Adderall Class Action Lawsuit Settlements and Legal Actions

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Over the years, since Adderall was first introduced in 1996, many lawsuits have been filed against Shire Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes this stimulant medication. The Adderall mechanism of action is to increase the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain that improve alertness, concentration, and motivation. Legal Adderall use is by prescription for people with conditions such as ADHD and narcolepsy.

However, this stimulant has been linked to a number of serious side effects including mental health problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, heart conditions, stroke, and sudden death. Any of these serious adverse effects can be grounds for legal action. What is the process of filing a lawsuit for a financial settlement? Let’s find out more about Adderall laws.

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Table of contents:

What are Adderall Lawsuits?

Victims who have suffered adverse effects are entitled to take Adderall legal action against the corporation that makes this drug. The primary goal of such a lawsuit is to obtain a financial settlement. This is a payment from the drug manufacturer to the affected person to compensate for the suffering they have endured and to cover the cost of treatment.

A lawsuit can be filed if health complications occur as a direct result of taking this stimulant medication. Experts in law and medicine determine whether the medicine is solely responsible for the adverse events that occurred. For the lawsuit to be successful, the medication must have been taken exactly as prescribed. For instance, if a woman takes Adderall while pregnant without a doctor’s prescription, the company cannot be held responsible for any health consequences. If an individual takes substances that maximize the effects of Adderall, it can be quite challenging to interpret the link between the stimulant and the harm caused. For example, there are increasing reports of interactions between Adderall and kratom, which also has a stimulating effect when consumed in small doses.

Legal action can be undertaken if:

  • The medication was taken strictly as prescribed.
  • Serious adverse effects occur, and experts testify that there is a direct causal link between the medication and resulting harm.
  • There are demonstrable damages compensable under the law.

Reasons for Pursuing Legal Action Against Adderall Manufacturer

Some of the biggest legal actions against the company that manufactures this stimulant have been for false claims about its efficacy and for delaying the availability of less expensive generic versions of the drug. According to the FDA Adderall is a schedule II substance with a high potential for abuse. The medication is informally called the study drug and is abused by many college students to maintain focus and study longer. Addiction to the medication, when taken strictly by prescription, could be possible grounds for legal action against the manufacturer.

This medication has been linked to psychological problems, but proving an association between Adderall and depression as the basis of a lawsuit can be challenging.

Stimulant medications have been linked to a number of serious side effects and medical complications. Some of the reasons people may file an Adderall lawsuit include:

  • Sudden cardiac death
  • Heart attack
  • Disruption in heart rhythm, hypertensionback of attastor talking to magistrate in court at Adderall legal settlement
  • Stroke
  • Overdose
  • Addiction from prolonged use
  • Seizures
  • Kidney disease
  • Depression
  • Sexual dysfunction

It is obvious from the above-mentioned complications that stimulant drugs are powerful substances. That’s why they should only be taken by prescription from a physician who can prescribe Adderall.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Stimulant Manufacturers

If you believe that a stimulant medication has caused damage to your health or other losses, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. The first step is to talk to a qualified attorney who has expertise in taking legal action against corporations that make dangerous and/or defective medicines and medical devices. Dangerous drug lawyers usually perform an initial review of the case to identify all possible legal options.

The amount of compensation from Adderall legal action depends on a number of factors, which the attorneys can estimate after their assessment of each individual case. Remember, there may be a statute of limitations (expiration date) on filing a settlement lawsuit. If you suffered from an Adderall overdose or other life-threatening complications, do not delay seeking legal consultation.

Choosing a Lawyer for Adderall Lawsuit Settlement

If you are considering pursuing legal action for adverse effects from a stimulant drug like Adderall, here are some tips to choose the best lawyer for your case:

  • Select a law firm that specializes in medical malpractice or suing pharmaceutical companies
  • Ask friends and family members for a referral
  • Use a search engine to find medical malpractice attorneys in your area
  • Check ratings on online review sites
  • Contact your state bar association for recommendations
  • Compare websites of different attorneys who practice malpractice law

Biggest Class Action Lawsuits for Stimulants

scales of justice in the empty court room after the settlementIn the year 2014, Shire Pharmaceuticals paid out more than $56 million for making false claims, according to the US Department of Justice press release. The corporation was accused of promoting the stimulant medicine it manufactures for certain uses without supporting clinical data. It had also overstated the efficacy of the medicine and made unsupported claims about its superiority to other medications for ADHD.

Also in 2014, Shire made a one-time cash payment of $48 million to Impax Laboratories for a dispute regarding supply obligations and ordering practices.

