Adderall Plugging – What Are Its Methods and Dangers

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While you might not know much about it, addicts often use Adderall plugging to get the high. It is similar to swallowing it.

Methods of Adderall Plugging

You have probably heard a lot about the abuse of the drug by traditional means. It includes intravenous, oral or nasal route. However, you most likely have very little available information about plugging the drug.

You can get Adderall tablets and extended-release capsules (Adderall XR) only after a prescription from your doctor. Both these pills contain a combination of two active chemicals, amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Amphetamines are a group of medications under the CNS stimulant category.

Doctors prescribe Adderall to treat a few different conditions. They include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy, a sleep disorder which cause people to doze off too much. The rewarding effect of the drug occurs due to a higher concentration of mood-enhancing brain chemical, dopamine.

As with any other drug that alters the brain chemicals, it is also habit-forming. If you do not follow your doctor’s instruction, there’s every chance that you may develop an addiction.

A Quick Overview of Adderall Side Effects

Before you learn what Adderall plugging is, you should know the side effects of Adderall. Remember any of these side effects may occur even when you use it properly. Now you can imagine how frequent and intense these will be when you abuse Adderall.

  • Feeling nervous
  • Agitation
  • Loss of sleep
  • Tremors
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Reduced hunger
  • Unintended loss of weight
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What is Plugging and How to Plug Adderall?

Plugging refers to taking the drug by rectal route. There are various ways addicts get high by plugging Adderall into the anus. The most common ways of plugging are:

  1. Inserting the pill in its original form: This is by far the most convenient way of plugging for the addicts. Simply, they take the pill and insert as it is a few centimeters inside the anus. When they’ll start getting high will depend on the time it takes for the pill to disintegrate inside the anus. The walls of the colon can absorb only those particles that are in the dissolved state.
  2. Capsule-insertion: This is an alternate and reportedly more effective way of plugging. What they do is crush the pill and fill an empty capsule shell. Capsules are relatively easier to insert into the anus and offer a more rapid absorption. This is because the capsule shells dissolve faster. In most cases, they use capsule shells with a vegetable base because these shells have a faster dissolution.
  3. Enema: Enema is a common and proper route for drug taking. You have probably heard of glycerin enema to treat constipation. Plugging by enema also applies the same procedure as the medical enema. First, addicts prepare a solution of Adderall in 5-10 ml of lukewarm water. Then, they fill it in a large syringe without the needle. After, they insert the liquid drug by pressing the plunger. They say enema is the most effective way of plugging Adderall to get the high.

What Makes Adderall Plugging A Preferred Choice?

Addicts prefer plugging over methods of administration. The reasons being:

  • Rapid absorption of the drug: When you take it by mouth, the drug has to go through various stages. This takes place during the absorption from the digestive tract. In addition, the liver also metabolizes a certain amount of the drug and renders it inactive. However, with plugging, the drug doesn’t have to go through these steps and the high sets in faster.
  • A Larger amount of the drug that reaches the bloodstream: Studies have shown that taking a drug by the rectal route, higher amount of the drug reaches the bloodstream. Consequently, you will have a more intense high.
  • Shorter duration of the high: Nobody wants to have a high that lasts for too long. Swallowing it means the effect of the drug is going to last longer. On the contrary, plugging the drug gives a high that goes away sooner.
  • Lower incidence of upset stomach: Oral intake of Adderall can give you a number of unpleasant digestive effects. But only a few such symptoms occur with plugging.

Dangers of Plugging Adderall: What You Should Know

AdderallUnderstandably, abusing any prescription or street drug is going to hurt your health and so many other aspects of life. However, Adderall plugging could be more damaging to your health in a number of ways.

Most notably, the rectal route is not a natural route for taking the drug. Furthermore, the use of unclean applicators may result in infections. You should also understand that addicts are always in a hurry to get high. This urgency can make them unaware of the safety precautions such as the use of lubricants and proper hygiene.

Here are some really serious dangers of plugging Adderall

  • It can damage the rectal tissues. This means your risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is way higher than that in a healthy person.
  • Plugging Adderall has the benefit of a more intense high. But it also means the addicts are more likely to experience the side effects.
  • Due to shorter duration of the high, they may also tend to have repeated Adderall plugging. With every repetition, all the risks add up.
  • In addition, plugging the drug could lead to serious complications in the addicts. They may already have problems with constipation, hemorrhoids, and bleeding disorders.

Want to Know More?

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Adderall Plugging – What Are Its Methods and Dangers

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