Adderall Effects: What Does The Drug Do To Your Brain

Adderall Effects on The Brain

What Are The Effects Of Adderall On Brain?

Adderall effects on brain are due to its ability to change the activity of certain brain chemicals. They call these neurotransmitters. When you pop a pill, it enters your brain after some time. Then starts a cascade of biochemical changes there. Notably, it enhances the activity of dopamine. That way, it activates the pleasure centers.

In fact, the neurotransmitters are the chemicals that make the communication between the brain cells possible. Additionally, they also play a major role in various brain functions. For example, memory, learning ability, motivation, and regulation of emotions.

Therefore, Adderall can induce feel-good emotions when you take a large dose of it. This is what they call high. As a matter of fact, any drug that alters the brain functions can excite or depress the brain functions. Unfortunately, these are also the same reasons why many addicts abuse Adderall.

A Quick Overview Of Adderall

Adderall is a brand of prescription medication. The main ingredient in Adderall is amphetamine. It belongs to the category of CNS stimulants. Thus it can elicit some mind-altering effects. This is after it reaches your brain.

Most notably, these Adderall effects become a habit if you abuse it. Remember this habit over the course of time transforms into an addiction.

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The Good Adderall Effects On Brain: Why Doctors Use It To Treat ADHD?

In 1996, the US FDA approved Adderall as a medication to treat ADHD and a type of sleep disorder. They call it narcolepsy. However, the use of amphetamine dates back to the 60’s. Then it was available under the brand name Obetrol. It was in 2001 when an extended release formulation Adderall XR received approval to treat the same disorders.


Before we learn how Adderall helps a patient with ADHD, let’s first learn what ADHD is.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a brain disorder that commonly affects the kids. Hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention are the hallmarks of ADHD. As a result, they develop other behavioral problems. Also, they find themselves unable to focus on one task.

The exact cause of ADHD is not yet clear. However, scientists believe it has its roots in the genes and abnormal brain structures. Moreover, many studies suggest the level/activity of neurotransmitters also plays a key role.

Adderall increases the level/activity of two chief brain chemicals. They are dopamine and norepinephrine. That way, it counteracts the effects of abnormal neurotransmitters. As a result, common ADHD signs such as inattention and thinking problems become manageable. Note that it is not a cure. Rather it is a management approach.

If you take it under a prescription and follow the instructions, it is safe and beneficial. However, an appropriate use is dangerous. In that case, it might cause an addiction problem.

The Bad Adderall Effects On Brain: How It Becomes Addictive?

Can A Person Become Addicted To Adderall?

Of course. Adderall always carries a risk of addiction. However, the risk is lower if you take it appropriately. On the other hand, taking it more frequently or in larger doses increases the risk by a huge margin. Understandably, the DEA puts it in Schedule II. Cocaine and Morphine also belong to the same category.


The bad effects of Adderall on the brain essentially stem from its abuse. Over time, a continuous abuse becomes more than a habit. Then it takes charge of your brain. When the use becomes compulsive, you are caught in the addiction.

Adderall causes a surge of dopamine in the brain. For this reason, you start getting the good feelings. As a matter of fact, dopamine enhances your brain’s reward system. It works on the brain’s pleasure centers. The results are similar to the feelings you experience after relishing your favorite dish or having sex. Meanwhile, increased dopamine also boosts motivation and learning abilities.

This is exactly where Adderall tricks the brain into believing that pleasure is attainable through its use. Then, it seeks the drug to feel better. After a certain duration, you fail to achieve the same effects with the previous dose. Consequently, your brain orders you to take larger doses. This is known as tolerance.

You might be able to prevent a full-blown Adderall addiction if you control the doses or stop taking it right at the moment. Unfortunately, most of them fail to control the urges despite knowing its harms. To make things worse, the addiction has now spread to both your mind and the body.

Key Takeaways

Dopamine activity determines both good and bad Adderall effects on the brain. The key is whether you use it or abuse it. Addiction is very likely when you use it in normal doses. However, the risk multiplies proportionately with the increasing doses and frequency of abuse.

Adderall is particularly notorious for causing a psychological as well as a physiological addiction. Remember a physiological addiction is not something you can win over with a solo effort. Furthermore, health effects of addiction are just the tips of an iceberg. It leaves a negative impact on your relationships, financial status, social image, and productivity.

Therefore, seek professional help right away if you think someone you love is addicted to it.

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Adderall Effects: What Does The Drug Do To Your Brain

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