In 2016, the company settled a class action lawsuit for $15 million for artificially inflating the price of the drug by paying competitors to delay the availability of a less expensive generic version of the stimulant.

Legal Recourse for Complications from Stimulant Medications

People who take a stimulant precisely as ordered and suffer serious health complications may be entitled to compensation from the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug. The national and state laws make drug manufacturers legally liable for harm caused to patients from Adderall taken by prescription. It is worth noting that individuals who abuse Adderall require treatment for addiction and must undergo a medically-managed drug detox to come off these medications safely. Such individuals are not candidates to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug.

Find the Help You Need

If you or someone you love has suffered adverse effects from stimulant medications, call our free helpline (888)-459-5511 for more information on legal recourse and treatment options. Advisors are available to answer your questions, give you information on Adderall laws, and guide you towards obtaining the treatment and compensation you deserve. Calls are always confidential and secure.

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Adderall Class Action Lawsuit Settlements and Legal Actions

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  • coleen bourgeois
    I was placed on Adderall for many years after 2006-2014. In 2014 I was diagnosed with renal failure. Am I stilll able to do any form of a lawsuit?
  • Michelle Adrian
    I’ve became a compulsive gambler since I started taking adderall. Is there any lawsuits out there to prove this is a problem?
    • Tim Kulhanek
      Adderal xr turned me into a compulsive gambler, of which led me into troubles with the law. I’ve lost over $100,000 in the last year alone. If anyone has any information? Please help. Thank you
      • Chloe
        Have you found any info on law suits against them for this ?
      • Tasha
        Hi, I ran into your post. I am currently in the same situation right now. This past 6 months. I have lost over $100k on my credit card. How did you deal with it? Any advice?
    • Tashaty
      I dont if there are any but I have become a compulsive gambler too. We should get in touch and trade notes.
    • Ncholas MA
      Let’s start a class action against big pharma this is not listed as a side effect but it is being studied and there are publications that show amphetamines trigger gambling compulsion.
  • Sheila Young
    Hello my wife became a compulsive Gambler with using adderal could you help us thank you
  • AP
    I also have a compulsive gambling problem, I attribute to being on Adderall….this needs to be reported as a problem
  • Dylan D
    Cumpulsive gambling? Go to rehab. That is an addiction. I have been force fed prescription adderal since I was 3. I would be here all night explaining all my health issues. Deformed back. Stunted growth…muscle tissue being eaten almost as fast as I can build it. Disqualified from the united states marines after I swore in for “meth” and I’ve never touched it. I stopped taking it cold turkey. after that and could never figure out what was wrong with me. Strong chest pains. Heart does not function properly. Took years to figure out I had severe anxiety. Felt like heart attacks at times. I never went to the hospital because I was dumped on the streets. Mainly I guess…because since I was 3 years old I’m not sure…I thought it was normal to toss and turn all night. Feet won’t quit rocking. Mind 200mph on repeat. How was I supposed to focus in school when I’m up all night? I could focus on a anything else until the teacher said something that triggered my attention…which was rare unless i knew I had to really try. I got booted out on my ads cause I was spittin dip and I dropped out of college. No drugs tho. I quit being force fed the meth that I had been on my entire life. That’s not even half of the pain this pill has caused me.
    • Dakota
      I can relate so much this is ridiculous
  • R. Hill
    Could this have caused my gambling addiction?!
  • melissa johnson
    Hello, I had a heart attack 11/01/2018 with documentation from the cardiologist Adderall was the cause of my ischemic heart attack Can I receive any help in this matter? thanks
  • Janice
    My daughter died being misdiagnosed for adhd ,and within 45 days of being put on adderal While being prescribed Xanax buy same stupid physician , while having 3 rd stage kidney failure , and also we found out threw cell phone records she made 7 attempts to call him for help and he ignored it . She ended up taking her life ! Now we think he may as well put a gun to her head
  • Brooke Frasher
    Hello, I am wondering about how long you have to be on Adderall to file a lawsuit and what proof you need. I got very agressive and strarted beating on my boyfriend and tried to jump out of the car on him. My other problems on it was i got 20,000 Dollars in debt and have to file bankruptcy from compulsive shopping . Thank you .
  • Nathan B Moore
    Is there a link between adderall and compulsive gambling disorder
  • Teara Blaylock
