How to Cook Crack: The Making Of The Stimulant

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As one of the worlds most addictive drugs, crack is regarded as highly dangerous all around the world. However, many of the drug users have no idea what goes into the making of their drug of choice, or even how crack is made. This article looks at how to cook crack, and what the dangers are when doing so. This is in the hope that it highlights what is present in the drug, and why it is such a danger to those who choose to consume it.

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Origins of Crack

Hooded crack addict leaning over whilst creating crack cocaine.Crack is simply a heavily cut form of cocaine. This means that cocaine is mixed with other crack ingredients to create the substance. Making crack cocaine began due to government law in the US restricting ingredient quantities, meaning they had to be lessened in cocaine doses. This was done because of the negative effects the drug was starting to have on society.

Another reason the creation of the drug began, was because the price of cocaine had dropped so considerably that it had become difficult to make the profit on the drug. However, by mixing the drug with other ingredients to create crack, less cocaine was needed per dose, and therefore more money could be made.

Despite this, when it came to how to make crack cocaine, there was set ingredients. Many suppliers simply used what they could get hold on that was cheap and mixed well. There was, and still is, very little care for the other ingredients that go into the mix. This means rat poison and baking soda regularly make their way into batches, making them incredibly harmful and dangerous.

Crack cocaine was commonly smoked through a pipe. This way of consuming the drug ensured the effects were felt far more quickly by the user. Many users even learned how to make a crack pipe of their own, to ensure they got the best high possible.

What is Crack Made of?

Two people are producing drugs at the laboratory.Crack cocaine is relatively simply made. It consists of 3 main ingredients for the standard mix, which are cocaine powder, water, and baking soda. However, on many occasions, the baking soda is substituted for far worse ingredients. Those ingredients may even be added to the baking soda. The chemical formula for cocaine is also altered when these ingredients are added.

For example, the chemical formula for crack is Coc + H2O + CO2 + NaCl when baking soda is added to the mixture.

The more ingredients that are added to the mixture, the type of ingredient and the quantity, can all influence the drug’s effects. That is why many users choose to make their own doses from powder cocaine, as they then know every additive in the substance.

When it comes to how to cook coke into crack, the process takes time. Powder cocaine is mixed with water and then baking soda. It is commonly done on a spoon or similar utensil as to not lose any powder. The spoon is then heated from beneath to dissolve the powdered cocaine into the mixture and create rock-like chunks. This is where the nickname rocks come from.

What the drug is made of also influences how long a high lasts, and how long does crack stay in system. For these reasons, many people choose to create and therefore monitor their dose additives.

Dangers of Cooking the Drug

Drug dealer is preparing crack rocks to distribute.Crack is arguably the world most addictive drug. For this reason alone, the stimulant presents large levels of danger for anyone who makes it and may consume it. According to The National Institute Of Drug Abuse, crack cocaine effects are so short; they cause users to seek out the drug again and again. This then leads to a long-term addiction and difficulty avoiding the substance.

Many users argue that turning cocaine into crack on their own is far safer for their health. However, they may be able to monitor what goes into the dose, but they cannot control what the drug does to their body. Cooking coke to make crack is relatively simple for users to do. That is why it is becoming increasingly popular. It is made by heating or boiling, the mixture of powder cocaine, water, and baking soda on a spoon.

A useful way of telling when the substance is ready is knowing what does crack smell like. When cocaine has turned into crack it will have an appearance like small rocks and have a slightly charred smell. It also often doesn’t smell as much like chemicals as it did whilst it was cocaine powder.

The actual process of making the substance, from powder cocaine isn’t that dangerous. The only real danger is the heat when boiling the mixture. Despite this, the substance is hazardous to take.

Getting Clean

Whether you make crack cocaine or buy it, the drug is very addictive and just as dangerous. In fact, it is even more addictive than powdered cocaine, due to the other substances mixed with it. That is why it is so important to know how to get help.

