Destination Hope Rehab Review: Rehab With a Family Focus

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Destination Hope Review

The Destination Hope drug rehab center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers gender-specific, independent living drug and alcohol abuse treatments. It also provides treatments for those suffering from co-occurring disorders.

Destination Hope has been in operation since 2006. It has programs that cater to men and women with inpatient and outpatient services available, along with family and aftercare services provided as well.

The Journey to Hope

Husband and wife team, Ben and Suzanne Brafman, founded Destination Hope. The Brafmans have infused Destination Hope’s treatment philosophy with a family-centered approach. Destination Hope takes into account healing not only a person’s addiction or mental health problems but in rebuilding their relationships as well.

Inpatient stays are almost between 30 and 90 days for both men and women. Although there are no on-site detox facilities at Destination Hope, they will provide referrals to local health care facilities that can offer withdrawal treatments.

Destination Hope tries to create a family environment for its clients. This desire manifests itself in many ways.

Residents live in independent housing, with men and women housed on two different apartment complexes. There are transports to shuttle residents to and from the central facility where treatments are given and received.

Learning From Your Elders

After dividing up its clients by gender, Destination Hope then breaks up men and women by age. Younger clients spend more time among themselves, and the same goes for more mature residents. This separation is yet another therapeutic element that Destination Hope subtlety enacts for the benefit of its clients.

The more time that residents spend with each other, not only in therapy sessions but the evenings, after treatment, the more they can employ the skills and lessons learned during the day. Being grouped with people their age lets residents better understand their struggles. It helps them not only develop empathy but gives them an insight into their histories.

Over time the two treatment tracks overlap. Older men and women provide wisdom and support to their younger counterparts, and the two groups begin to share the lessons and skills learned during their treatment sessions.

Treatment tracks for both men and women involve individual and group counseling. Evenings usually include attendance at 12 Step meetings.

Family therapy sessions are also an essential feature of Destination Hope’s treatment plans. Family members are brought into treatment with their loved one to understand the nature of their addiction better as well learning how to continue helping them once they have left Destination Hope.

For those suffering from a dual diagnosis condition, psychological and psychiatric care are offered through Destination Hope’s affiliated mental health treatment center, the Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center. The center serves not only residential inpatients but also gives treatment for outpatients and has partial hospitalization options.

There is Only Hope

There are close, intimate group therapy sessions with counselors and therapists able to focus on the individual needs of their patients, but also allows for a strong peer support system. When it comes to the completion of inpatient rehab, Destination Hope does not forget about this crucial time in your recovery.

Another affiliated facility located within the Destination Hope network is the Alton Smith Wellness Center (now known as the Trilogy Wellness Center). Here inpatients as well as outpatients can make use of holistic treatments, like massages and tai chi, to treat addictions as well as for mere relaxation and therapeutic purposes.

Destination Hope offers both men and women the option to transition to sober living facilities around Florida. There are alumni events that bring together graduates to not only socialize but to support and give advice to recent graduates.

Destination Hope is a family-centered rehab that divides up men and women, young and old for the purpose of making their recovery easier by providing instant support groups. Later, after valuable lessons have been learned, residents can teach as well as learn from each other on how best to achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Price for 30 days at Destination Hope: $18,000

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