    Iv been on this medication since i was 6 years old…. Im 24 now. I cannot get off this medication. Because i dont feel like a normal human when i dont take it. I dont know who i am when i dont take it. All i want to do is sleep When i do take it im up all night I can get things done but recently finding myself more and more depressed because i can never be normal without shoving a pill down my throat. Evry single day since i was 6. Percribed and all. I was a ginny pig…. And this wasnt my choice….. I would never put my kids on this medication or any! And my parents just thought they were helping me like i said it was a test drug then. I have a unnormal heart beat horrible head achs cant sleep mood swings depression Body aches Shakes and a crap load of money dumped into this medication
    • Ashley
      I’ve been on Adderall for 25 years- Ritalin 2 years prior to that, and I put almost full blame of my current condition / situation on the continuous intake of that/those medications. I feel like it ends up wreaking havoc on ur own being. I mean, physically, because you tend to minimize, ignore, push thru (so-to-speak) most pain-related symptoms that only get worse & then ALL of a SuDDeN hit you- & in a FAR worse way than what it WOULD have been – had the problem been addressed sooner, if not immediately!! Next, it has extremely damaging effects to one’s own psyche & emotional/mental capacities! That goes so far in, that I won’t even go there – fearing i may never get out!! Another effect from taking amphetamines for a long period of time is its negative effect on our physiological and biological care and health of our bodies (I know, that doesn’t make sense – but I can’t think of the words to use to explain what it is that I’m trying to explain… I have MULTIPLE chronic disorders, in HORRIBLE physical & mental health which is working simultaneously AGAINST physical appearance creating a sense of disgust and bias from those i come in contact with- NOT too mention, the loss of self-EVERYTHING [GOOD] {i.e; *-esteem, *-respect, *-confidence, *-discipline, *-control, *-WORTH, etc…} MOSTLY BECAUSE I HAVE LIKE, 4 TEETH! Which I feel is the single WORST part of taking adderall for so long- the loss of bone density causing (but not limited to) soft teeth, which DoES NoT do well with the common side effect of anxious teeth-grinding!! I AM NOT IN A GOOD PLACE, SO IF THERE HAPPENS TOO BE ANYONE, ANYONE AT ALL, THAT HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH A.D.D. AT A YOUNG AGE AND WAS PRESCRIBED AMPHETAMINES OVER THE PAST 20+ YEARS, I’D REALLY LIKE TO SPEAK WITH YOU, PLEASE! I would love some pointers on how to live like a “normal functioning member of society”- because seriously, I’m just not living anymore, ya know?! And I just struggle to trust anyone whom doesn’t know what it feels like to have been prescribed a DRUG that does ALL the BRAIN work for someone 82% of their whole life- {Again, if that even makes sense!… Which, I’m sure it does to the ones that I’d like it to matter… to…?} I DO apologize for my rambling tangents, I guess I just needed to get it out that i feel completely alone in this hopeless, helpless, HuMaNLeSS world! ✌ Ashley ★
  • MA
    I became a pathological gambler because of Adderall and it ruined my life beyond comprehension. They should have to pay for treatment, not to mention years of suffering and depression because of the problems caused by gamblimg which addrell made uncontrollable. Please help.
    • Nick
      I am the same boat. We can gather as many people as possible and start a class action.. The more people who can be part of the claim the more likely hood as to getting a favorable outcome. Please contact me and we can start to find more and more people with the same occurrence. Yes Amphetamines have been proven to be a trigger and increase the urge to gamble. nickbpoker at gmai dot com please contact me so we can start to get help and find a firm to represent us. I am already pursuing this individually but as i stated a class action would be much more appealing to a firm.
      • Brian
        Please help I have been on and off the struggle for more than 10 years but mostly on because every time I try to get off I feel dysfunctional tired of me it’s wings never went through over $30,000 in credit card debt three children and a wife and a girlfriend and now my company is going under because of the prescribed meds I have been fed from physicians telling me that I needed it and that was my problem! Now my life is going to hell in a handbasket and I’ve lost all my friends all my family which I blame on Adderall mostly. Who am I and I have a very compulsive shopping addiction I won’t buy anything even though I can’t afford it when I’m off it I can’t keep myself awake and depression has forced me to put a gun to my head several times and I’m afraid, well I’m afraid of living in general…
      • Cindy
        I too have become a compulsive gambler and have been on Adderral for 20 + years for Narcolepsy. Also i have excessive tooth decay which i am sure is due to the amphetamine.
  • Stephen
    I stopped taking adderall in 2016 and haven’t been the same since. I can barely get up put of bed and while I was on it all I wanted to do was gamble. It ruined my teeth completely and has greatly impacted my way of life. I can barely function normally after taking it for nearly 10 years. I deserve compensation. Please help.
  • Kristi Smith
    Is there a link to teeth crumbling and rotting from being on Adderall for years and then going off of it. My special needs child was on it for years and when I started home schooling we took him off and his teeth are awful.