Holistic Drug Detox Centers And Approaches

Last Updated: June 10, 2020

One of the significant problems of drug addicts is choosing the right detox approach to ensure a full recovery. Holistic drug detox is one of the most recognized therapies for drug addiction and other underlying health issues. There are numerous holistic detox centers available in many regions in the United States and other countries.

The technique comprises of a safe, natural way to ease off addiction and build stronger bonds with one’s self by making conscious efforts to achieve a healthy life as well as maintaining robust standards. Holistic detox dramatically differs from other forms of therapy and is known to be very useful. However, the holistic technique should not be misconstrued to be the same as cold turkey.

What is Holistic Drug Detoxification?

The holistic drug detox approach has dramatically increased in popularity over the years and has been fully integrated into all forms of addiction detox therapy. What is holistic drug therapy?

This form of healing works on the building blocks of the mental psyche. It allows the patient to experience a different state on spiritual cleansing by taking control of their feelings, emotions, physical needs, as well as building confidence and a sense of calmness. This treatment allows the patient to perceive physical distress such as stress, pain, and discomfort as a brief surmountable challenge and a non-factor to their personal lives.

Holistic Detox vs Regular Medical Detoxification

Generally, drug detoxification is of two types, and both are widely used in many institutions around the world. Holistic (all-inclusive) detox and medical detoxification are the most common techniques used in addiction treatments. So what are their significant disparities?

Common features

Both therapies are quite different in their approach. The only similarity is that both treatment methods can be used for drug addiction as well as other forms of detox. The two treatment techniques both require a change in lifestyle as this is the only way to achieve complete healing.

traditional vs holistic detox

Different features

A holistic detox hospital focuses on natural ways to cleanse the body. Natural detox drugs, such as herbal medicines may be used. The approach is strictly a weaning process and improves the overall health, physical, and mental wellness of the individual.

On the other hand, medical detox from opiates and other toxic substances employs the use of drugs. Drugs and alcohol detox timeline can be quite extensive and comes with a significant amount of discomfort in the form of withdrawal symptoms. Using medication or other techniques such as the anesthesia-based rapid detox may present with complications and is specifically recommended for individuals who:

  • Have extreme withdrawal symptoms
  • Has an underlying mental disorder
  • Are suffering from acute dependency
  • Have undergone detox previously and are currently suffering a relapse
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms from various drugs and alcohol

Detox from prescription drugs naturally is relatively safer. Medications used to curb withdrawal symptoms may cause complications such as sudden stroke, heart palpitations, and possible seizures when the medication is stopped immediately.

Is it possible to combine both?

Having understood how meds for detoxification works, and the dynamics of a holistic cleansing, one might find both techniques more appealing if they could be combined. Many facilities offer combined treatment to expedite the healing process. For example, they can combine detox IV drip technique with meditation.

What Holistic Detox Involves

All-inclusive detox refers to non-medication techniques used for treatment. It combines natural medicine and detox by ways of utilizing natural supplements to achieve this goal. Instead of using pharmaceutical drugs, it implements natural detox programs that seek to improve physical and mental well-being.

woman practicing reiki

Holistic cleanses may include methods such as:

  • Acupuncture – It is one of the natural remedies drug detox techniques that are most effective for substance abuse correction. Reports show that it supports mental health and is considered a widely recognized evidence-based detoxification regimen.
  • Meditation – body poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, and self-reflection are the basis for this technique. It seeks to harness the power of physical self- awareness in countering the effects of the levels of discomfort experienced while facing withdrawal symptoms from drugs. This technique enhances mental clarity, reduces distress and anxiety, and alleviates stress.
  • Diet and fitness – Drugs often deplete bodily nutrients; thus, a diet program is essential. Natural drug detox methods and a healthy diet, combined with adequate daily exercises, contribute significantly to flushing out toxic substances from the body and restoring a stable mental state. Physical fitness improves the ability to sleep as well as reducing stress.
  • Chiropractic medicine – the stretching, manipulation, and physical realignment of the body, as a therapy, can be useful for the easing of body pains experienced with drug withdrawal symptoms.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – emotional triggers and coping mechanisms for distress and anxiety is managed during these sessions and also applied during holistic drug detox at home. CBT improves self-awareness and enables patients to control their feelings, thoughts, and reactions to pressure.

Effectiveness of Holistic Detoxification

The initial stages are usually quite tricky; activities such as meditation may take a while to perfect. Acupuncture may seem like a painful process while it isn’t; however, it eventually proves to be one of the best regimens for both detox inpatient and outpatients. The practice of all-inclusive detox using natural approaches lays a stronger foundation mentally and is made easy through group therapy as well as one on one session. A holistic detox center offers follow-up counseling and relapse prevention programs.

zen stones as holistic concept

Where to Receive Holistic Detoxification

One can find the best treatment centers through recommendations by medical professionals or online by connecting with addiction facilities on their company website.

People often ask questions on how to detox from the drug at home. This may be possible. However, it is best to seek the help of a professional addiction doctor to avoid complications related to mental health and other underlying health issues.

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