Steroid Drug Testing: A Complete Guide

Steroids Drug Testing

Over the past couple of decades, steroid abuse has become a national concern as it’s no more limited to bodybuilders, professional sportsmen, and athletes. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the use of anabolic steroids is extremely popular among all ages and sexes. Moreover, most users don’t even know that the steroids can have drastic impacts on their health.

Steroids are banned by most sports and are classified as Schedule III in the United States, yet many people keep using them. Therefore, several approaches have been devised for steroid testing. Since anabolic steroids are synthetic variations of testosterone (which is the naturally occurring sex hormone in males), a steroid drug test tries to detect the presence of a parent steroid as well as its metabolites in the human body.

Unlike other drugs that give you an instant high and euphoria, steroids don’t impact your brain in the same way. However, a prolonged use can lead to addiction and several health issues, which in some cases can be irreversible. The side effects of steroids can be as mild as skin irritation to lethal diseases such as strokes, liver tumors, kidney failure, heart attacks, and psychiatric problems. Since steroids are used to improve appearance, the desire for “more” keeps forcing the individual to take more and more steroids.

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How are steroids detected?

Steroids can stay in the body for 14 to 28 days, and can be detected through heightened levels of testosterones and steroid metabolites in the user’s blood. Urinalysis and hair follicle test are also among the common methods used to detect the presence of steroids in the body.

Why is The Steroid Drug Test Required?

Steroid drug tests are required because of the unfair advantages that these drugs offer to athletes. Steroids provide increased strength and stamina. Athletes who are found guilty of using these drugs are suspended from competition and given heavy fines.

Despite their side effects, steroids can exponentially enhance your performance and give you an unfair advantage over your rivals. Immense strength, endless stamina, exponentially boosted endurance, and practically unachievable muscle size are some of the perks of using steroids. It’s because of the unfair advantage these performance-enhancing drugs offer the athletes, they are banned by virtually all the amateur and professional sports. Therefore, steroid drug tests are usually required by the governing bodies of different sports. Athletes and professional players who are found guilty of using steroids usually bear serious consequences such as heavy fines and a ban from the sports. Likewise, schools and colleges also conduct random drug testing, usually among the students that take part in extracurricular activities and sporting events.

There are several independent international agencies such as World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), International Olympics Commission(IOC) etc. which develop anti-doping policies and procedures and implement their code. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA) – a membership-based organization – occupies the same role for the student athletes.

How to Test for Steroids?

A urine test aka urinalysis is the most commonly administered test to detect the use of anabolic steroids. The metabolites of the steroids or high levels of testosterone are detectable in the donor’s blood from 14 to 28 days of the intake. The second most commonly administered test is the hair follicle test. In addition to these two tests, various new methods, such as HPLC, GC, Immunoassay, and Radioimmunoassay, are also introduced by sports authorities for testing steroids. In the United States, antibody-antigen based radioimmunoassay is commonly used as a first check, and the testing usually yields reasonably accurate results. For more detailed analysis, however, chromatographic methods are also employed.

Different sports authorities have different ways of testing the players. For example, in Major League Baseball (MLB), every single player from every team is tested twice a year; once right before the start of the season, and then once more randomly during the season. In some unusual cases, when a player is suspected to be doping, they can be tested within 48 hours.

The samples collected from the players are sent to WADA’s laboratory in Montreal, Canada. The laboratory then performs two urine tests to detect the use of steroids. The human body produces testosterone and epitestosterone (which is another naturally occurring hormone), in nearly the same amounts, so their ratio is 1:1. The lab measures the quantities of testosterone and epitestosterone to make sure their ratio is nearly the same. In case, the ratio of testosterone is higher, a second urine test is conducted to confirm the presence of anabolic steroids.

Despite these two tests, WADA still gets hundreds of fake positives every single year. Therefore, to make sure that the player has actually taken the performance-enhancing chemicals, the laboratory performs a more expensive isotope radio test. The test basically measures the number of carbon-13 isotopes, which is a rarely occurring hormone. After the player has failed the first two urine tests, a higher number of carbon-13 isotopes confirms the presence of synthetic testosterone.

Are steroid drug tests expensive?

Most of the steroid drug tests are expensive, but the price depends on the type of test administered. In high schools, the cost of steroid testing ranges from $50 to $150 per unit, not including the cost of collecting and handling the samples. Professional steroid drug test can be more expensive.

Steroid Drug Test Cost

How much does a steroid test cost, actually depends on the type of test administered. However, almost all the steroid drug tests are very expensive. For example, in high schools, steroid testing can cost anywhere between $50 and $150 per unit, and that doesn’t even include the cost of collecting and handling the samples. The cost of professional steroid drug test can be much higher.