There are some treatment programs available for cocaine abuse. They include inpatient and outpatient care, as well as counseling and therapy. Each one of these treatment programs has pros and cons. Some of which may benefit you more than others.

Addiction professional with a phone

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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

For the most suitable treatment option for you, and getting help with your addiction, you should contact a medical professional. They will advise you on how to get the best help and give you the most significant chance of recovery from addiction. For further information on where to get treatment, for a second opinion or any further advice, please call our hotline at (888)-459-5511.

How to Cook Crack: The Making Of The Stimulant

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  • assuming cocaine is been cooked inside cloths, which chemical can be use to remove it out?

  • I’m doing a study on what makes a person start doing crack,what makes them keep doing it and hopefully come up with a vaccine or patch that would stop the addiction.

    • Hi what’s good, your comment has me particularly interested and very curious about a few things? For instance you say your doing a study, well my question is right now in our country their is a very unfortunate epidemic with the drug Heroin and I’ve noticed that the people who get clean and go to the Methodone Clinic and are now receiving Methodone instead of using Heroin become all a sudden a user and addicted to Crack Cocaine? Can you please explain why this is? Is it possible it’s the Methodone that is making people crave and start using Crack Cocaine? I ask only because it seems to be the case for every single person I know that goes to the Methodone Clinic!!

      • Because a addict gets addicted to lifestyles and rapid release of dopamine you ping pong one addiction for another. Spend the same amount of money/time on healthy food exercise trade that drug addiction for health and keep that spirit clean from sin … The cure you can come up with is Drugs are poison methadone is heroin /oxycodone/phentanyl/codeine/morphine just like crack is cocaine /novacaine /lidocaine just like marijuana is tobacco just like PCP is ketamine/ is a anasthetic

        • It’s morals and values. I grew up in a f**ked up place especially hit hard by crack. I started smoking weed at an early age. It was all around me. I never thought to try other drugs. Just find better weed. The stuff wasn’t always good. At a early age I became curious about drugs. Their history. What their made of. The effects. So already at an early age I knew I wasn’t going to get tricked by my brain and become addicted to anything stupid. So as the years pass one by one my friends became crack heads. Then Crystal meth takes over and man. And now heroine.

          I’m telling you it’s all values morals and education.

          I was even offered crack. But I’m like what do you do with this. I only had zig zags. No crack pipe. I obviously didn’t use that stuff. Good thing I was a pot head. I can’t even inhale tobacco smoke. I can smoke weed all day though. I know I have a addiction but it’s not a real addiction like crack. I’m thinking of stopping until I get a card or it becomes legal in my state.

          So you aren’t going to be able to hand out patches to people in hopes they don’t poison them selves. If a person doesn’t have the morals vales to not be a druggie then there’s no hope for them really. You can’t fix everyone.

      • Because they don’t feel the heroin the same, specially when shooted and they want to keep getting high so crack is the option and is also very cheap yoo.

    • Lmao. That’s not how it works Martha

    • Find out why people do it, then create a vaccine! People “self medicate” because it’s an instant escape from your mind and in some cases people and situations… Me for instance, it hasn’t been easy having this life and had some bad patches in my childhood that scar you for life…. There’s no vaccine that’s ever gonna take my childhood away mate…. You’ll find with with probably 99.99% of users.

    • I’ve been smoking 36 yrs and finally found a way to stop

  • Nothing makes someone start using they just get put in situations were it is around them my personel experience someone offered me tobbaco laced i was unaware until i started puking

  • One that chooses to smoke rock//meth don’t start off with it. Most the time they start off smoking pot,drinking,pills and then advance to harder drugs. Either because they are chasing a different high (term) “Gateway Drug”. Also they may just be curious of the effects from it. Like someone sees had stated. Could just be around the wrong people or environment.

