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The Price of Dilaudid: Average Dilaudid Prices

dilaudid average prices

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While the price of Dilaudid varies by location, the average price is about $2 per pill. The price of an average brand name Dilaudid drug could also differ from a generic brand. The price per pill for a name brand is approximately $2.50, while a generic brand may cost $1.47 per pill.

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Getting The Low Prices For Dilaudid

Dilaudid is a controlled prescription drug that can only be bought with a doctor’s prescription. Most pharmacies require an order before processing the purchase.
If one is on the lookout for cheaper alternatives, here are some suggestions for buying Dilaudid:

  • FDA-approved generic brand names are cheaper and equally effective choices, but still require payment out-of-pocket or through insurance coverage.
  • Approved online pharmacies that sell Dilaudid may be cheaper, especially if bought with a coupon, discount card, or in bulk.
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Dilaudid Prices On The Black Market

Depending on the location, the average price of a branded 2 mg Dilaudid tablet may range from $2 to $10; 4 mg, $1 to $10; and 8 mg, $6 to $30. For a generic brand, the prices of 2 mg tablet range from $5 to $10.00; 4 mg, $4 to $20; and 8mg, $12.50 to $30.
For example, in Ohio, the Dilaudid tablet can be bought for $2 based on the illegal market price list dated October 17, 2016. If the street location is within the area of New York, New York City, the price of Dilaudid tablet could cost more averaging to $10 per pill according to the illegal market price list dated October 21, 2016.
In Florida, there is a generic brand for a 2 mg Dilaudid tablet to cost $5 as of October 16, 2016. In Arkansas, on the other hand, the illegal buyer can expect the street price of a generic Dilaudid 2 mg tablet to run $10.00, as of October 15, 2016.

Buying Dilaudid on the illegal markets may bring one to justice before the law.

Buying Dilaudid Online

To be protected from disreputable sellers and fake pills, take steps to make the right choice. If one also wants to make sure about paying the right price for Dilaudid, follow these safety buying tips when transacting online:

  • Research and check the online seller’s reputation
  • Be cautious of very low prices
  • Compare prices
Avoiding buying the Dilaudid on illegal markets or without the prescriptions is the primary step to stay safe before the law, and also maintain the health.
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