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Ambien High: Can Zolpidem Get Euphoric Feelings?

dangers of zolpidem high

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While it is a prescription medication with legitimate applications, many people use zolpidem to chase the Ambien high. The “Ambien trip” is well-known amongst those who abuse the medication, and even those taking it as prescribed. Let’s look at why people seek Ambien euphoria and how dangerous this can be.

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Learn About Zolpidem High:

Can Ambien Get One High?

Answering this question straight, yes, Ambien high is possible. Zolpidem recreational use has occurred since the medication hit the market. Zolpidem is a sleeping pill that is classified as a hypnotic sedative. This means that it depresses the central nervous system while also altering the mental state of the user.

While it is easy to assume that this high comes strictly from misusing the drug – i.e., taking more than prescribed – it is common for users taking the medicine according to their doctor’s instructions to report experiencing Ambien high. This typically occurs when they fail to follow directions on how to take Ambien and do not go to bed within 15 minutes of taking the drug. As a result, some users may accidentally experience zolpidem high.

Of course, most people who actively abuse zolpidem will take more than is considered safe or consume it in unapproved ways, such as crushing and snorting the pill powder. This is incredibly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Why People Chase The Ambien High

Given that using zolpidem to get high isn’t safe, many wonder why anyone would try to go on an Ambien trip. Ultimately, the answer to this is highly individual. A common path to zolpidem abuse is to get it prescribed for a medical reason and accidentally discover Ambien euphoria; if the user enjoys the experience, they might choose to keep chasing it. They could also abuse it because they became addicted through long-term use.

In many cases, the user will already have substance abuse problems with other drugs. They could actively seek out zolpidem because they have heard about people using it to experience Ambien high or they might be offered it as an alternative by a dealer. A user could also just be curious about the stranger effects of the drug, such as Ambien sleepwalking.

Those At Risk Of Getting High On Ambien

Anyone could choose to get high on Ambien and become addicted to the drug. However, certain populations are more likely than others to fall into zolpidem abuse. These include:

  • Those who have been prescribed the drug. Because Ambien euphoria can occur with a regular dose, even those following their doctor’s orders might end up abusing the drug just by not falling asleep after taking it. Patients who find the prescribed dose is not enough are the most at risk since this can tempt them to take more.
  • Those who display aggressive behavior or have trouble controlling their anger. Because zolpidem is a sedative, those self-medicating to deal with certain behavior disorders may be attracted to it.
  • Anyone with a history of substance abuse. Once someone has misused one drug, especially within the same downers category as zolpidem, they are more likely to abuse others.
  • Co-occurring disorders can also make drug abuse more likely. This is usually due to the user attempting to self-medicate, but it could also be due to a lack of impulse control.
If someone suspects a loved one is abusing zolpidem to get high, they should not confirm or rule out the possibility based on the user aligning with risk factors. Someone could have all risk factors and not abuse the drug while others will have no risk factors and still end up using it to get high. In this case, professional aid from the centers for substance abuse is important. Contact the addiction hotlines to get professional help.

Ambien High Effects

Many users describe the zolpidem high as being similar to that of benzodiazepines, but with more psychoactive effects. Primarily, this includes a sensation of extreme relaxation and disconnection from anxieties. Other potential effects of Ambien euphoria include:

  • a sensation of being light, as if not fully connected to the ground
  • pounding sensations in the body, like a powerful heartbeat
  • visual hallucinations, especially in the peripheral vision
  • auditory hallucinations, which can often be disturbing in nature
  • difficulty speaking or forming thoughts
  • a desire to participate in dangerous activities
  • binge eating

Many of the effects of Ambien CR high or any other is not pleasant for the user. However, some of them can be outright dangerous.

Why Getting High on Ambien Is Dangerous

Drug abuse and addiction never lead to positive outcomes. Zolpidem high has the potential to cause significant problems for the user, including the development of hypnotic drug use disorder. Once a user becomes addicted, the likelihood of experiencing Ambien overdose symptoms and other negative outcomes significantly increases.

Even without addiction, getting high on zolpidem will increase the severity of unpleasant side effects, making the user’s life harder every time they indulge. Users may be tempted to try other drugs that are more potent, and therefore more dangerous. They might even combine zolpidem with other substances, increasing the chances of death occurring.

Then, there are the social consequences of zolpidem misuse. When a user becomes obsessed with getting high, they are often willing to ignore their obligations to family and friends. They might even change their social group entirely to be around others who buy zolpidem illegally for euphoric feelings. Users often lose their jobs and social standing. Ultimately, the risks of getting high on zolpidem are too high for any recreational use to be considered safe.

Ending Ambien Abuse

If someone is misusing Ambien, now is the time to get help. While zolpidem high can be appealing to some, the risks are tremendous. With the right treatment for substance abuse, it is possible to stop the drug and live a healthy life.

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