipped to. Various regions outside the country have different laws on the importation of certain drugs into the country. This drug may be confiscated depending on importation laws. Many people prefer to buy Lexapro online because of the convenience. Lexapro coupons manufacturer offers are unavailable but also unnecessary, because online purchases are very affordable in legal online pharmacies as well as the so-called “dark web.”

Here is a price list for online pharmacies:

Online PharmaciesLexapro (Brand) per pill (one unit) 10mgGeneric per pill (one unit) 10mg
Online Pharmacies Canada$1.36$0.35
Quality prescription drugs$1.36$0.36
ADV-care Pharmacy$2.18$1.54
Affordable RX meds$0.39$0.35
Canada prescription plus$0.75$0.29
Canada pharmacy online$1.07$0.48
Canada pharmacy world$0.43$0.36
Canada prescription drugstore$1.75$0.49$0.71$0.27$1.04$0.46
doctor solve$1.57$0.68
Canadian pharmacy King$0.89$0.48$0.70$0.16
maple leaf meds$1.18$0.29
medications Canada$0.71$0.27
buy low drugs$0.69
Globalcare RX$0.30
Pharma passport$0.75$0.35$2.21$0.46
pricepro pharmacy$1.14$0.50
prescription point$0.74$0.33
cloud pharmacy$3.00$2.33

Pros of buying Lexapro online

  • Easily accessible without a doctor’s prescription
  • The convenience of purchase and delivery
  • The Escitalopram cost is much more affordable online
  • Online stores offer unlimited Escitalopram coupon for large purchases

Cons of online Escitalopram purchase

  • Many online drugs may be unapproved by Federal Drug Agencies and unsafe for distribution. These counterfeit drugs pose a health risk to the general population.
  • Many illegal online sites exist, and they distribute fake drugs at a very low price
  • Importing drugs to various regions outside the country may be illegal depending on the drug laws for pharmaceuticals. This may hinder an individual from receiving foreign orders.

Buying Lexapro On The Streets

Why do people buy Escitalopram on the streets even with the clear-cut risks? This depends on the question “how does Lexapro make one feel?” Getting off Lexapro when dependency or tolerance has been built may not be so easy. The effect of trying to quit might lead to withdrawal symptoms from Lexapro. This is why many people result in purchasing from the streets as no prescription is required.

How much does Lexapro cost on the streets? The price varies, depending on location, scarcity, urgency, and abundance. Lexapro generic cost may be far cheaper on the streets depending on who’s selling and who’s buying. However, escitalopram isn’t like other controlled drugs such as stimulants, steroids, and other, so, therefore, has no street value.

It is illegal to buy Lexapro on the streets and any distributor found will be prosecuted by the law.

Pros of buying on the streets:

  • It is assumed to be cheaper
  • No prescription required

Cons of purchasing Escitalopram:

  • It is illegal and peddlers, when caught, will face prosecution
  • The risk of purchasing fake Escitalopram drugs is very high
  • Lexapro cost could still be high depending on the urgency of need.

Getting Help For Escitalopram Abuse

Individuals that find themselves desperate to find out Lexapro street value for their personal use are most likely dependent on the drug. Escitalopram has no addictive features, however, like every other drug, one can build a tolerance to it over time and dependency, and in this case therapy for addiction may be the best solution. A drug rehab center is highly recommended for immediate detoxification and reorientation.

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