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Steroid Drug Testing: A Complete Guide

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  • In a custody battle and his testosterone level came bac T/E 16.8 Ng/ml. What Is the next step is ???

    He said he was using testosterone supplements. He has been using illegal steroids for over twenty years.

    • Testosterone use has no grounds in a custody litigation.. you are a terrible individual.

    • Going through the same thing here. Steroid use does have an impact on the family and children. You’re not a terrible person. Talk to social services in your area and/or seek legal aide to get more information on how to navigate the process in family probate court. Good luck.

    • You realize that you knew he took steroids for 20 years around your children and in your home and you allowed it.. that makes you an accomplice.. just sayin.

  • Injectable anabolic steroids are a method of cheating at sports, but they are not substances of abuse. They are not addictive and have no proven long-term health risks nor psychological ill effects when used correctly and in reasonable amounts.

    Anabolic steroids are suspected to increase the risk of prostate cancer, and there is one recent study suggesting that they increase the risk of blood clots, although this latter study did not control for behavior between its control and test arms. All anabolic steroids will eventually shut down testosterone production if taken continuously. They can also cause baldness and acne. Oral steroids are harmful to the liver, as most oral drugs are, though they are much less dangerous than, for example, Tylenol. All drugs, exercise, and genetic factors that increase muscle mass presumably shorten lifespan owing to the increased load on the cardiovascular system and the increase in mitochondrial oxidation, but this has not been studied in humans.

    Proper anabolic steroid use includes:
    – monitoring testosterone and estrogen levels
    – causing less than a fivefold increase in testosterone levels
    -using an anti-estrogen immediately if necessary
    – ceasing steroid use every 10 weeks or so, using HCG and clomid to restart testosterone production
    – not using anabolics again until natural testosterone production has been restored, typically at least 3 months

    Anabolic steroids are often used in conjunction with other muscle-mass-increasing drugs which /are/ dangerous, including insulin, HGH, Lasix and other diuretics, Vicodin+aspirin+Tylenlol + other painkillers, clenbuterol, Synthroid, Cytomel, and a wide variety of “fat-burners”. A rational drug policy which was concerned with public health rather than with athletic competition would attend to the use of these dangerous drugs rather than to anabolic steroids.

  • I always found anabolic steriods from my husband gym bag but he keep denying about it and saying he never uses it. He had a urine test and bloodwork a week ago, from his primary doctor would it be possible to see from his test result?

  • I want to use steroids.
    I’m doing research.
    Thank you very much for your content.
    I wish you success.

  • Yip im going thru the same s**t. Ex put me into the family court councillor. I manage to say she supplied me as she worked for a logistics company. She was also using 10mg stanazol tabs. I’m off to court soon so I need to stay clean. Ive been off cycle for 5mths now but want to recycle on again. People like terra piss me off. Steroids have no bearing on parental qualities. I hope terra when u where with your ex and he was on cycle that his sex drive was insatiable and he banged you till u where raw.

  • Would a normal urine test in office for pain management show anabolic use. I was always told they show all the big street drug only..

  • It is called parent-alienation-syndrome. My ex practiced this and I gave up drinking and despite a chronic illness that has no cure I took full custody and have been raising my daughter by myself. My daughter is doing great and Michelle Obama is a horrible person for categorically calling divorced dads terrible. Maybe if my wife and my friends wife would have put family first the kids would not have to go through this. My daughter was so angry that her mother exited and every time they talked it was all about her and not my daughter she never wanted to see her. I have encouraged her to see her mother and after extreme alimony of $4,000 per month ended I still help her out so they can get together and now my daughter finally has a relationship with her that could be called ‘healthy’ they get together on saturdays at nearby malls and have lunch, shop and talk. She still drinks and has zero overnights because I have full custody and my daughter is very healthy and very happy, I help her process her feelings by actually listening to her. Sure I can be a tyrant at times but I have to run this home and everything it involves plus oncall 24×7 plus my health issues but I can be as gentle or more gentle than a woman when it comes to my child. It is complete b.s. that only a woman can raise a human being. The courts give them majority of custody during the ‘tender’ years. They do not have to account for where they spend the alimony/child support – they can go to vegas with out. The law says it is not possible to disentangle the spend. Steroids have nothing to do with the conversation, it is about the behavior of each parent and their ability to co-parent or practice parent-alienation-syndrome which women all too often seize and attempt to weaponize the innocent childen.

  • If the person already has anger issues, it can lead to more aggression. Then it does become an issue. That is the only real reason to test for them in custody situations.

  • How many months will it take for a 6 week Test E cycle to be fully clean for a anabolic drug test
    Is that good enough time period ?

  • If a doctor writes you a prescription for 5mg of prednisone (which is a type of steroid) for your muscle spasms, can you get fired from your job if you fail the urine test because of it?

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