  • This is literally the biggest load of misinformation…

    Crack is not mix of cocaine and baking soda. The baking soda is used to remove the HCL from cocaine hydrochloride. The baking soda (alkali) neutralises the HCL and removes it from the molecule. This lowers the melting point of the compound meaning it can be smoked. It also yields less than the initial amount of cocaine hydrochloride used as you are removing atom’s and therefore lowering mass. The by products of this reaction are co2 and sodium chloride and water. The co2 is released as a gas, the water is simply water and the crack (being non soluble in water) is separated out.

    Everything in this article is utter nonsense!

  • I have been around and watched others do every drug known, I have only ever been addicted to pain pills, I never wanted to try any of the others, like heroin, I knew I would be addicted to something else, my addiction came about because of a bad car wreck where I broke a hip and I have a panic disorder, first pill I took I felt like a new person, no anxiety or shyness, I was the person I wished I was for 22 years. Now 20 years later still hooked on methadone, anyone out there like me, choose to get mental help, you get immune to the pills which made me go to methadone and 11 years of it, I am still the same person I was at 5 years old, nothing good comes from self medicating, nothing at all, I now have a child that I feel I’m turning into myself, so if you have ever taken advice, take mine, go get mental and addiction help, a place to stay for as long as u can, ive been in and out of counseling since 13 years old and it has done no good, we can’t help how we were raised but we can help how we choose to become a better person.

  • 98% Of the time a friend or acquaintance will talk somebody into trying because they brag about how good it is

  • Addiction is a choice I shot cocaine for 8 years I smoked it for 2 I’ve been sober for 20 years the choice

  • I like what you are saying Daniel F. I believe something is not right. plus it’s just got worse . Around the world the places that they actually are giving help with methadone etc ( which don’t get me wrong is great !) . There isn’t any help really for crack cocaine. And a big percentage of heroin addicts are addicted also to crack cocaine. All these prople are still on the streets because of this drug.. I have saw it all first hand, and also at one point became a part of it. I know exactly what damage and suffering it brings. Mancha I suppose you could that to your survey. No disrespect but instead of putting all this manpower into surveys and statistics, maybe it would make a difference putting the actual manpower out to these people and helping them. on a face to face basis. Getting some real knowledge and doing some real help. I believe building relationships with people is what we need, ear to ear, listening and really helping each other. Not surveys.

  • It all starts with the parents not paying enough attention to the child. Where they live , which takes a big role in the friends of the child. Children grow up mostly raised from friends because the parents are too busy to raise there own child. I truly believe that the area of from where the child is raised is the reason for the substance abuse

  • One drug to another. It seems like the way of life.

  • It seems to me that people (not all) are born addicts. Maybe a loose connection in the brain or something… The first hit you take,or line you snort or alcohol you drink… Even the first time you gamble is always your choice. Whatever your vice is,it’s one hell of an adrenaline rush and you fall in love. Now your time is spent trying to get back to that nest high you ever had. That best rush you had at the casino. All things discussed and the reason people choose these things is a disease,but it starts with that first wrong decision… Just my opinion,what I’ve noticed about my own self. Stay safe out there world ✌️

  • I got to this thread by trying to chase a higher high than the cocaine I just sniffed is giving me. I want to escape further but after reading the comments I have thought twice about cooking up some crack. Thanks for being honest guys and trying to steer people away. You’ve saved a young person here from going a step further and doing something I regret. Even if it’s just for tonight. Peace out.

  • That is complete nonsense blaming the patents . We have some friends that have 4 children all raised the same way. 3 of them go to work and are buying their own houses and are lovely respectable people. 1 has been in drugs since he was 14. He’s 35 now been in prison 3 times and is on methadone. His poor lifestyle choice.


    • A real will powerful crack user! Few can handle it but it is the only way to go. Otherwise intervals between hits become lesser and lesser until you feel absolutely nothing from it besides a deep debilitating paranoia… including hallucinations! Not so much fun that way. Space it out. 1 hit every 30 minutes at most

  • But where do you get the powder cocaine?

  • it is so true leaving crack aint easy u can leave it for years an just by seen a crack pipe an the worm will stand

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